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Women Handbags: Best of the Versatile Fashion Designs


Women handbags are my first love when it comes to fashion. I find it hard to resist when the topic is handbags. Women handbags are my obsession, but I am not sticking with only one design.

Women handbags do not come in a single design. I made sure that I have a collection of women handbags to change up with different outfits. Well, of course, I am not perfect in choosing and purchasing different bags.


So here are different tips that I would like to share in choosing great handbags, which are both practical and beautiful. There are different styles of handbags, but not all of them can go along with your outfit.

How to choose fashionable and practical women handbags?

Comfortable to Carry

Fitting your fashion needs to make you comfortable and confident in what I learned about choosing the perfect women handbags.

To make sure it is comfortable to wear, the handbag should not slide off on the shoulder while carrying. It should also fit under the arm.

A common problem while carrying a handbag is the comfort of pushing it to your arm out and if it slides off your shoulder easily. And a good question, is it your style?

Women handbags should not only consider its design but the comfort of carrying as well.

Lightweight, Not Too Heavy

The women handbags do not need to be a heavyweight. My previous choice of bags is too heavy to carry because of the designs and materials. So I look for more designs and materials that are lightweight, and I came up with leather bags.


Yes, this is my favorite handbag now. One of my favorites because it is more practical as well. I can totally polish a leather handbag, and classic design can match each outfit I desired.

Right Size

Other than designs and weight, it is important to note that women handbags should be right in size. Though, the designs will fit perfectly to your outfit, the size matters, and the pockets it has.

For my choice, my handbag should have a pocket for several things that I am carrying all the time. Like my glasses, pen, cellphones, and the one that should never be left behind the alcohol. Alcohol or hand sanitizers should perfectly fit it in my handbag, or else I would not buy it.

I also consider handbags with a zip pocket and a key pocket for money, keys, and some spaces for some of my makeup powder, lipstick.

As long as you can put your essential things in your handbag, like my choice, you should purchase it. Just make sure you consider the weight, though.

Pick the Right Color

There is no wrong color when choosing women handbags. But the most important is color. Since handbags are going to be one of your accessories, it will be wise to select the right fabulous color.

It can be reasonably plain or colorful in design, but the most important is the color that will match your outfit.

For my choice, as a color of elegance and simplicity, most of my women handbags collections come in black. A black handbag can match with any fashion outfit that you prepare. Make sure you pick the right color and shape.

Different Types of Handbags

Now that you have your hands full with the design and color of handbags, I have here are a different kind of women handbags. Instead of buying the same types of handbags, you can have different stylish handbags that will surely match your outfit.

Shoulder Bag

Want to have the classic handbag? Well, a shoulder bag is the main cast if you’re going to sport a perfect purse. It is comfortable to hold and can go over either the shoulder, hand, and a clutched. It is the design that can suit a night out.


weeg7n6QKke02Well, well, well, a crossbody is the type of handbag that known to have a hands-free appeal. Wearing it with your boyish outfit, it comes across your body and forgets the struggling to carry.


Hear me out with this kind of handbag. A tote bag, an oversized bag to be specific, should be able to fold and snuggle under the arm. This type of women handbags can look best with fitting trousers or mid skirt. You can use the tote bag when you are up for shopping or running errands to grocery stores.

Bucket Bag

A chic handbag that never gets out of style is the bucket bag. It was out of the light in recent years, but it was renowned because of the style that has been renewed. Some of the best design that a bucket handbag can offer is the leather material with butterfly design and embossed styles.


Oh yes, this is one of my favorites when going night out. I mentioned that I looked for handbags with pockets, especially when going out for parties and gatherings. A shoulder handbag converted into a clutch is a wise choice. Choosing women handbags with dual-purpose is very practical when purchasing them.


The design I love for clutch handbags is those in vintage styles. The fabrics that can elevate the evening look is perfect.

Sharing My Thoughts

Women handbags are accessories for specific purposes. Each of the types comes with designs, sizes, and colors that can fit your outfit. But, aside, you can convert it from shoulder to clutch handbag; it needs to be versatile in design.

The versatile design of women handbags should follow your different outfit for work, casual gatherings, night party, and simple occasions but needs to be elegant.

Before I forget, for my guide in choosing the perfect color, I start looking for handbags that match my hair and eye color. The shade of handbags should not too far with the colors of my outfit. Otherwise, your fashion will be ruined. Look for a versatile women handbags so you can slay any fashion styles you are going to have.

How to Style Handbags with an outfit? Here are the Most Popular ones!


How to style handbags with an outfit is a breakthrough with your fashion statement. In any fashion style, accessories are one of the essentials. These accessories can include jewels, bags, belts, and hats.

How to style handbags with an outfit? Since ladies’ most common accessory is a handbag, you should know that there are different ways to style it.

A handbag is one of the versatile bags that you can carry on any occasion. And you should not forget that it should match your outfit. Ladies, you should not forget that accessory is the final piece for your fashion style. Well, in any fashion style, this is a must.


Famous Style with Handbag

There are countless ways on how to style handbags with an outfit. But we only need the best to match our perfect fashion style. Make sure you will have a purse that can be turned in many ways.

Convert into a shoulder bag.

How-to-style-handbags-with-an-outfit-03One way to style a handbag with an outfit is by converting it into a shoulder bag. If you have a medium-length strap for your purse, you can try it as a shoulder bag.

Look for the details if it will go along with your fashion style. Some handbags are made of leather, which is suitable for boho style. It usually has soft and loose lines that show a carefree style handbag. Then a leather set can be seen as an old satchel—a total look for a bag for boho style.

If you are going to wear formal attire, you can have a baguette handbag. This style of bag has a short strap that can tuck in your arm. It shows sophistication with your fashion style.

Rock it in a crossbody style.

How-to-style-handbags-with-an-outfit-04This style of handbag is the most convenient and secure if it is to be worn. If you are wearing a casual fashion style, this is one way on how to style handbags with an outfit. The crossbody style can secure all the essentials in your bag like phone, keys, wallet, passport, among others. How to wear it? It is convenient as you will just sling it across your body. You can have a removable strap. It can give you a chic look and is easy to carry.

No-Strap Handbag

So how will you carry a handbag converted into a strapless? In some experiences that I encountered while finding a way to bring my purse without a strap, I choose to handle it like a bucket bag.

It is one of the easiest ways to style handbags with an outfit. A casual fashion wearing sundress and sandals or jeans and boots, the bucket bag is a fun way to make it as a fashion statement.

Aside from a bucket bag, a tote bag is an excellent way to carry a handbag like a purse. You can take this on any occasion without hesitation. But do not confuse it with a clutch bag. The difference of a clutch bag from a tote bag is the appearance, of course. But it does not need to be fancy. Instead, you can choose some designs to add to it, like a jeweled clutch bag which is perfect for wedding, Sunday gatherings and some seasonal occasions.

If you are into these kinds of handbags, you should consider well-made bags. It is a good investment since you will be using it most of the time. Well, it depends on how frequently you are going to use it.

Handbags are going into backpacks style.

Since versatility is one of the factors for handbags, you should look for a style that you can convert it like a backpack. It is a vintage look, but who knows it will look good with an artsy style.

You can wear them with cute tops and skirts. Also, jeans and sneakers are your options.

Try it like a belt bag.


A handbag so small can be worn like a belt bag. It is one of the coolest ways to rock a style a little more relaxed than a conventional way. You can try this if carrying a purse is boring to you.

Make sure that you can wear it to the next level and not just an ordinary belt bag. A leather and bright colors can add a new tone with your simple black dress or a simple outfit. Make it a highlight of your outfit rather than just an ordinary accessory.

Our Insights

And it is not a big question now that you know how to style handbags with an outfit. Women love to sport different fashion styles, which depend on the mood and occasion, of course. So it is essential to know how to style handbags that can go perfectly with your fashion statement. Make sure that you know what fashion will look perfect to your body shape and skin tone. But the accessories are necessary because they will give the final touch to your style.

Accessories like handbags, jewelry, hairdressing, and belts, among others, should not be taken for granted. Look for a brand and a signature piece for your bags. And most importantly, make sure that it can go versatile to go with your fashion style on any occasion.

Contact Lens: Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in Fashion

Contact Lens: Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in Fashion

A contact lens can be fashionable and necessary, as well. Many years ago, contact lenses were hard to wear, and some said that it irritated. But many still choose to wear it. For some, they required to wear it, but others are wearing it as a fashion.

Contact Lens Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in FashionThe contact lens is safe to use if you would ask us, given that it is clean and well-moisturized. But what is the contact lens? They are made of tiny plastic that you can put it in your eyes. Unlike before, today, contact lens became one of the accessories if you want to perfect your outfit of the day.

There are different options for contact lens. You can have a simple design with no range of eye conditions. Also, you can have disposable contact lenses or a pair that you can use for the whole year. 

But how will you know if you are wearing the right lens? Do you need to have a prescription beforehand to get a pair? Well, if you are wearing glasses, it means that you will need a pair of contact lenses with a prescription.

Types of Contact Lens

To be more precise, there are two kinds of contact lenses. The first one is the hard contact lens made of polymethylmethacrylate and the soft contact lens made of gel-like plastics.

Nowadays, hard contacts are obsolete. On the other hand, soft contact lenses are what most people prefer. Aside from gel-like material, it is made of firm yet flexible plastic that allows oxygen to flow through.

Contact Lens for Fashion

Women today use contact lenses as one of the fashion items. It transforms your eyes and creates a new look for you — the color of the lens focus on changing the color of your iris. 

Iris is the part of the eye that gives its color. For instance, your eyes can be brown, black, blue or green. It depends on the color of your iris, and this is what the contact lens is. It has many colors that you can choose from — different shades of brown, red, blue, green, gray or black. 

You have many different choices of contacts depending on its tint or the shades. You can have visible, opaque, or an enhancement tint only. 

First, the visible tint, the use of shade, is used to locate the contact lens quickly when you accidentally dropped it. Enhancement tint, on the other hand, is used when you want to enhance the color of your eyes. Usually, it is a little darker from the visibility tint, so this is applicable for eyes that have light shades only. You will not wear them if you have dark eyes. One purpose of this tint is to make your eye more vibrant and make their eye color more vibrant. The last one, which is the opaque hue are the opposites of the two. This tin can change your eye color entirely. If you have dark eyes, this tint can change it and make it more vibrant and visible.

True Colors for your Eyes

True contact lenses Colors for your Eyes

There are colors you can choose. But how will you know if the colors are best for your eyes? A subtle and natural look or a dramatic and daring. The only thing that can help you categorize what contact lens you are going to wear is to find the colors of your eyes. 

What if you have light color eyes? 

If you have a light color of eyes, you will need it to be more visible and define the edges of your iris. It should also highlight the natural color of your eyes.

Then you should go for a gray or green color if you have blue eyes. But if you want something else, a little more dramatic but with a natural look, choose light brown contact lenses. You will need to look into your eyes and learn the undertones. Yes, like our skin, eyes have undertones. If you have a fresh complexion with blue and red undertones, choose a warm-toned contact lens. 

If you have dark eyes, what can be your contact lens? You can choose from natural looks like wearing a light honey brown or hazel color. Some colors you want to try are blue, green or violet. But consider the color of your skin, if you have a dark complexion, you should know that bright colored contact lenses are right for you. There is no stopping in your new look!

Customized Lens

Some contact lenses are customized depending on how you will use it. Usually, this contact lens can be used as prescribed or without a prescription. With the personalized glass, you can create a natural appearance or semi-translucent pieces. 

One important use of customized lenses is among athletes. But why is it essential for athletes to have a so-called sport tint contact lens? Well, for one good reason, the customized lens is significant to reduce glare and increase the sensitivity when it comes to contrast and enhances depth perception. Aside from sport tint, you will need a photochromic tin. This tint can adjust in any light conditions

Xzsghfdrg45Important Reminders

Before getting excited over it, you will need to consider what are the things you need to do when you wear. 

Rule 1. Do not sleep wearing your contact lens. It is a simple reminder when wearing contact lenses, and maybe you are wondering why? Because contact lenses are needed to be moisturized. Of course, you will need the solution to clean it — not ordinary water or soap. Otherwise, you will ruin it. Leaving your contact lens in your eyes can lead to hypoxia or oxygen deprivation.

Rule no. 2. Make a schedule to change or adjust your contact lens. A year of using a contact lens is possible, but can you imagine how many bacteria it can give to your eyes? So try to shorten it for three or six months’ change of contact lens.

Rule no. 3. Do not wear contact lenses when taking a shower, sauna or swimming in a pool or beach. Water will get in our eyes during this time. So, it’s better to avoid water getting to your eyes as wearing a contact lens can trap some bacteria, which might cause infection later on.

Rule no. 4. Make sure that your hands are clean when holding it. Imagine putting your contact lens to your eyes with dirty hands? Well, you should know that a dirty contact lens can irritate your eyes.

Rule no. 5. Rub and rinse the cleaning method. This method will make sure that your contact lens will be clean and safe to use every now after and before wearing it. 

Our Insights

Indeed, contact lenses can be a necessity for those who want to avoid wearing eyeglasses. Also, some just wore it for fashion and style. Always remember to keep your contact lenses clean and safe to use. The rub and rinse cleaning method is the most effective way to ensure that you are wearing a clean and safe contact lense.

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift has just released her latest song “You Need to Calm Down” straight from her “Lover” album. And boy… the music video is such an eye candy. If you’re an LGBTQ+, a feminist, a fashionista, and a die-hard fan—a Swifty or a Katycat, then you know that the whole music video is swamped with a lot of easter eggs.

Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, with this song, have officially ended their almost 6-year feud, which fans of both singers have been monitoring on twitter, facebook and anywhere online.

So have you seen the latest Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down”? What do you think of all the pizazz and colorful imagery in the star-studded music video that I think Taylor Swift herself had the first hand on it?

Brief Background

Now, let’s take a quick look at several of the setups and beautiful images that popped out in the “You Need to Calm Down” video. So Swifties, we’re gonna use our queer eye to identify them all.

The video opens with Taylor Swift waking up in her satin pink eye mask embroidered with golden “Calm Down” and lingerie. We’ll never forget those lovely 60s curled hair is so matched with her entirely made-up face. The goddess also redoes her poses in her “Blank Space” music video, where she’s in a more luxurious bed. Maybe she just loves waking up.

Those accessories and her outfits, by the way, are all available in her merch store. I supposed a lot of orders are really pouring in. Any Swifty will surely love to have those wearable marches.

Then, we see some table setups with a lot of hidden messages. Seemingly random, these objects are hinting several messages to all her fans and critics alike.  We see on the first table some dice that add up to Taylor’s lucky number — 13. The second table shows six candies symbolizing  Pride Month in June. So when you add the candies and the dice, you will get June 13, the day Taylor told everyone the release dates of her upcoming video and album.

A framed quote, “Mom, I am a rich man,” is on the wall. It is from Cher’s 1996 interview, where she was reliving her mother’s advice to settle down and marry a rich man. Cher replied to her mother with, “Mom, I am a rich man.” A strong statement that tells everyone that Taylor supports feminism, and it’s always all over her songs.

For instance, there are meanings in her song if you just look into it. In her song, Swift, it tells that snakes and stones never broke my bones. It means that it has a reference about the people who tried to bring Taylor Swift down by calling her names.

Competitions to be on Top

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each otherIn the industry where Taylor Swift has been famous, and even on top of the Billboard, there have been some competitions. Well, this little feud has been with one of the famous celebrities, Katy Perry.

Noted as one of the biggest feuds, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each other and continue to focus only on their careers. After five years of bad blood, the two have decided to rebuild their friendship.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

Well, it has not been a secret with us why the feud started. It may seem not a big deal, but it caused some problems. So the dispute started over a backup dancer leaving one of the Taylor Swift’s tour and move with Katy Perry.

That unethical practice has been one of the reasons why the friendship between the two has been made a cracked. Imagine the bond that has been ruined because of this.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

But the dancer, Brownlie, he had a closer relationship with Katy Perry than Taylor Swift. Almost two years working with Perry has made a significant impact and create a bond like family. So joining Perry is not a thing against Swift.

However, the two celebrities have been on fire before knowing this statement. From that feud, there have been many speculations that make the situation escalated. Fans could tell it on how the two are making statements during their interviews while on tours.

Our Side for Taylor Swift

Well, for many of us, it has been standard for celebrities to have a feud. With Taylor Swift, there have been many issues with her career. And one of these is with Katy Perry. But like other else, all feuds came to an end. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud ended in a friendly way, like face to face and talking out their differences.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions: Your Dos and Don’ts


How to remove eyelash extensions without harming your natural lashes? After successfully wearing eyelash extensions, the next question is how you will remove it. Here are the many ways of removing your eyelash extensions.

How to remove eyelash extensions can be done through many methods. You can try it at home using DIY remover. You can also use glue remover. But we think the safest way to remove eyelashes is with the help of a professional in your salon.

Before taking a step to your salon or making a DIY remover, you should know those eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes. So an abrupt removal of your eyelash extension can damage your natural lashes as well. Who would want to see it removed and eventually have no lashes at all?

So, we prepared easy-to-follow steps on how to remove eyelash extensions. It is essential to remove your eyelashes carefully and gently to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

What can you use to remove eyelash extensions?

Here are the necessary steps on how to take off eyelash extensions. As you read along, you can find the nitty-gritty on how to remove eyelash extensions. And you will be able to choose the method in removing your extensions.

You can use glue removers or beauty products that can remove your eyelash extensions.

For instance, you can use a solvent remover. Solvent remover can be used with a cotton ball or swab. First, pour some of it and gently rub to your lash extensions. Then, to protect your eyes from this chemical, you have to use small cloth for coverings. Place it under your eyes, below your eyelash extension before applying the solvent remover. For your safety, you can check first if you have a chemical reaction with this solvent.

One option you can also use is cream and gel remover. Cream remover is a lotion-type with the consistency of a cream. You can apply this to your eyelash extensions without the burning sensation. The gel remover, on the other hand, comes in the form of cream remover. But it has a thicker consistency than a cream. You can use this safely to your lashes.

Another form is oil-based remover. You can find this in beauty product outlets. Look for the ingredients with natural oil. The most common oil-based remover comes from grapeseed oil. The consistency of this remover can be compared to a cream remover.

But if you want to remove your eyelash extensions, you can use olive oil or coconut oil. Knowing that you have sensitive eye skin, you will need to avoid chemical-based remover. Unlike chemical removers that contain strong properties, you can use olive oil or coconut oil. Some other eyelash extension remover contains olive oil and coconut oil as their based ingredient. So you can also have those.

DIY at home is one method on how to remover eyelash extension.

You can make the steam and oil method to remove your eyelash extension. Just follow these steps to remove your eyelash extension smoothly.

First, remove your eye makeup. Use makeup wipes or a cotton ball and light oils to remove your makeup gently. Don’t try to remove your eyelash extension using a makeup remover. You might pull off your natural lashes.

After removing your face makeup, you can start steaming your face. It will help unclog pores and provide treatment to your skin. It will also loosen the adhesive that holds your eyelash extensions. Place a towel over the back of your head to help keep the steam to your face. Add some essential oils to your steam to give an aromatherapeutic effect. Remember that it will need some time to break the bonds of eyelash extensions from your eyes because the glue used at professional salons is hugely made for a long-lasting effect. So patience is the key to this part.

Then if you feel like the base of your eyelash extensions are soft enough to be pulled off, you will need a cotton ball or some cotton buds with olive oil. It is the safest oil to use in removing your eyelash extensions. Make soft and gentle rubbing to the base up to the tips of your eyelash extension. Continue this until the lash extensions are falling out. While doing this, you can observe that your eyes are a bit blurred. It is reasonable since some of the oils can get in your eyes unintentionally. You can reverse the effect by using eye drops to make your vision clear again.

After your lash extension fall off, wash your face with facial cleanser. Check your eyelash if some extensions were left behind.

How to remove eyelash extension using glue remover?

If you are not into steam and oil method or any DIY at-home methods, then you can use cosmetic glue remover. You can purchase this product in any beauty shop.

After buying your glue remover, read the instructions before starting to apply in your eyelashes extension. Follow carefully the instruction on how to remove eyelash extensions, and if you are not sure what the precise steps, you can ask for professional eyelash technician assistance.

Now, if you are confident about how to remove eyelash extensions, you will need to remove your makeup, especially your eyeliner and mascara. It will help you find the base of your lash extension, which connects to your natural eyelashes.

After finding the point, apply the glue remover using a cotton ball or cotton buds. Close one eye, where you will first remove eyelash extension, and pull down the upper side eyelid of your lashes. Begin the application at the outer corner of your eyelash and in a circular motion, rub across the lash line. Go back and forth until the area where the eyelash extensions meet the natural lashes. Repeat this for 20 minutes.

Finally, if the eyelash extensions are loosened, you can pull it out gently. How will you know if the glue remover worked correctly? The lash extensions can slide off easily.

After succeeding in pulling off your eyelash, remove the excess glue from both eyelids. It will be more likely if some adhesive is left over. So give a second or third look if your natural eyelashes have left some glue on it.

If all are clear, rinse your face and your eyelashes carefully. Use some warm water and a mild cleanser.

Are you looking for the best way on how to remove eyelash extensions?

If you prefer from the beginning for professional assistance to your eyelash extension, you can also look for the salon that can remove your eyelash extension. Every salon with a professional eyelash technician can pull off your lash extension without harming your eyes and natural eyelashes. However, removing the eyelash extension by a professional will cost you more than a glue remover or DIY methods. Well, here are the tips you need to know before going to the salon.

You can return to your eyelashes technician to pull off the lash extensions. They will have the tools to remove it and can carefully apply the solvents. They can also remove the eyelash extensions quickly but safely.

How to Curl your Eyelashes Extension

Now that you know how to take off eyelash extension, try to get some look on how to curl your eyelashes extension. Unlike natural eyelash, you can bend your eyelash extensions with a special lash curler.

You could avoid it, though. But if you insist, you will need a heated eyelash curler. Remember that your eyelash extensions are fragile and only glued to your natural eyelash. So you will need particular ways of curling eyelashes.

First, you will need to have a heated eyelash curler. Since your eyelash extensions are highly sensitive, you will need this curler to prevent damage and be the most effective to curl it.

The curl will need to be heated so it can shape your eyelashes. But let it cool off a little bit before curling the lashes. The shape in the tool is fixed so it can hold the curl for longer than mechanical curler, which only bends them.

Your Style, Your Image

Indeed, how to remove eyelash extensions without harming your natural eyelashes and eyes. The purpose of having eyelash extensions is to enhance the appearance of length, volume and thickness of your natural eyelashes.

Having an eyelash extension will need proper care to last longer. For instance, after the procedure, you will need 24 hours before getting your eyelashes wet. If you want to use mascara, you will need mascara with oil-free and apply only on the tips of your eyelashes. Also, choose cleanser, hydration or makeup removers that are oil-free so it will not break the adhesive in your eyelash extension. It is essential also that you will avoid plucking, twisting or fussing with your eyelash extensions.

Going back, to remove your eyelash extension, you will need to avoid the products that can harm your skin. Solvent remover can give you a burning sensation. So it can irritate your eyes. How to remove eyelash extension should avoid using any products that contain formaldehyde. Pick the eyelash extensions remover that can pull it off without harming your eyes.

Looking for Fashionable Top Men’s Shoes for All Occasions? Here are What You’re Looking For!


Men shoes for fashion are categorized in different styles and form. Even you have the perfect match of your shirts and long sleeves with your pants and shorts; it can go wrong if you choose the wrong shoes.

Men shoes in doing fashion are essential. There are lots of choices of footwear for men. But you need to choose what really fits well with your outfit so you will not look funny.

Then we came prepared. If you have no idea or just have a little insight with men shoe fashion, you are fortunate now. Because what we have here is the most convenient way to know the timeless fashion of men shoes.

Pick Your Own Style

Sneakers, the Hi and Lo Top StyleSneakers, the Hi and Lo Top Style

If you are looking for some footwear that can go casually to give you a clear sense of fashion, you will need a pair of sneaker. This footwear can sneak you into the world where you can add spirit in grunge style fashion. Using the low top style of the sneaker is a simple way of sporting men shoes.

Looking for a Sunday dress but with a style of outdoor feeling? Then you have to get a high top sneaker. These men shoes will definitely rock your outfit for Sundays without spending too much penny from your wallet. So don’t forget this one when you go trying to buy some men shoes for your outfit of the day.

Training Shoes

These training shoes are famous shoes for many. If you love going outside and do some heavy training at the gym, you should have this one while on it. Owning a pair of training shoes have no exception. Every man needs to have this type of men shoes to be ready whenever going outside. But don’t get the impression that if you have training shoes, you will not get the chance to wear it in any occasions. Unlike before, there are plenty of training shoes that you can choose for semi-formal occasions. So, it is not bad.

boot fashion menYou Need to Boot it

Need to look that kind of masculine or a ranger in the forest? You will need to complete the outfit with the boot that sounds like you are going to war. Of course, men shoe fashion is a war of getting two-thumbs-up footwear outfit. If you think this can be intimidating, well you are wrong. Most women like the masculine yet approachable men shoe fashion.

You can add that masculine look when you are riding your favorite ride, the motorcycle. In men’s world of fashion, motorcycle boot is one of the traditional men shoes that everyone is looking for. When you wear this kind of kick, you may be ready to have a strong presence in the crowd.

But if you get confused between two fashion styles of the boot, you can have the Chelsea boot. This kind of boot will perfectly match both casual and corporate look. A modern way for some men, but if you start wearing it, you will feel no difference in your fashion. It will be like getting an upgrade.

Go Oxford

oxford shoes men

Other men, shoe fashion you can get from us is getting the oxford style. This style will perfectly go if you are looking for a low heel and closed lacing men shoes. The fashion will totally go against our boot and sneakers. Wearing oxford will complete your office outfit and even smart-casual events. If you want to feel more confident, then try wearing oxford shoes. It is one of the most versatile looks of shoes.

The Classic LoaferThe Classic Loafer

When you want comfort and comfortable to wear men shoes; you have to cling on with the classic penny loafer. Many love to wear these shoes, especially if they want to prove that they passed on being kids. Nowadays, there are lots of penny loafers that even kids can wear. Fashion guru tried to explain what may be the look of penny loafer – this is the men shoes that are far from being casual yet a look of high-end style but a little desire of having fun. And this concluded why lots of men are wearing this kind of men shoe fashion.

Wear the Controversy Shoes

Like women, men’s footwear can be controversy. Give it to the boat shoes that everyone is enjoying, especially when you feel like nautically. Aside from that, the comfortable feeling is that men prioritize their comfort when feeling choosing to their shows. And the winner most of the time is the boat shoes.

Choose your Shoes with your Occasion

formal occasions shoes

There are many occasions that men need to attend. And on this occasion, men carefully choose their fashion statement, especially with their shoes.

For instance, formal occasions like wedding ceremonies, you may need to remember that it needs to be leather and in dark-colored. These are the things you need to keep in mind if you are going to formal occasions.

On the contrary, you want to change a little bit when you go to semi-formal events. Unlike weddings, you may need to be sleek and look chic on leather shoes to be on these occasions.

Are you trying to impress? When you have interviews and making presentations in your office, you need to be prepared. It includes your outfit. But don’t work too hard that you forget to feel comfortable and relax with your look.

And it goes the same way when you are going to travel. Well, your outfit depends on the purpose of your travel. If you go on business trips, then you will need to wear boots that can rock the formal events. But try to back up with sneakers and boat shoes for more comfortable leisure time during your travel.

Don’t forget the most crucial occasion for men – the date night. It can be tricky if events like date night are formal or casual. But the most vital part is to impress everyone on the date night.

Your Take Away

Men shoes are essential, like ladies to theirs. But how do we care about the shoes we invested in? Of course, what shoes you will be wearing should be with quality and can really absorb the weight of the person. Your shoes can be the last thing people will look into your outfit. But since it’s the last, it will be the finale of your gear. Be functional and stylish. These are the tips we can offer you in making the best of fashion.


Spring 2020 Menswear, Get the Head-turner Fashion


Spring 2020 menswear has been waiting by many since we got some peek of it. This year’s spring fashions are fresh, but the spring 2020 menswear is much more relaxed. And do you know what we are talking about?

Spring 2020 menswear is one of the most awaiting fashion trends for next year. For many, it is too early for it, but what could be harmed to be prepared and get fashionable for next year as early as now.

The menswear for spring 2020 is undeniably head-turner for women. Of course, the choice of what to sport for spring next year depends on men’s personalities.

So what we have here is the latest spring 2020 menswear, which are the talks of many. Get prepared and embraced each fashion for your spring 2020.

Accessories for Spring 2020 Menswear

Menswear includes accessories. So let us check the trend of fashion for men in spring 2020.

elegant crossbody bag Spring 2020 menswearBody Bags

When you want to be stylish, but you have to secure your belongings, then get this elegant crossbody bag. You can try different color and sizes for your body bags. But we suggest you choose body bags that can be adjusted. You know the drill for cross body bags, they are easily adjusted based on the length you need. Don’t worry when wearing body bags; it will not get in your way to sport the fashion for spring 2020 menswear.




Futuristic Sunglasses menswear

Futuristic Sunglasses

Don’t get wrong on how we sport this fashion. Yes, sunglasses are given to sport any style, but the upcoming spring, you need to be sleek and futuristic. Essential sunglasses are okay, but these futuristic sunglasses are part of our spring 2020 menswear. But don’t be bothered while matching it to your outfit. Instead, it will complete your fashion, and everyone will be amazed. Just make sure to choose a color like beige and soft gray to add some timeless style.

Spring 2020 MenswearScarves for Men

And who said that scarves are for women only? Of course, this belief is a myth, and we will begin to bust it. For spring 2020 menswear, scarves, more prolonged and can loosely bound, can be wear with those bigger shoulders and bearded men. Otherwise, men can have strict and shot bound scarves.



Spring 2020 Menswear: Choose what to wear on top

After accessories, let us go through on your top wear.

For men, their comfort zone is wearing shirts. Men always find that wearing trendy fashion should complement your comfort. So we have here are the top choices from spring 2020 menswear.

Cuban Style

cuban shirt mens

The Cuban shirts are known to be stylish yet comfortable to wear. Thought it has a collar, the short sleeves make your outfit to have some statement. If you decide to wear this for the upcoming summer, you should look for a bold print or a dull solid color. The colors should be in your choice of yellow, blue and green. The right shades should complement your skin and give you a head-turner spring 2020 menswear fashion.

Nautical StyleNautical Style

Looking for another style? You can choose to sport nautilus look for your upcoming spring 2020 men fashion. Men are known to be minimalist. So for nautical style, men can still do some combination of avant-garde and urban elements.

Transparent Style

You read it right. Spring menswear is sporting the comeback of open shirts. Aside from being transparent, these shirts have been the favorite as menswear because of the fabric. The soft material makes this shirt to be the top choice of men during spring.

Kaftan Style

Heard of this style? Kaftan style is one of the spring 2020 menswear. This shirt is inspired by Middle East traditions when it comes to wearing fashion trend clothes. It may seem to be diverse, but this style considers other cultural beliefs.

Animal Print Style

For spring 2020 menswear, animal print style is one of the major comebacks in the fashion industry. Animal print shirts are the right combination with any jacket, coat and sweater. And the upcoming spring, there are more variety and right combination that men can try.

Artsy Print Style

Artsy Print style shirt

The fashion trends next year is incomplete without including the artsy print style. Men can add this style of shirt in their wardrobe. The creativity and fresh look of this shirt can make significant differences among those who wear and see it. These styles have been the favorite of many and sporting it for spring 2020 menswear is the right decision.

Oversize Shirt

You cannot avoid seeing men wearing an oversized shirt. At first, it will be uncomfortable to oversized sport shirts. However, you can overcome it by being creative. The right mix and match of clothes is the secret in making a head-turner fashion.

What You Need to Your Bottom 

Your top can be intimidating if you pair it with the right pants and shorts. If a man is minimalist to their fashion, mixing and matching is a talent that only a few men will have.

Flare Pants

Flare Pants mens 2020 fashion

Seeing flare pants is taking you back to the 1970s. The nostalgic feeling of this fashion trend is what will make your spring 2020 menswear. What to pair with these pants? Well, you have to pair it with a slim fitting shirt or turtleneck to emphasize the flares at the bottom.

High Waist Pants mensHigh Waist Pants

When you are not into the 1970s, then you can try to wear pants way back in the 1940s. The high waist pants are one of the spring 2020 menswear. This style of pants is very versatile so you can sport this fashion trend next year. You can match these high waist pants with an open shirt to add some modern twist.

Knee Shorts

For casual fashion trend next year, you might try to watch the knee shorts. A pair of cool shorts can make your summer feel great and relaxing. You can rock this fashion with some bright color and go with the statement of your choice. Complete this look with an open shirt and fresh kicks.

Spring 2020 Menswear Foot Wearmens Footwear fashion

Choosing the right footwear is one thing that you need not worry about. But for next year’s spring fashion trend, you can try wearing the 2-strap slides. Compare to others, this footwear offers double support and look extra cool. But for men or even to other individuals, the comfort in wearing footwear is the most important.

The True Meaning of Fashion

Indeed, sporting the latest fashion should be at your comfort level. Otherwise, it will be worthless.

Fashion like spring 2020 menswear is our top waiting list for next year. It may be early for this time, but grabbing the chance of knowing the latest trend for next year’s spring fashion is an opportunity that should never be missed.

Fashion Items: Your Choice to be Classic, Trendy and Versatile


Fashion items can be trendy or just practical to use. Some of it is versatile that you can match with other fashion clothes. You can check it out in this article.

Fashion items should have quality, and the designs can go well with other of your fashion statement. In my case, I tend to have the following fashion items to sport my look daily.

My fashion statement depends on the occasion. So, here are some of my fashions items that you may want to try.

What fashion items can you wear for your sensible feet?

White Sneakers

I love to do some outdoor activities, and good running shoes are what I need. For a classic look, white kicks are a casual basic that will go with everything.

Ballet Flats

Aside from sneakers, I have good pairs of ballet flats. It can go with skirts and shorts. So better have one from than the real-ballerina brand for perfect pair to your fashion look.

Blahnik Black Pumps

Blahnik black pumps or BB pumps is one of the fashion items that every woman should have. It is time you need to try it for yourself.

Black Ankle Boot

One of the essential fashion items. I have a pair of this, and I already love it. So, own a pair. The only problem is this heeled option in suede will have a smooth transition from day to night.

Strappy Sandals

Classic strappy sandals can be the best friend of every woman. One of the fashion items in the wardrobe can be seen and hit every celebrity on the red carpet. Other than that, they look sexy when I wear it with denim.

What would be Your tops?

Striped Shirt

A classic striped shirt is worn every intellectual, actor, and some artist nowadays. Well, there is a reason behind that. So, this nautical-inspired top will be a mainstay in your closet.

Cashmere Crew Neck

I also have a cashmere crew neck. At first, I thought it could only go well with jeans. But I am wrong. It goes with about everything else.

Silk Blouse

Other than the shirt, I have various silk blouses in different colors. One of the fashion items that perfect for days when I feel bloated but still want to fashion my on the day look. Own one in every color, or branch out with a retro-yet-timeless print.

White Tee

Like classic white sneakers, I have several white tees. I can collaborate this as one of my fashion items and get a real look for from it.


There was a time when I got obsessed with the magical versatility of a turtleneck, but it is with good reason. Get one in a thinner fabric so it can be tucked into jeans, layered under jumpsuits, or worn with literally anything else your heart desires.

Let us check what bottoms we can choose?

Black Ankle Pants

I have to admit that I feel awkward in wearing black ankle pants. But when I tried it, I have to admit that there is the power in wearing one of these fashion items. It’s a chic alternative to jeans when you need to look a little more dressed up.


Jeans is my comfort fashion item. Whether they are flared, cropped, skinny, or bootcut, every woman needs a pair of jeans that makes her butt look good. That is why I choose jeans that will cover my lower body entirely.

On the other hand, some fashion items below can be a handful.

Wrap Coat

My first try of wrap coat is something I felt more mature and luxurious. If you want to look glamorous, you can try this. You can have the feeling of swathed in brushed wool and ties at the waist that buttoned up in peacoat.

Trench Coat

Compare to wrap coat, a trench coat is lightweight yet waterproof, structured yet comfortable, and a classic statement in a neutral color. If you want to stay true to tradition, go with the quality garments and traditional designs.


Career women always have sets of a blazer in the wardrobe. But even when you are not, you should have at least one. It will make you prepare for any occasion. If it doesn’t fit right off the bat, this is where your trusted tailor comes in.

Leather Jacket

Own it and wear it. Just do it like the way I sport it. Leather jacket on top of my favorite tees is my favorite outfit. So, try one, and you won’t regret it.

Denim Jacket

Like denim jeans, a denim jacket should be a daytime standard. Between this and your leather jacket, you’ll find no use for other lightweight outerwear.

Silk Scarf

Scarves are necessities during winter or cold weather. One of the fashion items every woman should have is a silk scarf that will keep you warm. You can have different designs of the silk scarf.


Statement and classic jewelry are part of my fashion items. Gold necklace with a pure pearl is the kind of thing you can wear every day for the rest of your life. That is why I have one of that to add some beauty in my fashion.

Black Dress

I believed every woman should have this, and it will give you a classic look. A black dress can go with any occasion with a pair of pumps or sandals. You can add some jewelry of any design. Black is the ultimate neutral color in fashion.

Midi Skirt

After a black dress, I have kept a mid-skirt. The midi is a grown woman’s skirt. It is flattering, work-appropriate, but still gives my figure a subtle, glamorous silhouette look.

Matching Sleepwear

To stay classy, I have maintained to have matching pajamas or any sleepwear. I make sure the fabric is cotton, and it has an elegant look.

Great Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be worn in different ranges of color, size and shape. But at the end of the day, I almost always reach for a classic pair. When you invest in prime sunglasses, but you keep on forgetting it somewhere expose will decrease the quality significantly.

Wallet to Show Off

Upgrade your wallet for more quality. The sleek wallet can be seen as double as a casual clutch; this can be your choice.

Weekender Bag

Choose your bag and make sure that it is the classic one that can go on every fashion look you will establish. You don’t have to invest in a designer travel bag, though. Keep it low and simple.

Our Advice

There are more fashion items that you can sport on your look. What we have given you is the classic that does not get off the fashion trend. For instance, you can wear it just by walking down in the streets of Los Angeles. LA fashion can be your ticket to learn how to have a classic style.

Fashion Tips with Hijab in Any Occasions to Look Elegant and Class


Fashion tips for hijab have been going crazy around in Muslim countries. As part of the religious obligations, Muslim women can have their way to style their hijab. After all, every woman has the right to stay beautiful and elegant, regardless of their belief.

Fashion tips on how and when to wear hijab are what you can have as you read along. There are different ways on how to sport hijab without looking awkward. We are aware that the veil comes in many colors. And if you are not aware of what is to mix and match, then you will not achieve the glamorous look you want.

Wearing hijab in different looks needs to have the best fashion tips now. So we have here the collection hijab fashion tips.

Fashion tips for Hijab

Hijab Fashion Styles

Nowadays, wearing the hijab has been influenced by modern fashion tips. Therefore, we are giving you some of the fashion tips to wear, mix and match hijab with a stylish look.

Hijab + Seasons

One of your fashion tips for hijab during summer is, style it with baggy pant and sandals. You can add some cool shades glasses for a more chic look.

On winter, you can pair your hijab with a leather jacket. Our fashion tips also come with maxi skirt and wedges. Then you will look great with your veil.

Hijab + Abaya

Another modern way for hijab is matching abaya to look elegant, which can be your party wear.

Hijab + Chic Look

You can also pair it with jeans and sneakers. It is one of the modern ways to wear hijab and gives off the impression of a funky and chic look. In universities, this look can give a classy and modest look in a glance.

Styling it with a red sweater and black jeans can give you a chic look with a twist in colors. Then you can complete it with the right makeup that can complement your entire look.

Hijab + Special Occasions

Pair your hijab with simple silk scarf, bright colored dress with a gold belt wrapped around your waist. It is a stylish way to attend a wedding or special occasions.

If you have a round face, pair your hijab with a simple scarf and long coat. It is one of the fashion tips that will give you a chiseled look.

Mix and Match with your Hijab Fashion Tips

Get ready for your wardrobe to mix and match for your hijab. Our fashion tips come in different essentials to have a perfect look without losing the essence of the veil.

White Shirt

White shirt with button-down can layer under sweaters, with skirts or tucked in jeans. Your fashion will never go wrong with a white shirt.

Blazer for All Occasions

Having plenty of blazers is the last thing you need to have. Just make sure you will have a classic color of blazer. It will be easier to pair up with your white shirt and pants.

Animal Print Garments

Best animal prints that you should have are brown, beige, black or any neutral color shade that can work with any other colors. Wearing animal print with your hijab can make you look chic. Make sure you pair it right and keep it from getting out of hand.


Flats with comfortable sole are a great pair that can become your go-to. Our fashion tips when wearing flats with your hijab are, first, you can wear flats with your pants. Second, since it’s a great pair, you don’t need to replace it every six months.

Layering Piece

Choices between pleated top or layered dress are essentials for layering pieces. You can atop it with cardigans, blazers or jackets. It can go well with hijab. So you don’t have to worry about ruining your fashion because it does not match with your hijab.

Black and White

One of the fashion tips when wearing hijab is a combination of white and black. These colors symbolize simplicity and elegance at the same time. When paired with hijab, you have the class that is not too much. Make sure that you have minimal accessories to enhance your look more.

Special Occasion like Graduation

How do you wear a hijab during a special occasion like graduation? Are there any fashion tips that can handle the situation? Of course, we came prepared for this one.

Graduation or conference is one of the occasions that wearing hijab should look fashionable. So here are the best fashion tips you can work with your hijab during this gathering.


Since you made it after all those years, then jumpsuit will give you the impression of being a nerd. But most students preferred this as a sign of simplicity, and it can go well with hijab.

Maki Dress

If you are not into a jumpsuit, then maxi dress can be still flowy under your graduation gown. Most of the time, graduation happened during the summer season, so wearing airy maxi dress is timing. Nothing looks wrong when paired with hijab, so definitely you can have this. Make sure the materials are made of a lightweight like nylon.

What to do?

Actually, you can pair any dress with your hijab during graduation. But there are certain things that you should need to avoid, though.

When wearing hijab with a maxi dress, don’t forget to create a waist. You can have a belt, or you can simply tuck in your top with your skirt. Otherwise, you look terrible.

Color choice is essential, like designs and garments. So, keep the colors neutral to remain classy and professional.

Then you can have your shoes. Though few can only recognize the beauty of your shoes, I think you should still wear the best one that fits the occasion. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in. Wearing pumps on this day is not necessary. What you need to maintain is a professional and classy look which your shoes can wrap it up.

Of course, let us not forget the makeup. With the rest of the fashion tips here, there is only a single rule in wearing makeup. That is to keep a neutral and elegant shade that can look glamorous.

hijab can undoubtedly look fantastic with any outfitAgain, make your accessories and jewelry attractive yet straightforward. You only wear this because it highlights certain parts of your body which complement your fashion. You don’t need too many glittery and noisy jewels. It does not help believe me.

What can we say?

Which outfit really looks best with hijab? Well, hijab can undoubtedly look fantastic with any outfit. The secret is to wear a solid neutral color hijab which definitely gives you an elegant look. Also, your hairstyle with your veil is bun but make sure to do it a little low from the standard height.

Indeed, fashion tips when it comes in wearing in hijab are simple. The essential advice we can give is to wear every fashion with confidence.

Pro Hijab, Pro Garments, Pro Performance for Muslim Women Athletes


Pro hijab is one of the fashion trend released by Nike. Naturally, it responds to the demand for modest fashion in wearing hijab.

Pro hijab, since the launched last 2017, has been buzzing the internet. The latest designs of pro hijab by Nike are quite impressive. It has been upgraded into gold and black headscarf with a floral pattern that adds some style.

Also, Nike provides two sizes made of lightweight Dri-Fit fabric. And you can have a Nike pro hijab for only $35 each. But there goes the controversy when a Muslim model Halima Aden, who wore the first hijab-wearing Muslim in a swimsuit issue published an article of a sports website.

With that, many Muslims reacted and criticized the hijab and the burkah. Later on, we will talk about the different kinds of coverings wear by Muslim women. Another criticism has been floated about the rationale of a swimsuit issue with a model dressed in a burkini. It has been raised and called an act of insanity.

Nike Pro Hijab

Nike Pro Hijab

It is not the first time when pro hijab has been the topic in the sportswear industry. It was February last year that Nike launched a different branding of sports attire for Muslim Women. The unveiling of Nike pro hijab has been scheduled two days before International Women’s Day.

As part of Nike innovation in terms of sportswear for women, they consider the Muslim women who are participating in sports. The pro hijab makes it possible for Muslim women to do sports. Nike produced hijab out of the clothing material that will make it more suitable and comfortable for Muslim women. In this regard, they can wear pro hijab ideal for sports.

Some are thankful to Nike, one of the most influential sports company in the world to make such a bold move. Of course, creating alternatives to the religious clothing of Muslim is very sensitive. So, Nike makes an initiative collaboration with female Muslim athletes, which includes the Egyptian marathon-runner Manal A. Rostom and the weightlifting athlete Amna Al Haddad of United Arab Emirates. These two athletes have been the face of the product’s performance credentials and promotional campaign of pro hijab.

Pro Hijab Performance

Pro Hijab Performance

Previous hijab used by Muslim women athletes has been troublesome. You can find a standard hijab made of doubled georgette material. This material becomes really heavy and stiff when wet. Also, it can obstruct the hearing, which can be a problem during the tournament.

Another problem with the previous hijab used, it is hard to interact it with the uniform. For instance, athletes should need to ties it at the back and pinned the front portion under the chin. Then, you still need sticking the extra fabric under her sports bra straps. It will make the hijab in place.

We don’t say that wearing the traditional hijab is inappropriate during the tournament. It has been experienced by many that wearing traditional one is less ideal. And since Nike launched its pro hijab, you can avoid unnecessary movements.

The performance of pro hijab is promising. Just by making it available in the market makes a difference and resolve the significant challenge of finding the right veil.

Other than the fabric, Nike makes some developments on the styles of the pro hijab. They put some form as design variations for Muslim women to choose from.

Different Kinds of Coverings

 Other than hijab, you can find different kinds of coverings worn by Muslim women all over the world. Check these various headscarves


The two-piece veil headscarf is what we call as the al-Mira. It consists of a close-fitting cap, usually made from cotton or polyester, and a tube-like scarf.


Among the headscarves, the burka is the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It is a one-piece veil that covers the face and body, often leaving just a mesh screen to see through.


On the other hand, the chador is worn by many Iranian women when outside the house. It is a full-body cloak. Also, it is often accompanied by a smaller headscarf underneath.


The khimar is a long, cape-like veil that hangs down to just above the waist. It covers the hair, neck and shoulders completely. But, it leaves the face clear.


The niqab is a veil for the face that leaves the area around the eyes clear. But, you can wear it with a separate eye veil and with an accompanying headscarf.


The Shayla is a long, rectangular scarf fashionable in the Gulf region. You can have it wrapped around the head and tucked or pinned in place at the shoulders.

Nike Pro HijabWhat can we say about it?

Headscarves, primarily, cover the head and hair but the burka and niqab, it is worn to cover the face, leaving the eyes or a screen to see through.

In most of the time, headscarves show sign of modesty by people who wear them, and a symbol of religious faith.

Indeed pro hijab is the top choice of most Muslim women athletes. For the very long time of wearing a traditional hijab during sports tournament, Nike found a way to resolve the issue.

Pro hijab by Nike enables the athletes to move more freely while doing sports. Thanks to Nike innovation that changes the setup of hijab of Muslim women athletes. With the pro hijab, I think that it will be advantageous for them during the tournament.

Pro hijab will also lessen the struggles of the athletes when it comes to hearing. In some cases, traditional veil blocked the hearing of the athletes. But with the pro hijab, all things are clear.

With the market for modest fashion, pro hijab garment and the market it represents help to encourage Muslim women’s participation in sports. But the bottom line is that Nike has produced the right product and as we can see the demand of it now.

It is undeniably evident that Nike Pro Hijab is as comfortable, reliable and lightweight headscarf that many Muslim women can have. And as sportswear, it is amazingly incredible.