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Wrinkle Free Skin Care is Every Woman’s Desire for Youthful Skin


Wrinkle free skin care is always on top of every woman’s lists. There are many methods to maintain elasticity in our skin, especially to our face. The best way to do is ensure to use natural home remedies.

Wrinkle free skin care can be made of natural ingredients, and this is my favorite. I ditched out the use of beauty products with chemicals. It started when I tried some DIY skincare creams.

But I also considered the use of acupuncture to have wrinkle-free skincare. Acupuncture is famous among ancient Chinese. But looking at the needles to be inserted in different points to reinstate a healthy flow of energies; it makes me nervous.

So I just consider it but never applied to my face. Choosing the best home remedies include a healthy lifestyle. It involved eating well, sleeping well and following a regular exercises regimen.

Wondering what my best wrinkle free skin care tips are? Let me share you the natural ingredients and how to prepare and use.

How to Prepare Natural Wrinkle Free Skin Care Formula

Use of Different Natural and Essential Oils 

Coconut Oil

To have wrinkle free skincare, I use coconut oil. Make sure it is organic. Coconut oil will give your skin a natural glow and radiance. Using it often will help to fade wrinkles and lines as coconut oil is moisturizing and hydrating for the skin. It restores the skin’s elasticity to a great extent.

Before sleeping, what you have to do is Massage coconut oil under the eyes and other affected areas for a few minutes. Use gentle circular motions. Leave it overnight. There is no reason to skip a night using it.

Argan Oil

My other option is argan oil. Few drops of argan oil to areas where aging skin occurs can improve elasticity over time. It contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E that replenish the skin. Its regular usage will reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

What you have to do is massage the affected area with argan oil. Leave it on.

Repeat this once or twice a day.

Rosehip Oil

Other than coconut and argan oil, I tried a few drops of rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is an essential oil. Essential oil is excellent as wrinkle free skincare. Vitamin A, vitamin E, and fatty acids present in it penetrate the deeper layers of skin and lighten scars and banish wrinkles.

All you need to prepare is 3 – 4 drops of rosehip oil. Apply the oil on your face and massage until it is absorbed. Leave it on overnight. It is safe to use every night.

Jojoba Oil

Sometimes a few months ago, I ran out of coconut oil and what is only available is the jojoba oil. Of course, before I tried it as wrinkle free skincare, I test it to my skin and read about its facts.

Jojoba oil is quite similar to the natural oil produced by the skin. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and lubricates it. With regular use, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Confidently, I apply a few drops of jojoba oil on my face. I massage gently and leave it on for a few hours.

Black Seed Oil + Olive Oil

So I explored and tried some combination of oils. I found out that virgin olive oil and black seed oil can be mixed well. Why these two? I read that mixtures of these two are useful as wrinkle free skincare.  It is widely used in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for its healing properties. The black seed oil contains a wide variety of phytochemicals that are beneficial for the body and skin. Its unsaturated fatty acids, like linoleic acid and oleic acid, moisturize the skin. The antioxidants present in it reverse the damage caused by oxidative stress which causes a wrinkle.

My mixture is composed of a tablespoon of olive oil and half teaspoon of black seed oil. Then I make a blend of both the oils and apply it to the wrinkled area. Leave for a few hours and do not rinse it off for at least a few hours. The most effective time to do this is before bedtime.

Face Mask from Natural Ingredients for Wrinkle Free Skin Care

The face mask has been a trend nowadays. And buying them can cost you more than using home remedies for wrinkle free skincare. Here are some of my best homemade mask using natural ingredients.

Turmeric + Sugarcane

My first trial is natural powdered turmeric and organic sugarcane juice. Making a blend of these compounds is challenging. But why these two? Turmeric and sugarcane can slow down the loosening of skin. Sugarcane juice contains glycolic acid that removes dead skin cells and turmeric possesses healing properties that rejuvenate the skin.

How to prepare and use: You will need a tablespoon turmeric powder and 1 – 2 tablespoons sugarcane juice. Make a paste with the turmeric powder and sugarcane juice. Mix well so that there are no lumps. Then, apply this and leave it on for 10-12 minutes. Using lukewarm water, you can rinse it.

Cinnamon + Honey

It is my favorite combination of the mask. The cinnamon paste and honey have an excellent combination for anti-aging. Cinnamon’s free radical scavenging activity is further enhanced by honey. They both possess anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

How to prepare and use: I got half teaspoon cinnamon powder and one tablespoon honey. Then, I mixed it evenly and applied this mixture as a mask. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Then I rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. I use this mask twice a week.

Papaya + Banana

Mask can be tasty and yummy. Because I tried to use papaya and banana, I indeed prove that it is effective. Papaya is loaded with enzymes such as papain, while banana is rich in vitamins that help in revitalizing your skin. This pulp is an excellent antidote for premature aging signs.

How to prepare and use: My ratio is a small piece of papaya and half slice banana. I make purée the two fruits together and apply the paste on those wrinkled areas. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. I use this mask once or twice a week.

Tomato + Sea Salt

How about tomato as wrinkle free skincare? Yes, it can work well. Tomato is rich in beta-carotene and lycopene that reverse the damage caused by the harmful sun rays. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and freckles can all be reduced and lightened with tomato mask.

How to prepare and use: I pick a small and ripe tomato and two tablespoon sea salt. I cut the tomato in half and dip the inner half in sea salt. After mixing, I use it as a scrub to my face for a minute. Leave the tomato pulp out onto your skin on for 5 minutes. Rinse with water. You can also include tomato paste in your diet for better results. Repeat this twice every week.

Egg White

It is the simple mask that you can have as wrinkle free skin care. The egg whites tighten your skin naturally, easing fine lines and laugh lines. This remedy is especially useful for people with oily skin as egg white also unclogs pores and absorbs the excess sebum from the skin.

How to prepare and use: Separate yolk from the egg white. Then gently whisk the egg white and apply it on your skin. Allow it to dry completely. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Use this face mask once or twice a week.

Our Advice

Wrinkle free skincare using home remedies have a long term effect on our skin. So I always use these home remedies to achieve youthful skin that every woman wants to achieve.

Dark Skin is Beautiful and More to It than You See with the Color


Dark skin is not invincible in from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. No skin type or color can escape the detrimental effects of the sun. Even dark skin has limitations when exposed for too long under the sun.

Dark skin has many advantages and one of which is keeping the skin protected against the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. This is also the reason why most people with dark skin have younger looks.

But remember, dark skin can also experience breakouts and other skin problems. And like other skin type and color, it needs tender loving care. There are tips that you can do for your dark skin to maintain the natural glow, to look healthy and have enough protection against the sun.

The Basics for your Dark Skin

Like other skin type and color, dark skin needs sunscreen. As I said, though it can produce more melanin than others with different skin color, melanin in the skin is not enough to fight off UV rays of the sun. You will still need to use SPF. It gives our skin long-lasting sun protection.

When you have dark skin, you are not exempted in having skin problems. So another basis for it, you will need some skincare product to protect you from hyperpigmentation. And when you have dark skin, you will need some glycolic acid to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Using this kind of acid can reveal the healthy layer of skin beneath the uppermost layer of the epidermis. Other than hyperpigmentation, glycolic acid can also help clear scarring and breakouts.

In solving skin problems, you can also do exfoliations. When using exfoliators, you should look for exfoliations that will not over dry but de-flake only dry skin. Successfully doing this can make you look fresh and has that glow effect. Exfoliations that contain jojoba and shea butter are your best choice to wash away dry skin in your dark skin.

And you will need a moisturizer if you want to feel soft and look younger. Especially when you exfoliate, you will need to allow some time to apply moisturizer. The secret of getting the full effect of moisturizer is to use it right after you step out the shower or as soon as you finish washing your face.

Advance Skin Care Routine

Even when you have it, don’t take ingrown for granted. Common areas where ingrown can be found are bikini areas, armpits, and legs. These areas are prone to ingrown because of curved hair follicles.

To avoid growing ingrown, you will need to use some chemical exfoliator. Use glycolic and salicylic acid with green tea extract. By doing this, it will give your skin ingrown and bump-free texture. This will also keep you from getting clogged pores and keep you away in experiencing redness and inflammation.

Speaking of inflammation, every skin can experience irritation when too much exposure under the sun. Over time, these irritations can lead to inflammation which we need to keep at bay.

Keeping inflammation at bay will start from protecting our skin to heat of the sun. You can use hydrating spray, which can soothe your skin and give your skin a more relaxing feeling — having it does not mean that you should be careless with your skin.

Advantage of Having Dark Skin

Unlike other skin colors, dark skin has unique benefits that we are not fully aware. If you are wondering what could be possibly the strangest yet most beautiful things about having this type of skin.

It is less prone to sunburn.

If you compared it with white skin individuals after exposure to sunlight, you would see the difference at first glance. White skin tends getting inflamed and quickly turned into reddish color like carrot or tomato. But when you see it, you will not see any blisters, especially after going to the beach. Therefore, most white skin individuals love to have dark skin, especially when summer hits the calendar.

When you are less prone to sunburn, you are less likely to have skin cancers.

Melanin, or what we call the natural umbrella can block off the UV light into lower layers of the skin. It happens when the surface has too much exposure under the sun. When UV tries to penetrate your skin and reach lower layers of the skin, it should not worry about this because it has a natural sunlight block that will protect your skin.

Photoaging does not apply with dark skin. Aging is a natural process. But with consistently doing the proper skincare routine, your dark skin will manage those signs of aging. Compared to white skin individuals, it can easily hide wrinkles, freckles, age spots and scaly spots. And when we say photoaging, dark skin has natural sun protection which more likely helps to cover lines and make looks smoother.

It has thicker layers.

When you have darker skin, then you are one lucky individual. It has thicker layers which have many benefits compared with white skins. Sometimes when our skin is lack of moisture and hydration, there is a tendency of skin cracking. Other than lack of moisture and hydration, skin cracking is also happening because of skin aging. When our skin aged, the top layer is becoming thin. Since it has a thick coat, it means that it is more resilient to sun rays, resulting in less prone to moisture loss.

Dark skin is beautiful.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And for people having it, black beauty always has many unfair advantages. For instance, wearing makeup for dark skin can be versatile. Any colors can keep your lips if you have dark skin.

What can we say?

Dark skin can have a beauty that no pictures can tell with words. And for me, having this type of skin should still have the necessary and advanced skincare routine. Though we can see that it has many advantages, it is always important to know how to care and make efforts in keeping the beauty of it.

If you have it, you should avoid taking it for granted. For instance, individuals with this type of skin can recover quickly from injuries. Like for example, abrasions to deep cuts, pimple scarce and breakouts, all of these are no big deal with dark skin beauty. But if you are seeing white skin ladies, you will notice these skin problems. This is why most dark skin individuals have fewer worries with their skin compared with those white skin individuals.

Summer Beauty Tips – Things You Need this Summer Season!


Summer beauty tips should be taken seriously. Imagine that you are having your summer vacay, but you have no confidence left in you. And this is because of your dull skin, dry hair and dehydrated lips.

Summer beauty tips are what you need to enjoy your summer vacation. Forget those old traditional ways to maintain your radiant skin, shiny hair and pouty lips. We offer you in this article are the most affordable and easy way to achieve summer beauty. With the tips at hand, you will not regret going out there and enjoying the bliss of the sun.

First, we will discover what you lack with. Your skin and hair are the most obscure signs that summer heat hits you. But don’t worry, we got your back, and we are going to touch up from your head to tips of your nail.

Summer Tips for your Skin

Let us deal with your skin. Each of us has different types of skin. And how do we care for it needs different ways? For instance, when we need to hydrate our self, we need to choose the right moisturizer.

Our summer beauty tips for moisturizer should be water or gel-based. Also, choose a moisturizer with vitamin E. So why do we need a moisturizer? There are lots of claims that moisturizer is what dry skin needs. For that, we can never go wrong.

However, our summer beauty tips provide intense moisture by adding vitamin E to your favorite skincare.

Another tip we have for you is doing the exfoliation in the right way. Exfoliation is one way to keep your skin radiant and glowing. But you don’t need to exfoliate daily. Schedule for exfoliation is essential since you are unclogging the pores in your skin. In this way, you can get rid of your dead skin cells.

So how many times our skin needs to exfoliate? Make sure you only do exfoliation to your skin thrice a week. And when you exfoliate, do it in a circular motion and gently. Avoid too much scrubbing of your skin. If you do this, it can lead to redness, rashes and even breakouts. Especially when summer hits, your skin is extra sensitive because of the temperature.

Your Skin Care Product Tips

Aside from doing skincare, for our summer beauty tips, we encourage you to try our skincare products tips.

Hydrate Skin with Water and Aloe Vera

On top of our list is to hydrate yourself from within. Drinking enough water will replenish your body from sweating. During the summer, we cannot avoid sweating too much. So we have to deal with it by replacing what we have lost.

So drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water will suffice our body. Aside from hydrating our body, enough amount of water intake will give us energy. Apart from water, we can try other beverages with a high content of water. Refrain from drinking juices with caffeine content. It will make you lose more water content in the body.

Another summer beauty tips we have for you are using aloe vera. This plant contributes to soothing and cooling off our skin. Especially when summer, everyone turns sides to aloe vera because of its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. Aside from these, when using aloe vera, you provide nourishment to your skin. Some antioxidants can also protect our skin.

There are several skincare products made of aloe vera which you can choose from. You can also try applying fresh aloe vera to your skin and feel the relaxing effect.

Protect with Sunscreen

Since we are dealing with the summer season, we strongly advise using sunscreen, especially when you are going outdoors. Sunscreen is our skins’ shield to keep out from damaging heat of the sun. Too much exposure under the sun can cause many skin problems. For now, it will not be visible to your skin, but it will appear little by little if you are not using sunscreen.

Another vital summer beauty tips that we have for you is choosing the right skincare products that will have no issues in clogging your skin pores. We are aware of many skin problems because of clogging our skin pores. Most likely, we can develop skin irritations, infections and breakouts.

So we advise that you should choose skincare products that will not cause clogging of your skin. Especially this summer season, if you sweat and your pores are blocked, the tendency is transforming your skin into an oil depot.

Who would want that to happen to their skin? One of our summer beauty tips is to ditch out those cosmetic products that can cause pore blocking.

Extra Care for Sensitive Skin

As our skin needs different skincare routine, you have to rely on skincare products that we are endorsing as our summer beauty tips. Some areas in our body are more sensitive than others which we have to give extra care. Like our bikini line. When summer is approaching, waxing our bikini line is a necessity. So after waxing prevents scrubbing and using exfoliation to your body. As bikini line areas are sensitive, so skin’s layer at this area needs some extra care to avoid rushes and darkening.

But not all our summer beauty tips include skincare products. Like I have mentioned earlier in this article, drinking of a glass of water is essential to keep your skin hydrated. You also have to pay attention to your diet. Eating healthy foods will keep your skin looks healthy. Some of the healthy foods that I suggest you start eating are vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals. Avoid from eating fried food and opt for steamed or raw foods like salads, smoothies and juices. Monitoring our intake of healthy foods can give our skin a healthy and radiant look.

Never Tolerate Frizzy Hair

Our summer beauty tips come with how you manage your hair during this kind of season. Luckily, we have different types of shampoo that resolve to other kinds of hair problems. So what we have here for frizzy hair is the clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo is our summer beauty tips for you to wash away sweat build-up on your scalp, which leads to irritation. The scalp is part of our skin, and when it sweats, it also attracts pollutants and dust. This tip of ours goes the same when there is chlorine build-up.

With your shampoo, you will need a conditioner. Hair conditioner can be bought in the market, but you can also try to make some homemade conditioner. The tremendous natural hair conditioner is coconut oil.

Your hair can be curly any time of the day during the summer season. The heat of the sun is not healthy for your hair; believe me. My way out in having curly hair is doing natural hair treatment.

How will you do natural hair treatment? Get a cup of coconut oil and heat it. Make sure the temperature is not hot; just warm enough before applying to your hair and scalp. Gently massage the oil to your scalp. Then wrap your head a warm towel. Rest it for 1 hour before washing off the oil.

When I did this to my hair, the effect can be feel and seen right away. So no doubt I’m going to do this every summer season.

What can we say?

I learned these summer beauty tips during the time I need to feel confident and look fresh even under the heat of the sun. Definitely, I have beauty tips for makeup.

After we maintain our natural skin healthy and hydrated, the next thing we need to do the right thing for makeup. Looking natural is the best way of wearing makeup for summer. When summer season is approaching, prepare your makeup and make sure it’s a waterproof, little or totally waterproof.

Then for your lips, you can also use SPF lip products. Choose lip balm to protect your lips from the sun. Don’t take your lips for granted during the summer season. With just the perfect lips, you can conquer the summer season.

Castor Oil – Making Beauty Tricks to Happen in No Time


Castor oil can be categorized as oil for all occasions. It has been caught the attention of many that it can be used as a remedy for treating skin conditions, infections, digestive problem, and hair care products. But aside from that, castor oil can be used as a stimulant to support the immune system and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Castor oil, since its versatile oil, has many roles for different functions in our body. It is one of the essential ingredients to most home remedies in our hair and skincare. Beyond that, castor oil can be used as a supplement.

Yes, it has been discovered that castor oil can be used more than for hair and skincare products. We have collated most of the widespread medical problems that it can address. And you are a lucky one because we are sharing it with you right here, right now!

Natural Killer of Arthritis using Castor Oil

Battling for arthritis for a long time? Since castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties, there have been remedies utilizing this oil to address arthritis. Arthritis is the condition of the joints, muscles and nerves experiencing inflammation. And what we have here are some ways on how to use it to treat arthritis.

When we experienced arthritis, we find ways to have some relief from the pain. Since taking pain reliever most of the time is not advisable, it is essential to know different remedies for your joint and muscle pain.

What we have here is using it in preparation of a pad from cotton fabric. Folding it to four layers, you can soak it in castor oil then place it over the affected joints. How long will you leave it? Just secure your joints for at least 45 minutes. It will reduce pain and inflammation in your bones.

Another way we can see how to use castor oil to control arthritis is taking it orally. However, we recommend that you should ask for your doctor or physician for an allergic reaction. If you have no allergic reaction, add a tablespoon of castor oil to your favorite drinks. How often will you do this? Just make sure you will follow instructions from medical professionals.

When things get worst of your arthritis, grab ginger powder and dissolve in a boiling glass of water. Once dissolved, make sure the water is cold enough and add two tablespoons of it. Mix it thoroughly before drinking. Better absorption of this mixture is the time you wake up and before going to bed.

Say Goodbye to your Stretch Marks

What really causes stretch marks can not be blamed because it happens as we age. Also, some factors are hormonal imbalance, sudden weight loss and sometimes too much swelling. Now, if you are facing too many problems with stretch marks, you can consider using castor oil.

Castor oil has been found as useful for treatments of different skin conditions. With the dominant fatty acids content, it makes the perfect moisturizer to our skin. And with complete moisturizer, we can say goodbye to our stretch marks.

How will you use it to your stretch marks? Follow this simple step. Get a drop of castor oil and massage it to areas with stretch marks. Make sure you have full coverage for the entire affected area. You can also make another layer using coconut or almond oil. The caution in using castor oil is to refrain from applying to broken skin. By doing this, it will harm your skin.

Getting Away from Acne with Castor Oil

Do we consider acne as broken skin? In this case, acne is skin condition from impurities and inflammation which caused by accumulating contaminants in your pores.

In the market, you can see different remedies and when you try everything, but your acnes are still there, well maybe you missed this one. What we have for you is remedies made from castor oil. But is it safe? Acne is different from broken skin that we are referring to. And using castor oil to your acne is safe because it has a natural ingredient that draws out dirt and dead skin cells. Another thing is, castor oil has its way of removing excess oils and bacteria without making your skin dry.

To use it before going to bed, you will need to place a bowl with boiling water on the table. Let your skin feel the warmth of the water. This is a preparation for your skin to allow castor oil to penetrate deeply in your skin. Afterwards, apply a small amount of castor oil to your skin. Rub it in a circular motion and leave it overnight. Then in the morning, remove it using a damp towel. Use cold water to wash off totally the oil to your skin. Contrary to warm water, cold water can shrink your pores. Apply some facial cleanser to make sure no oil left behind your skin.

Depending on your acne problems, use it for two weeks for better results.

No More Wrinkles and Fine Lines

After acnes, common problems are wrinkles and fine lines. As a sign of aging, wrinkles and fine lines are natural stages of our skin. Why is this happening?

Skin aging is brought by a reduction in elastin and collagen presence in our skin. These two components make our skin look young and radiant, so without these, we are most likely become older in physical appearance.

Many skincare products address wrinkles and fine lines; one of those is using castor oil. With it, wrinkles and fine lines help our skin to hydrate faster. It also reduces our appearance of having fine lines and wrinkles.

How you will you use it? After using your facial cleanser and toner, pour a small drop of castor oil and rub to your face in a circular motion. But before doing that, you need to rub your hands with it to warm up the oil. Then gently massage the oil to your skin that allows to full coverage.

What can we say?

How do we know if using castor oil is safe? As categorized to be a natural remedy, the safety of using it is limited only. Also, you cannot take it orally and use it for a very long time, except when advised by medical professionals.

But you can test it on your own if you have allergic reactions to it. Apply a small amount of castor oil to your skin. This might help you prevent adverse effects if you have allergic reactions to your skin. A small amount of slight redness and itching should be a sign of an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is not safe for you to use. But there are lots of skincare home remedies that you can try. Check our other articles to find out.

Simple Skin Care Routine Yet Results are Radiant and Flawless


Simple skin care routine doesn’t need too much use of chemicals and skincare products. What you need to do is timing and following the instructions in your skincare products label.

Simple skin care routine includes the necessary steps. As you read along, you will know the basic steps on how to do simple skincare routine. With this, you can achieve the results you want for your skin.

With all the home remedies for a simple skincare routine, what we have here are the essential steps that you need to know. The goodness of the actions we have here are just the basics and suitable for any skincare routine.

Here’s how will you do it.

Step 1: Cleanse away, impurities!

Cleaning your face is the most important thing to do in your simple skincare routine. So what will you use for cleansing your face? Water is not enough to rinse off the dirt and excess oil in your face. It won’t help your facial skin to be completely clean.

Since this is the first thing you will do for your face, you have to make it right. And your first thing to do is choosing the right product for your skin type. Also, you will need a clean towel or cloth which has soft fabric material, preferably cotton.

How will you know if you do it right? Well, you will see if you do it right if you feel refreshed and have the awakening effect. Remember that cleanse is a straightforward skincare routine that frees your skin from dirt, dust and impurities.

Step 2: Tone it the right way!

Toning your skin is like giving a conditioner to your hair. Toner is used to balancing the pH or acidity level of your skin.

Why is it important? After we cleanse our skin, toner is vital to absorb active ingredients for the products to be applied afterwards. And when we skipped toning in our simple skincare routine, you have exposed your skin for vulnerability, dehydration and damaging elements.

In some way, toner gives off deep-cleansing to your skin. Impurities that cleansing has not washed away; toner can remove it, leaving your skin balanced and more hydrated.

Step 3: Exfoliate your dead skin.

What can be more irritating is feeling the rough texture in your skin. And the only thing that can address this is proper exfoliation. Exfoliation is transforming your dull skin into bright and healthy skin.

Know what the secret of radiant skin is?

The secret is to do regular exfoliation. By doing this, it will give your skin the circulation it needed. You can do exfoliation for about 1 to 3 times per week.

Step 4: Apply some treatment.

As part of your simple skin care routine, you will need to do some treatment in your skin. For those who are lucky without acne and blemishes, you may not need complete treatment. But you should still do some maintenance for your flawless skin.

Step 5: Hydrate your skin for simple skincare routine.

This is important, especially when you do skin exfoliation. The process of exfoliating your skin can make your skin dry as well as cleansing. So if you are feeling dry, you may want to hydrate your skin.

How to hydrate your skin?

Many beauty products offer hydration. But you can choose from creams, gels, oil and whatever that suits the type of your skin.

Also, know that when you hydrate your skin, you are giving it moisture as well. When we say moisture, it means that we should keep our skin moist during day and night time. And when you have oily skin, don’t make it excuse skipping the moisturizer. Oily skin is sometimes a sign of skin imbalance.

Then as part of it, you will need to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Here is some of the moisturizer that you may want to try base on your skin type.

  1. For oily skin, you can try grapeseed oil.
  2. For acne, you can use Tamanu oil. And for acne scars, you can use rosehip seed oil.
  3. For dry skin, olive oil and coconut oil are your choices.

While applying these oils, you can vitamin E and Jojoba oil to have a more intense effect. Also, you can add aloe vera for extra moisture.

Step 6: Protect your skin.

A straightforward skincare routine is applying protection or sunscreen. We are all aware that most of the skin damage that we can get come from the sun. And this is the main reason why many use sunscreen as protection.

The benefit that our skin can get from applying sunscreen is reducing the chance of having premature skin aging. There are some sunscreens that you can have by doing home recipes sunscreen.

What can we say for a simple skincare routine?

Simple skincare routine is your most needed regimens for your skin. Why is the importance of skincare?

The skincare routines make your skin more radiant and flawless. When doing the simple skincare routine correctly, your confidence will level up, and you will notice the difference. You can feel that your skin becomes feeling lighter.

Also, you can see fewer impurities after you do your simple skincare routine.

Summer Skin Care Tips – Your Skin Shield in this Hottest Season


Summer skin care tips, like other beauty tips, are what most girls always want to have. And this summer season, girls, even boys, want to have the perfect summer skincare tips.

Summer skin care tips are valuable, like diamonds for women. Without these tips, men and women will not enjoy the summer season for real. So what we have here has a significant impact on the summer skincare tips and the beauty within.

Many skin problems brought by summer season; in fact, many look for summer skincare tips to stay beautiful and radiant throughout the season. Sometimes, they want permanent skincare tips so that it will be easier for them to maintain it, rather than starting from the beginning.

So, summer skincare tips cover from head to toe. It leaves nothing when it comes to taking care of our skin. That is our goal – we got you covered from head to toe from the heat of summer season.

How to protect your identity to the world?

According to the dermatologist, summer skincare tips for our face is the most important and priority above all.

Your face is your identity to the world, so your face value is important in all circumstances. To maintain your face to look hydrated and free from breakouts during the summer season, you must have to do some regimen. For instance, you can use some skincare products and routines to keep your facial skin well-hydrated.

You may observe that during the summer season, many experience breakouts and many complain about the dryness of their faces.

So, what’s our solution to that common problem? Simple summer skincare tips – splash some water to your face at least 3-4 times daily. You don’t need to use face wash. Clean water can do the trick for your face.

Help your skin adapt to the weather.

The primary factor of the change in your skin texture is the weather. But don’t blame summer season alone when you experience skin dryness and other problems. Change in weather affects your skin moisture, and that is the start of looking for remedies to keep our skin hydrated.

Since we have different skin types, we also need different moisturizers that can hydrate our skin. The following can be your guide to find the real deal for your skin during the summer season.

For typical skin types, you should use water-based moisturizers. It works best in this skin type.

For oily skin, find some gel-based moisturizers. It should be your preference when you have oily skin.

And when you have extra oily skin, which more likely to have acne in the future, you should always have facial sprays. Always find the option to have natural moisturizers rather those with chemicals that are harmful to your skin.

Moisturizers that you use during the winter season are not applicable to use in summer season – this is the golden rule when it comes to moisturizers.

Go natural for your skin health.

When you have no option left, you can turn to your own kitchen and look for the two healthy foods which can do a lot to your skin. You can use lemon and tomato to make your skin look fresh.  I already tried it once, and it amazes me. The effects of this food can be seen in our outer skin, and when consumed, it can brighten our self from within. The nutrients we can get from tomato is lycopene, which really helps our skin to look young and radiant.

Go wiser and use SPF to your skin.

Of course, sunlight is good for our skin. But watch out for the time that it can cause harm in our skin. During the summer season each year, our skin does not appreciate the UV rays coming from the sun. It is the time of the year that everyone is wearing sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is our recommendation to protect your skin. Especially when you do outdoor activities, you will need to apply sunscreen 20 – 30 minutes before exposing your skin.

Our skin, when exposed from too much UV rays, can develop different skin problems. Most common skin problems are real because of too much sun exposure.

Good hygiene, beautiful skin.

Before our fashion, people will judge you because of your skin texture. And when the summer season comes out, our skin is our best asset. The summer skincare tips cannot be useful if we practice poor hygiene. Aside from our skin, people can identify how you do your hygiene just by your odor. So better watch out for your hygiene to protect your skin.

The feeling is crisp and fresh.

It seems not your type of summer skin care tips. But believe it or not, this tip is going to help you a lot. If you feel the freshness within, the tendency of sweating will be minimal. That is why we recommend eating cooling foods. Some of the cooling foods that can help you feel fresh are vegetables and fruit juices. Make sure you avoid drinks which are high in sugar. This kind of drinks has many calories, more than your body required.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Wearing clothes with breathable fabrics is one of the best summer skincare tips we have for you. Since summer season can irritate our skin quickly, you need to wear clothes that are soft and made of cotton. In this way, your skin will not get irritable easily.

Make your skin to have less inflammation during the summer season.

Magically, green tea has many benefits, and one of those is keeping our skin healthy during the summer season. To keep your skin healthy and decrease the damage from the sun, you can have green tea. Aside from skin, you can also have green tea to improve immune system function and aid digestion. Green tea can really make a difference in your health.

Nothing is best than a natural bath.

One way to keep your skin healthy is taking a natural bath using salt. Salt, as we all know, has natural properties that can make excellent ways to keep your skin look healthy. Bathing using salt is a natural exfoliator that can place as body scrubs and can promote high-quality sleep.

What can we say?

The real summer skincare tips can be achieved in many ways. What we have given you are the most effective yet easy to prepare when you are in a hurry.

When you have many options, look for the product that can protect you and with less harmful chemicals. Find skin care products that offer natural ingredients. But before exploring all skincare products that can give you beautiful skin during summer, you should find out your skin type and the products that work well with your skin. By simply checking on the labels of the products, you can tell what the ingredients that may harm your skin.

Another thing, after you expose yourself under the sun, you can apply coconut oil. Coconut oil has natural ingredients like salt that can avoid your skin for breakouts. It also hydrates your skin. In my experience, coconut oil is better than lotions in term of moisturizers. The best part is, it comes with natural moisture.

Skin Care – Your Reliable Day Time and Night Time Skin Protection


Skin care routine has been proven effective to have that radiant and youthful-looking skin. So how will you achieve it?

Skin care daily routine for day time and night time can be the same. But if you do it properly, you will see the different beautiful effect. Yes, it can have a disparate impact on your skin.

When I was trying to change my routine to achieve the look of natural radiance skin, I stumbled on this skin care routine. At first, I was hesitated to work because I noticed it as repetitive steps and as ordinary skincare.

But using the right products have changed the way I feel it now.

6 Ways for Day Time Skin Care


The first step that I did is cleaning my face. Of course, you will need clean water. But it is not enough to wash your face as your skincare. You might need cleansing products that made for your skin type.

And this proves when I use the right cleansing properties for my skin type. It cleanses my skin the way I like it. At that point, it demonstrates that cleansing is essential.

Why is this important? Cleaning is essential as a skincare routine. And it is ideal to do proper skincare through cleansing. It is for the reason that it can remove some dirt, oil and other impurities in your skin that accumulates as you sleep.


Toner is harmful to your skin – well, this is a total myth! Because using the right type of toner to your skin can give moisture.

So after I cleanse my skin, I used a toner with the right formula for my skin. But before I tried using the toner, I asked my dermatologist if it is necessary for my skin type. So, recommendations from skincare specialist are important to know if you need to use a toner or not. Otherwise, I suggest refraining from using the toner after cleansing.

Though toner is used for deep cleansing, you might need to know if you have super sensitive skin. There are several toner formulations that you might find match your skin type as your skincare routine.

Skin Treatments

Like typical girls, I know the feeling of dealing with acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and blemishes. And it is not a joke to deal with them.

What I have encountered with skin problems brought me to the point that I think of some skincare remedies at home. After I clean my face and have myself prepped for toner, I applied some serums for treatments. I gave ample time to my skin for better absorption of the procedures. By doing this, I can have better results.


So after I applied treatment way back then, I find my skin dry and lack of moisture. It came to my idea that dry skin can increase the chance to have wrinkles and early signs of skin aging. Blemishes and other skin problems are results of less attention to skincare regimens.

Therefore, when I decided to have a complete skincare routine, I found out that hydration and proper moisturizing of my skin are essential. With the inclusion of this routine to my skincare, it gives protection and barrier from skin aging and other skin problems.

But oily skin is not exempted in moisturizing and hydration. When you have excess oil production, it means that you have dry skin. To know if you have dry or oily skin is a bit tricky. And what you need is to maintain the balance of hydration in your skin.

Like other products, moisturizer and hydration have different formulations to match your skin types. One technique that drives me to know what skincare products really work for me is to feel if my skin is satisfied with the products. Over time, you can see the results.

The Signs of Aging in your Eyes

You are wondering how I know if I have early signs of aging? Well look in the mirror and observe the surrounding of your eyes.

If you can see fine lines around your eyes or you have night’s puffy eyes, then you need some eye products that can be used safely.

For eye puffiness, you can layer different eye products to maximize the benefits it can provide you. Also, you can use eye cream. Applying eye cream skincare can weaken the skin to generate signs of aging and other skin problems. I recommended that if you have a year past of your teenager, you can use an eye cream to subside formation of skin aging and other skin problems.

Protection from UV Exposure

We cannot avoid exposure to UV. And during summer, our skin needs double protection. Take it from me. I protect my skin daily even on cloudy days.

Why do we need to protect our skin from UV exposure? Even on cloudy days, our skin is exposed to UV. What I did to protect my skin from UV is the application of moisturizer with SPF protection.

What is SPF protection? SPF is your shield from sun UV. At least 15 minutes, you need to apply SPF before going outside. By doing this, you can fully protect yourself.


Skincare does not only need to do after your long sleep. Your skin also needs to have the skincare routine before bedtime.

After the long day, your skin needs the cleansing. Make sure you use skincare products that suit your skin types.

Then you will need to exfoliate your skin. What is exfoliation? This process is an essential part of skincare at night time. Why? In my experience, after I exfoliate my skin, I can see the difference. My skin becomes radiant and brighter.

But doing exfoliation to your skin is not just rubbing your skin with skin exfoliation products. Remember that our skin is a thin layer covering our body, and when too much use of exfoliation can harm your skin. To be safe, do not overdo it. Follow instructions and know how often you will need to use it.

In my case, I exfoliate for at least three times a week. But I recommended seeing instructions of your skincare products to be safe.

After doing exfoliation, you can use toner to wash away the residue that cleanser cannot get rid of your skin. Nigh time skincare regimens are my favorite. Because when we sleep, our skin is regenerating and resting from full-day exposure to UV and other impurities outdoors.

What can we say?

Skincare products are essential to satisfy your need to do the routine for your skin. For instance, you will need to have proper skin care treatment, especially when you exposed directly from the sun. Our skin after exposure from UV is susceptible that we need to consider the chemicals we will apply as treatment.

Next is skin the food we eat for our skin. Skincare does not only come from outside treatment. We need to consider the food we eat and drinking lots of water to keep our skin hydrated.

And don’t forget to consult your dermatologist to know precisely the skincare products you need.

Overnight Beauty Tips: 13 plus More Ways to Feel Fresh All-Day


Overnight beauty tips that work well while you sleep so that your body can recharge at the same time is the dreamed of every woman. But how do you know if you are following the right overnight beauty tips to wake up beautiful?

Overnight beauty tips, for some, are routines that time-consuming. Pampering our self is the least priority in our daily task and sometimes, taken for granted. So many are looking at how to become pretty overnight with a little less time to be consumed.

And just like others, I am looking as well. So when I heard about overnight skin treatment, I also think of beauty sleep. Because as far as I know, sleeping of eight hours will give you a fresh wake up. Other than that, I have also learned about overnight beauty tips. You will find it as you read along.

Overnight Beauty Hacks

Tip # 1: Get the hang of using a mask for 15 seconds before going to bed at night.

The best time when skin renewal kicks is while you are sleeping. It is the best time for a supercharged mask treatment. Choose a mask that won’t leave an excessive amount of oil on your pillowcase. You can do this within 15 seconds.

Tip # 2: Overnight exfoliation in 20 seconds.

Smooth skin can be achieved through exfoliation. For 20 seconds, you can have an overnight peel with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic, lactic, or citric. The exfoliator can make your skin soften the appearance of fine lines overnight. If acne is your main skin concern, try zapping it overnight with one of these blemishes fighting cream.

Tip # 3: Hair mask for 30 seconds.

Silky and healthy hair is one of the essentials overnight beauty tips. Apply a leave-in, overnight hair mask to you hair-damp or dry. The formula will seep into your strands and reverse over-processing and repair damage while you sleep.

Tip # 4: Do braids in 2 minutes.

Overnight beauty tips include making hairstyles. For instance, when you want to have perfect braid when you wake up, take a shower before bed — the braid your hair in one loose braid for loose waves. When you wake up in the morning, unbraid, muss it up with your fingers a bit, spritz on a shine-enhancing spray, and go.

Tip # 5: Make some tender loving care to your skin.Top of Form

Skin is very delicate, especially on your face. Winds, harmful rays from the sun or pollution can harm our skin. So, before you hit the sheets, make sure to spend time on cleansing your skin and ridding it of all the dirt that can get caught up in your pores. Washing your skin at night allows you to rid your face of everything your skin encountered through the day.

Tip # 6: Don’t sleep with your makeup.

And please, whatever you do, don’t fall asleep while you still have your makeup. Your skin needs time at night to breathe, and falling asleep with your makeup on can clog your pores. Following your own cleansing routine will ensure that all traces of makeup are removed and you can wake up in the morning with refreshed, beautiful skin. And don’t forget to moisture. Whether you have oily or dry skin, moisturizing keeps your skin looking soft and healthy.

Tip # 7: Change your bed sheets often.

It is not about pillowcase only. Try changing bedsheets as well. Dirt or oil from your hair and skin comes into contact with that pillowcase as well as dead skin cells and sweat in your bedsheets. So, changing your pillowcase and bed sheets every week before bed is a simple trick to waking up with better skin. You will see the difference after changing pillowcase and bedsheets at least once a week for a few weeks. I started to notice lesser breakouts on the sides of my face. It is one of the most straightforward overnight beauty tips that you will have no excuses.

Tip # 8: Use natural oil to improve hair appearance.

Before going to bed, I have to lather my hair with a healthy amount of coconut oil using an old tee. I am doing this while before I go to sleep. It helped make my hair smoother and shinier in the morning. Coconut oil has been known to add some extreme shine to your locks, so adding it to your hair before bedtime is one of the overnight beauty tips. And finding out which way coconut oil can make a fantastic way will make selfie-worthy hair!

Tip # 9: Don’t forget a full glass of water.

Before going to bed, ensure that you have to drink a full glass of water. But of course, drinking plenty of water during the day is a must. Making sure we keep our body is well-hydrated, especially the hours we are not getting water while I sleep.

Tip # 10: Complete your overnight beauty tips with enough sleep.

This tip looks simple yet so challenging to achieve daily. All-nighters full of cram sessions, papers and other responsibilities are shared among students, and those professions involve in customer service, sales and events. Sleep deprivation can do more harm than you can imagine. It can damage not only your skin but your overall health over time. So sleep is essential as we grow older. It helps in many ways, especially improving our appearance and health.

Tip # 11: Set up a humidifier during cold weather and below room temperature.

Dry skin during winter season needs more than moisturizing skincare products. So what you need to do is keep yourself hydrated. One of the overnight beauty tips is humidifier will keep moisture in the air and allow your skin to stay hydrated. During the night, your skin will dry out regardless of how much water you’ve been drinking. But a humidifier will make a difference.

Tip # 12: Try green tea to fix dark circles under your eyes.

Overnight beauty tips involve green tea if eye cream or moisturizer is not working anymore.

How to do it: Brew two caffeinated green tea bags and then leave them in the fridge for 10-20 minutes until they’re cool. Squeeze the excess moisture out and apply to your eyes and leave for 15-30 minutes. Caffeine shrinks blood vessels while the tannins in the tea bags tighten and soothe skin.

There you have it – problem solved.

Tip # 13: Lengthen lashes and thickened your brows using castor oil.

Before going to sleep, apply castor oil to a clean mascara wand and apply from root to tip of your lashes. By doing this, you are conditioning your eyelashes and help to promote growth. If your eyebrow hair is lacking, you can brush the oil into your brows before bed too. Just remember to wash it off in the morning.

What can we say?

These overnight beauty tips are your ultimate guide for healthy and younger-looking self. But you also need to do exercises to sweat out the toxins in your body. Eating the right amount of healthy foods and getting enough sleep are my top overnight beauty tips.

Vitamin E Capsule and It Secret Ingredient Beauty Oil


Vitamin E capsule is the secret ingredient of many beauty products. It has a specific product found as tocopherol or tocopheryl acetate in every ingredient list of products. Does it play a significant role when it comes to skin health?

Vitamin E capsule with antioxidant properties plays an essential role in maintaining the glow and youth of our skin. There are different ways to use this capsule to retain the good health of our skin. Here you can see the various benefits in our health and the effect of taking vitamin e capsule to our skin.

So what is in the vitamin E capsule? It is a lipid-based solution like oil. You can take it following the recommended daily dosage of 15 mg. Higher than this dosage will cause side effects to your health.

With the right dosage, what does vitamin E capsule can do?

Vitamin E capsule is a powerful antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it fights free radicals from our environment. As we know, free radicals oxidation increases our chance to acquire diseases. If we don’t have an adequate amount of vitamin E, our skin could not protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV from the sun.

Other than antioxidants, it has anti-inflammatory, which keeps our skin moisturize and fights inflammation. Together with vitamin C, it gives more effect on your skin. That is why most skin care products have vitamin E and C for optimal results.

The health benefits of vitamin E in our body are more than antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Also, it can reverse the effect of scars and stretch marks in our skin. As extreme as you can see, it has been proven that vitamin E can do so much in an overall skincare routine.

So, how do you include it in your skincare routine?

Vitamin E capsule does not only provide antioxidants, but it also rejuvenates the skin. Imagine that your skin has been exposed for too long under the sun. Or, the cold weather is keeping your skin dry. Then, here are some beauty tips for maintaining healthy skin.

Tip 1: Use a vitamin E capsule to maintain the softness and radiance of your skin.

Vitamin E helps our nerves to provide the nourishment to our skin. It has tocopherol that makes our skin to look youthful. That is why we recommend taking a vitamin e capsule for optimal results other than using skincare products alone.

Tip 2: Empower skin tissues to prevent stretch marks and lighten the scars.

Believe it or not, vitamin E capsule can increase the nutrients of the skin tissue by only applying onto the skin. Regular application and gentle rubbing on the affected area it reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Also, it can lessen the visibility of scars by regenerating the skin cells. It is useful to lighten brown spots or scars found on the face.

Tip 3: Less worry with muscles spasms.

You can tell yourself you are healthy if you don’t experience muscle spasms. Muscle spasm is a sign of deficiency in vitamin E. So when you feel most of the time that your muscles are stressed out, you can take this capsule to relax your muscles. And eventually, it will cure muscle spasms.

Tip 4: Resolves the ageing problem of both men and women.

Ageing is a natural process, and you can only slow it but not able to stop it. So, if you have a sign of wrinkles around your eyes, rub gently vitamin E oil at least twice a week. You can also use your anti-wrinkle eye cream for best results. You can see the difference after two to three weeks with regular application weekly.

Tip 5: Vitamin E as a moisturizer.

Problem solved when you have dry skin because of the heat of the summer season or cold weather during winter. With the oil from vitamin E capsule can be mixed with your night moisturizing lotion. Then you can apply it on your body before bedtime. There you have it; dryness will go away.

Tip 6: Good deal for your dark circles.

One way to get rid of dark circles is to use oil from vitamin E capsule. Use it at least 2 days along with your regular cream and massage gently to your face. Then you can see the results in less than a week.

Tip 7: It gets rid of impurities to your skin.

Oil from a vitamin E capsule can act as a cleansing agent while at the same time, it balances and maintains the oil in your skin. Just use a few drops of its oil on a cotton ball to wipe your face. It is the best way to use this capsule to get rid of impurities in your skin.

Tip 8: Maintain the moisture of your lips.

Don’t take your lips for granted as it is the first thing that notices to your face. Having a soft and kissable lip can be your asset. And to do that, you can use oil from vitamin E capsule.

Tip 9: Make a mask out of vitamin E oil.

You can make a homemade mask using oil from a vitamin E capsule. How to do it? Prepare 2 teaspoons vitamin E oil, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, rosewater and cotton pad. Then, mix the vitamin E oil, yogurt and lemon juice. If you have the mixture ready, you can apply it to your skin. Let it dry and wash it off using cold water.

Tip 10: The power of combining with other essential and natural oils.

Olive oil and vitamin E oil are the perfect combinations to have healthy skin. The mixture should be one teaspoon of olive oil with oil from three vitamin E capsules. Then you can rub it gently to your face once a day. This routine can prevent facial wrinkles and improve the radiance of your skin.

What can we say?

Vitamin E capsule has many benefits, and one of those is making our skin glow and radiant. Also, we would like to emphasize that oil from it can hydrate the skin without using expensive skincare products.

However, there are side effects of using this capsule. Some skin is sensitive with the ingredients that vitamin E capsule has. So our advice before using vitamin E capsule is to take a test to your skin.

Summer Skin: Top 5 Beauty Tips to Rule out Dryness


Summer skin for many is fashionable during the summer season. But what they don’t know is summer skin is a sign of unhealthy and damaged skin. Though some people know how to sport summer skin, you can also do the same. And we will help you with it!

Summer skin treatment highlights how to deal with dry skin. Prevention and cures for it are what people are looking for. So, we have here are the top rules on taking care of summer skin and how you can use the advantage of it.

So, set aside the skincare products that can aggravate the damage in your skin. And follow our simple tips to rule out the damage look of your summer skin.

Beauty Tips for Summer Skin

Rule no. 1: It starts within.

All beauty starts within and most likely, the results of what you eat. Everything that is happening inside your body can be seen in your skin. So when the summer season is on set, your skin changes. For summer skin first rule, start from within because what your skin shows is what you’re taking in.

How to achieve?

Our skin loves green food. And green food may come in the forms of salad and smoothie. This kind of foods is best for our skin because it gives healthy fats and phytonutrients. Also, it keeps your skin hydrated from inside out.

Sweating is the thing for summer skin. If you sweat, it means that your heart is working out just fine. The time you sweat, it makes your skin looks livelier.

Then, don’t forget to sleep like a queen bee. Yes, sleep is vital for summer skin, especially between midnight. This time of the evening is the best time that your cell is regenerating, and collagen is building.

Now, maybe women are wondering of what we call after-sex glow. Oh yes, it is a real deal. Sex improves circulation and keeps our stress hormones in check. You can also observe that you have more radiant and healthier skin afterwards.

Another essential for summer skin is having a healthy gut. A healthy gut means that our body can produce enzymes. These enzymes can detoxify and contribute to collagen formulation. With collagen in our body, the skin looks will be brighter.

Since radiant summer skin starts from within, why don’t try to practice yoga? Yoga has many health benefits which include having healthy skin. The meditation improves our body to relax and decreases cortisol and adrenaline hormones caused by stress. Stress is not suitable for our health.  Doing daily yoga can make a big difference to your summer skin.

Rule no. 2: Do the 2-Step Skin Care

When you have summer skin, the importance on how to take care of your skin is essential. Despite eating the right food and making a lifestyle to have smooth and hydrated summertime skin, you should be aware of the two steps of skincare.

First skincare that we have for you is exfoliation. You do exfoliation to get rid of dead skin which causes skin dullness in summer. Once done with your exfoliation, you allow the light to bounce off in one smooth direction. Choose the right exfoliator. Too rough and harsh exfoliation can damage your skin. And I think that you don’t want this to happen.

Rule no. 3: Choose the Right Make Up

Dealing with summer skin to prepare your look on many occasions can be tricky. First, you have to know what color suits you especially the ideal highlighter shade.

How to choose?

Your ideal highlighter shades for summer skin are silver, gold and rose gold. These shades can look best on you, especially when pair up with jewelry.

In one point, your skin can look shiny. And dealing with shiny skin in summer needs a little trick. First, find a mattifying powder that translucent. Choose a powder that can still make your highlight come through. Though subtly, it will even don’t look overly shiny. But mattifying powder comes in many forms like cream, liquid and powder. Now, what will you choose for your skin type? This time, your personal preference shall prevail. Just remember what skin type each works best. For instance, liquids are most natural to blend but watch out for long term effect in your summer skin. Then creams work great for dry skin and powders are the best option for oily ones.

Now that you find your preferred powder, your highlighter should be next on top of it. For liquids and creams, you can use your fingertips for application. For powder application, you can use a fluffy brush. But where should you put on your highlighters? There are areas that your highlighter should be placed. Highlighter can be applied under the tail of your brow, upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose, above Cupid’s bow and the tip of your chin. These are the areas that you can have for your highlighter.

Rule no. 4: Be cautious with sun damage

Summer skin that comes in tan is what we’re after. But it indicates damage because getting tanned means of long exposure under the sun. The UV light causes different forms of skin problems like brown spots, wrinkles and other skin problems.

When sunlight comes in contact with skin, it can give damage results that can cause inflammation, reactive oxidation and prevention of collagen stimulation. So, to have a tan skin that glows in the summertime, you have to give extra care to your skin. With enough age-fighting skincare products, you can undo any damage that may occur. It also protects further aging effects of UV.

Rule no. 5: Soothe the Damaged Skin

When skin is overexposed to the sun, it means that your sunscreen doesn’t work correctly. And not enough sunscreen let your skin exposed under the sun. To calm the damaged skin, cooling balms and gels can help you prevent peeling and reduce inflammation. It is essential because too much sunburn doubles the risk of skin problems like melanoma.

What can we Say

Your summer skin needs to glow despite long periods of sunlight exposure and spending more time outdoors. Aside from our five rules on caring summer skin, we just want to add more beauty tips.

To maintain your skin to look crystal clear, you should start to watch it hydrated and flawlessly radiant. No excuses should be made even summer days. Summer skin can be replenished by moisturizer while balancing the skin’s pH and natural oil secretion, keeping the excess oil at bay at the same time. Also, you can try some essential oils to improve skin tone and prevent dullness from revelling skin’s inner radiance.