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Royal Family Fashion Style – The Tricks of Flawless Appearances!


The Royal family fashion style defines each detail, such as patterns, color, and the overall looks of each Royal family member. Will you believe it or not that the Royal family fashion style wore the same fashion dress again and again? 

The Royal family fashion style follows the dress codes protocols set by senior members of Europe’s royal families. If you notice to Princesses like Kate Middleton, Princess Sofia, and Queens like Maxima is wearing the same designs repeatedly. The only difference that you will notice is the length and fashion statement depending on the season and occasions, of course. So if you see the same Royal family fashion style, it means that same occasions or the seasons it was.

Are you now wondering how you can recognize the Royal family fashion style? There are several ways to spot the different fashion styles of Royal families. From princesses to queens, there is a distinct fashion statement for each. 

Ideas for Royal Fashion

Some of these fashions can be your ideal style on some occasions. Here are outfits of the Royal family fashion style that you can depend on for your outfits.

Emerald Dress

Royal-Family-Fashion-Style-The-Tricks-002The emerald dress is one of the favorites of Princess Beatrice and Duchess Kate. This dress is inspired by the cool-girl brand. Occasions like afterparty are the ideal time for this Royal family fashion style. Remember the event of Dior when Princess Beatrice wore the emerald dress in October 2019.

Just recently, Duchess of Cambridge Kate wore this dress last March 3, 2020, for the Guinness Storehouse’s Gravity Bar in Dublin. That was her first appearance in Ireland.

White Gown

For this fashion style, the white gown is not only for weddings and the same celebration as such. Last November 2016, Duchess Kate wore a white gown during an event, A Street Cat Named Bob, which calls the action on addiction at the Curzon Mayfair in the UK.

Another Royal family, Princess Sofia of Sweden, wore the same type of gown to attend the State Banquet at the Royal Palace, Stockholm, in June last year.

Emilia Wickstead Dress

Royal-Family-Fashion-Style-The-Tricks-03The Emilia Wicksteed dress is one of the Royal family fashion styles that chose by Countess of Wessex Sophie for the Royal Ascot Day in June 2018.

It is also what Princess Beatrice Windsor wore in the celebration of the Queen’s birthday parade in June last year.

Hands-Me-Down Gowns

Yes, the Royal family also has this practice of handing down dresses from older to younger sisters. In some cases, the dress can be modified or redesigned according to occasions and fashion statements.

Some Royal Family Fashion Style

To achieve that look, here are some of the tricks of the fashion style of the Royal family. 

Being a Royal is one of the dreams of girls around the world. With all the elegance and sophistication, there is also a catch. As a Royal family member, it is given that attention is set, and the spotlight is an unavoidable part of life. 


In this manner, the appearances during every public event must be flawless. There are no secrets about how Queens and Princesses achieve a perfect appearance. These styling tips and fashion hacks can ensure no malfunctions caused by windy days or common problems of women like too-tight heels.

Sticky Pads on the Feet

One of the protocols for the Royal Family Fashion Style is making sure of wearing nude or sheer tights during gatherings. This protocol is unspoken, but as a member of the Royal family, this is one of the traditional fashion statements. So if you want to try this fashion, wearing silicone pads at the bottom of your feet will do the trick. It will avoid slippery feet. You can buy a pantyhose with silicone pads, and you can choose from nude, black, or tan. 


Royal-Family-Fashion-Style-The-Tricks-04The updo hairstyle of the Duchess of Cambridge is not that complex. By using hairnets, you can have the perfect updo like a Royal family fashion style.

It is an inexpensive beauty tool for lasting hairstyle the whole duration of the event. It lessens flyaway hair, and on windier days, the updo style can hardly be undone.

It is a comeback of the hairnet hack in this fashion style, which started in October 2016 and June 2018 during specific gatherings.

Built-in Combs

While hairnet is a trick for your updo hairstyle, a hat with a built-in comb is an accessory for specific occasions. Aside from hairnet, this trick ensures accessories like hats to stay put in the head. If you are having difficulty in finding a cap with built-in combs, you can opt using an elastic hat.

Oversized Heels

Qdfq25ferIt is an unusual hack but for the Royal family fashion style, wearing shoes with a bigger size. Of course, female members of the Royal family only wear this.

A bigger shoe size is a hack for many celebrities to avoid blisters and accommodate swelling feet. Wearing heels for more hours is such a pain for us ladies. Then this trick would probably help you to feel comfortable for long periods.

Skirts and Dresses with Weights

As a Royal family fashion style, the inclusion of weights in skirt and dress provided benefits to assure that wind does not cause a wardrobe malfunction. The weights we are talking about the skirts and dresses are those used for curtains. It will be enough to prevent skirts and dresses from moving, especially during windier days. Wardrobe malfunction is one of the priorities to be avoided in gathering outside.

Sharing My Thoughts

There are lots of fashion hacks to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and to make styling easier. But I found the Royal family fashion style and hacks more useful and practical rather than others. Indeed, it is simple that even ordinary individuals can follow it and applied to a daily fashion statement. Most importantly, fashion tips are the key to make a fashion style and statement to be perfect.

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift has just released her latest song “You Need to Calm Down” straight from her “Lover” album. And boy… the music video is such an eye candy. If you’re an LGBTQ+, a feminist, a fashionista, and a die-hard fan—a Swifty or a Katycat, then you know that the whole music video is swamped with a lot of easter eggs.

Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, with this song, have officially ended their almost 6-year feud, which fans of both singers have been monitoring on twitter, facebook and anywhere online.

So have you seen the latest Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down”? What do you think of all the pizazz and colorful imagery in the star-studded music video that I think Taylor Swift herself had the first hand on it?

Brief Background

Now, let’s take a quick look at several of the setups and beautiful images that popped out in the “You Need to Calm Down” video. So Swifties, we’re gonna use our queer eye to identify them all.

The video opens with Taylor Swift waking up in her satin pink eye mask embroidered with golden “Calm Down” and lingerie. We’ll never forget those lovely 60s curled hair is so matched with her entirely made-up face. The goddess also redoes her poses in her “Blank Space” music video, where she’s in a more luxurious bed. Maybe she just loves waking up.

Those accessories and her outfits, by the way, are all available in her merch store. I supposed a lot of orders are really pouring in. Any Swifty will surely love to have those wearable marches.

Then, we see some table setups with a lot of hidden messages. Seemingly random, these objects are hinting several messages to all her fans and critics alike.  We see on the first table some dice that add up to Taylor’s lucky number — 13. The second table shows six candies symbolizing  Pride Month in June. So when you add the candies and the dice, you will get June 13, the day Taylor told everyone the release dates of her upcoming video and album.

A framed quote, “Mom, I am a rich man,” is on the wall. It is from Cher’s 1996 interview, where she was reliving her mother’s advice to settle down and marry a rich man. Cher replied to her mother with, “Mom, I am a rich man.” A strong statement that tells everyone that Taylor supports feminism, and it’s always all over her songs.

For instance, there are meanings in her song if you just look into it. In her song, Swift, it tells that snakes and stones never broke my bones. It means that it has a reference about the people who tried to bring Taylor Swift down by calling her names.

Competitions to be on Top

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each otherIn the industry where Taylor Swift has been famous, and even on top of the Billboard, there have been some competitions. Well, this little feud has been with one of the famous celebrities, Katy Perry.

Noted as one of the biggest feuds, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each other and continue to focus only on their careers. After five years of bad blood, the two have decided to rebuild their friendship.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

Well, it has not been a secret with us why the feud started. It may seem not a big deal, but it caused some problems. So the dispute started over a backup dancer leaving one of the Taylor Swift’s tour and move with Katy Perry.

That unethical practice has been one of the reasons why the friendship between the two has been made a cracked. Imagine the bond that has been ruined because of this.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

But the dancer, Brownlie, he had a closer relationship with Katy Perry than Taylor Swift. Almost two years working with Perry has made a significant impact and create a bond like family. So joining Perry is not a thing against Swift.

However, the two celebrities have been on fire before knowing this statement. From that feud, there have been many speculations that make the situation escalated. Fans could tell it on how the two are making statements during their interviews while on tours.

Our Side for Taylor Swift

Well, for many of us, it has been standard for celebrities to have a feud. With Taylor Swift, there have been many issues with her career. And one of these is with Katy Perry. But like other else, all feuds came to an end. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud ended in a friendly way, like face to face and talking out their differences.

BTS Reality TV Show has surprises for Everyone in the New Episodes


BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, or Beyond the Scene, captures the heart of millions of fans across the world. With its authentic and self-produced performance, BTS has become a global icon from South Korea. Everyone knows about BTS and being famous is not easy to handle.

BTS is a South Korean seven-member boyband. Their first debut was June 2013, and from then on, BTS is the ruler of all pop. With the seven members, this boyband imparts positive influence. Well, given that they all have a pleasing personality, but what makes BTS unique is doing charity works and supporting activities like Love Myself and UN ‘Speak Yourself.’

For the millions of fans of BTS, called ‘Army,’ every member of the boyband are admirable and has charming personalities. But many can’t get enough with these three members of the boyband. In case you didn’t know; the name of the seven members of the BTS brand, they are as follows: RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, SUGA, V and Jung Kook. This brand earns their recognization with some prestigious awards like Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards. How did BTS start?


A global icon like BTS started last June 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. The original genre of its music is hip hop. And the lyrics of their songs often targets the personal and social commentary, depression, youth, loss and the journey towards loving oneself and individualism. In short, their genre focuses on literature and psychological concepts.

Under the Big Hit Entertainment, BTS debut their single album, 2 Cool 4 Skool in 2013. After that their songs just hit the U.S. Billboard Top 200 Songs, which give the boyband a chance to build their reputation. And it leads the boyband and the Korean Wave into the music industry of the US.

The Achievements

After getting in the US Billboard, BTS became the first South Korean to sell one million copies of their album Wings in 2016. Then right after that, the boyband is the first Korean group to receive the certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with their single Mic Drop.

Many compared BTS to the Beatles. Why not? Since BTS is the only Korean groups who earn three number one albums in less than a year. The first album is Love Yourself: Tear (2018), Love Yourself: Answer (2018) and Map of the Soul: Persona (2019) their latest album. The only band who made this record was Beatles, and now the boyband made it as well.

This year’s record for BTS is astonishing. They have sold 14 million albums, making them the best-selling album in Korean history. And they have named as one of the 25 Most Influential People on the the Internet by Time Magazine. Last year, Forbes Korea Power Celebrity named BTS as the Most Influential Celebrities of Korea in 2018.

Aside from the positive influence of the boyband with their music, they expand their philanthropic efforts. As the starting point of the boyband, Love Myself anti-violence campaign with UNICEF, they addressed the 73rd General Assembly for United Nations. With this, they became the youngest recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea.

Their Influence

Of course, BTS became the face and voice of South Koreans. And thankfully for them, they had spread Korean culture and language. It is no doubt that their music remains justly famous across the world. Who would have thought that they could reach such success?

Being South Korean boyband and also K-Pop, the boyband dance move and fashion inspired many. Some members of the boyband are intelligent enough to spill out their sense of humor with their fashion statement.

Recently, the boyband spotted in the airport, and they are trying the new airport look, as we thought.  The boyband members, Jin, J-Hope and SUGA, are wearing sunflower headpieces! Many were confused, and some speculations circulated that the boyband is up to something.

Which later came to reality as these three members are going to be in an episode of ‘Run BTS,’ the group reality series which is currently airing.


Yes, you read it right! BTS has an on-going reality series, the RUN BTS. It is a variety show offered on V-Live.

The reality show of BTS began in 2015 and season 3 started airing the start of this year. The set-up of this show is in each episode; the boys will have missions. Then the challenge is to complete them. They can perform activities and finish them to earn prizes or otherwise punishments. The schedule of the airing of RUN BTS is every Tuesday of the week.

BTS WORLD, A Mobile Game

And I think no one can stop BTS.

After the success of their album, Map of the Soul: Persona, two months after that they have launched their very own mobile game, the BTS World.

BTS World was released last June 26 on Google Play and iOS. What will you expect? Well, the boyband never fails us because in just a short period it was released, it surpasses the latest mobile game apps like Harry Potter.

What can we say about it?

The trend of idolizing K-Pop was circulating the social media and the rest of the internet a few years ago. And the influence of boybands like BTS is undeniably one of the reasons why K-Pop is the new craze.

BTS is one of the promising boybands in South Korea, which influence affects across the world. Their fashion and music are new genres nowadays. And comparing them with the Beatles is just acceptable.

It has been a long time since boyband became the thing in the music industry. Most music came from a single artist or duet. Well, the chase is over because BTS became the key of group artists in Asia.

After the boyband became a global icon, it was followed by many singers from South Korean, usually a group of 5 to 8 members. As for South Korean, they never stop believing with their talents to reach their dreams.

Like the boyband, it is not all about music, I think. Being BTS, compared to the Beatles, a global icon continues to soar high; it has never been easy for them to attend all the demands of their fans. However, the joy they bring and the inspiration they gave to people through their music is incomparable and irreplaceable.