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How to Clean Nails Beyond Perfection?Follow these amazing tips!


How to clean nails is one of the questions raised during the coronavirus pandemic. Most countries are following strict health guidelines of the World Health Organization, and its different ways and means are being applied to make sure cleanliness will be attained.


How to clean nails may be forgotten in some parts of the world because they focus on proper handwashing or using sanitizer. Obviously, when you wash your hands, you will need to make sure that your nails are clean.

Is it hard to clean our nails? The answer is no. But we need our nails to be clean. For many, cleanliness and color of your nails make an impression with people. No nail polish or nail art can be equaled on keeping your nails clean.

Nails need to be clean form grime and germs. If you want to go all-natural for your nails, prim and proper paws are what you need. Of course, the natural polish can add some twist to your clean nails.

Now, how to clean nails in ways that you can do without getting an appointment from nails spa and salon? There are straightforward yet effective ways on how to clean nails, and I am getting excited to tell you all of it!

Effective Ways on How to Clean Nails

Scrubbing the Nails

How-to-Clean-Nails-1247The first thing I tried the moment I want to clean my nails is scrubbing the dirt underneath my nails. A good quality nail brush can reach areas where grime and germs can build up. When cleaning your nails, you will need a well-lited room and a solution.

You can make your own solution, such as warm water and soap. If this is ready, then you can start scrubbing your nails underneath. Hold down the brush and start rubbing back and forth gently. Then you can move the brush to the front of your nails in a circular motion. Make sure you gently brush your nails. Otherwise, you will make your nails swollen. I did it once, and I make sure not to do it again.

Removing Leftover Polish

Nail polish comes in many forms. Like for instance, a regular polish, gel polish, or nail art polish. Some of these polishes cannot be removed by merely applying polish remover. But the real question is if you remove polish with polish remover, do you think there are no leftover on your nails, especially around it?

Of course, polish on your nails is not totally removed, even if you use polish remover. You will need to give your nails a break if you are applying regular polish. Give it at least a week rest after you remove the polish. Look for some nail treatment if you think your nails need to be strengthened.

Well, I got an idea since I stayed at home for a couple of months now. Undoubtedly my fingernails need some treatment. Not only from the polish but it needs for antibacterial therapy.

Soaking my nails in a bath of water and soap is not enough if I want to get out the stubborn nail under my fingernails. So I tried different solutions like a bowl of warm water with a tablespoon of bicarb soda. The baking soda will help the dirt under my nails without using any harmful chemicals. Make sure only your nails are soaked in the water of baking soda.

Rinsing and Drying

Soaking should only be maximized for 20 minutes. After that, wash your nails with hand soap and use a soft towel to dry it. If you have rest your nails for a week, then you can apply the polish you really want. Then a protective coat will do the trick to strengthen your nail polish.

Practical Tips to Clean and Whiten your Nails

I love my nails when I see it clean and whiten at the same time. There are many ways to achieve white nails and how to clean nails. However, who can do nails spa at this time of pandemic crisis? All spas are closed, so the only way to do is DIY or homemade nail-care routines that will surely give you the results you wanted. Just do not expect an outcome like a professional manicurist.


Mascara wand

Sorting my makeup and some stuff in my hairdresser, I came up with my old and expired makeup. And I found a mascara brush and think of many ways how to use it aside after a while.

Thinking of how small the mascara wand and where I can use it, I look at my nails, and suddenly I realize I can use it to clean my nails. Mascara wand become bristles after years of using it. And this is perfect for a manicure to stay flawless.

Using Gloves

Okay, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? So how about wearing gloves if you are going to clean some areas in your house. But before using the gloves, turn it inside out and dust them off so you can avoid the dirt underneath your nails.

The next question is how to clean nails and whiten at the same time?

Whitening your nails is possible, like you want your teeth to get white and remove the stain you get from the food you consume. This procedure to your nails is different from cleaning underneath your fingernails.

To whiten your nails as I did in mine, it will require a little bit of effort. Say, trials, and errors are part of DIY and homemade beauty routines. Then when it comes to nails, there are several routines to whiten nails naturally.

Lemon juice

How-to-Clean-Nails-124225Pure lemon juice can whiten your nails, especially areas underneath your fingernails. Soaking will do fine if you want your nails to whiten.

In a bowl, squeeze two lemons. Soak your fingertips for 10 minutes. Do not exceed 10 minutes because it can make your nails brittle. Afterward, rinse your fingertips with warm water. Dry it with a towel and apply nail cream.

Baking Soda

Yes, baking soda is popular with homemade beauty routines as powerful ingredients. Countless beauty remedies help you achieve the results you dream about. So why not try it underneath your nails?

What I did with baking soda has remarkable results. In a mixing bowl, dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda with warm water. But make sure you will have a paste-like mixture so you can apply it under your fingernails. Leave it for at least 5 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. Make sure no residue of baking soda underneath.


There is something in toothpaste that can whiten your nails. But careful, though. It can dry your hands and cuticles.

Leave a small amount of toothpaste under your nails and set it for 3 minutes. Then rinse water and apply moisturizer after drying it. Moisturizer or nail cream can help soften your hands and cuticles from the whitening substances you will be using.

Sharing My Thoughts

These are simple tips coming from me on how to clean nails. Well, of course, sharing is caring for ladies like me who wanted to have presentable nails to the public. Ladies, especially when it comes to professionals working at the office, need to have prim and proper nails, although no nail polish used. Sometimes natural is a better trend rather than using nail polish, which does not suit in their working environment.

Indeed, the practical ways that I have shared can make a big difference in how you treat your nails. I have done it several times, and I am getting used to it, especially now that pandemic is not yet over.

Applying Nail Polish, Know the Secret like an Expert

Applying Nail Polish

Applying Nail Polish, A smooth coat of paints on nails makes women feel graceful and attractive. It gets the appreciation that woman loves most. Applying nail polish is nothing but an art. So you have to wear nail polish properly.

Applying Nail Polish, Many women do not know how to apply nail polish correctly. That is why they use nail polish but do not get the result that they are expecting. Some simple ways can do the magic. By following these tricks, you will be able to apply nail polish like an expert.

Step 1 Applying Nail Polish 1

Firstly, you have to clean up your nails. Remove the old nail polish from your nails if you have any. You can use remover for it. After removing nail polish rewash your hand correctly. It is essential to file your nails to give them a good shape.

Step 2red nail polish finger

It is a common tendency for girls to shake nail polish bottle before applying. Do not do it. Shaking will create air bubbles in it. Instead of shaking the bottle, just roll the bottle back and forth between your hands. Don’t ignore this process.

Step 3Applying Nail Polish 3

If you are going to apply dark color, use one coat of transparent color before that. By doing this, you nail polish will last longer. Also, it will protect your nails from staining. Start applying the base coat from the cuticles. Dry them properly. Always work from the left to the right of your nails.

Step 4bare hand red nails

To clean up the colored edges easily you can use petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Now the fun time starts. Choose your favorite color nail polish. Dip the brush in the bottle and remove any excess polish from the brush by wiping the brush on the rim of the container. Wipe the other side of the brush on the opposite side of the edge gently.

Step 5coating nails red

Now, it’s time to apply the brush to your nails. Start from the cuticles. Drag the brush down in a straight line. Now move your brush from left to right for even coat. Repeat the process.

Step 6Applying Nail Polish 6

Allow your nails to dry. Now give it a second coat for a brighter color. To avoid smudging the first coat use more nail polish but lighter strokes. Use 3rd stroke only if you want full color. Other than 2 strokes is enough. Let it dry.

Step 7Applying Nail Polish 7

Now rub off the smudges of nail polish on the skin around your nails. Use remover and old makeup brush to do this.

Step 8Applying Nail Polish 8

It’s time for applying top coat. You can use quick drying top coat. There are lots of fast drying top coat available on the market. Choose the good one. Apply top coat over each nail using 3 strokes.  Make sure strokes are very light. Dry it. Your nail polish is ready.

Step 9five red nails

Though your nail polish is ready, your work is not finished yet. Use nail care oil after applying nail polish. It will moisturize your nails, and your nails will look good. Don’t wash your nails right after applying nail polish. Wait at least one hour for cleaning them.

It’s time to flaunt your nail polish. Look at it. Don’t you think it’s so perfect and so nice?  Apply nail polish whenever you want as you are an expert now.

Go Crazy with the New Nail Trend for this Fashion Season

Nail trend 01

Nail trend around the world is one fashion that won’t go out of styles. Did you know in ancient China people with 2-inch nails thought to be a part of a wealthy family as they were able to maintain long nails!

Nail trend is constant changing. Things have changed in today’s world, but one thing has not changed yet that is beautiful nails are still the reflection of personality. It doesn’t matter how you have dolled up and how beautiful you are looking if you have ugly nails. If you think that you will be okay without nail art, then you are far away from the new trend.

Undoubtedly, nail arts add an extra to your looks. Colored nails matching with your dress and accessories may show your artistic side. Besides, who doesn’t want to add something glamorous to enhance her beauty?

If you give a look at runways of The New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008 and UK Fashion Week also, you will get to see the full works of colors in nails from which you can choose your color and style to try.

If you’re bored of your classic, monotone nail color and want to try out something fun then celebrates the warmer seasons with 2008 nail colors trend. From the NYFW you will get to see neon animal prints, candy-hued hosiery, and Cheeto-orange accents.  Moodier tones like dark purples, murky blues, and deep reds were also there. From the UK Fashion Week, you will find colorful cuticles, hole in one, embellished nude, statement nail art, deep red, the universal nude, burgundy, and so on.

Best Pick Nail Trend to Fashion

Well, for this new fashion season I have got an ultimate guide on nail colors for what your hands have been waiting for. These will suit your every outfit. Here are some lovely and latest trends for you to try out.

Classic Red Nails

Nail trend Classic Red Nails 01

Red is an elegant color that will always have its place on the runways. It gives a bold look to your nails. Be the envy of others using classic red colors.

Nude Nails

Nail trend Nude Nails 01

Pale pink, a timeless and natural nail polish color that quickly becomes a trend every season, and you cannot avoid this color.

Deep Green

Deep Green Nail

Get attention and lots of compliments by painting your nails with graceful Deep green.

Holographic Nails

Holographic Nails

Holographic nails can be an excellent choice to make a splash. You will be overwhelmed by this unique and mesmerizing nail art.

Floral Nails

Floral Nails

If you want a classier version of nail arts, you must try floral nail arts. It is trendy, vibrant and of course eye-soothing.

Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails

For a perfect glamorous look, try out glitter nails and make everyone jealous of it.

Natural Striped Nails

Natural Striped Nails

This nail art is so vibrant and young that you can pull it off casually. It will go well with your everyday outfits.



Burgundy is, of course, an elegant, trendy and glamorous. Outshine everyone with Burgundy.

White and Orange Flame

White and Orange Flame

You can get your perfect summer look by using this nail art. Combination of white and orange is so fresh and colorful that you can use it with your everyday dresses.

In our opinion?

Adding these nail arts will enhance a little more fun. For this new fashion season, I hope you are ready to go wild with these stunning nail arts.

Manicure Brilliant Process that You can Do at Home

Home Manicure

Manicure DIY will not be wrong to say that beautiful nail is as vital as beautiful skin. People do notice nails. How much you dolled up that does not matter if you have ugly, uneven and unclean nails. No one will appreciate these nails.

Manicure shows personality. A girl with clean and beautiful nails is always considered to be healthy, and beauty concern. Unfortunately, nails are always ignored than face and skin. For many girls, it is not so important to take care of nails as they think nobody will notice nails. They are wrong of course. Beautiful nails are an essential part of beauty.

Many girls do know the value of having beautiful nails but do not know how to make them beautiful. Manicure is essential for beautiful nails. It can give your nails an elegant look. In today’s world, it is challenging to manage time to go to parlor for a manicure.  Also, it is costly. So, for many of us going to the salon for a manicure is an expensive habit.

Easy Steps DIY

That means we don’t need beautiful nails? Of course, we need beautiful nails, and we will get it through at home manicure. You can do at home manicure and get parlor like the result if you follow some procedure. Let’s go through these steps.

Step 1

Home Manicure 1

At first, you have to give your nails a shape according to your choice. Do not soak your nails before filing. Soaking makes your nails soft so they can easily break.

Step 2

Home Manicure 2

Remove old nail polish. Use remover to do this process. Wash your hands afterward.

Step 3

Home Manicure 3

Now it is time to prepare manicure water. Take a bowl of warm water. Add shampoo or liquid soap. Baby shampoo will be best in this case as it is chemical free. Add few drops of lemon juice and olive oil in it. It will make your nails stronger. If possible mix almond oil in it. Mixing almond oil will make your skin soft, and it will be easier for you to work on surfaces around the nails. Soak your hands in this mixture for 10 minutes. You also can add lemon juice and honey in warm water to soak your hands and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 4


After soaking your hands, now it’s time to remove cuticles. Soaking up will make your cuticles soft so it will be easier to remove them now. Take a cuticle stick and push back your cuticles with it. Be gentle. Avoid cutting cuticles as they protect your nails from bacteria.

Step 5


Now you have to exfoliate your hands and wrists. Use hand scrub to remove dead skin. Also, clean under nails by using a nail brush. Wash hand afterward.

Step 6


Now you have to moisturize your skin. Make a homemade moisturizer as the chemical is not always right to use. Take 1 tablespoon of beeswax and mix it with 1 tablespoon of cocoa oil. Heat this mixture until it melts. Add 30 drops of almond oil and 10 drops of essential oil in this mixture. Let it cool. Now you can use this moisturizer on your hands and nails. Wear gloves and leave it for 25 minutes.

By following these simple steps, you are done with your at home manicure. You can apply nail polish to give a complete look to your nails.