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How to Clean Nails Beyond Perfection?Follow these amazing tips!


How to clean nails is one of the questions raised during the coronavirus pandemic. Most countries are following strict health guidelines of the World Health Organization, and its different ways and means are being applied to make sure cleanliness will be attained.


How to clean nails may be forgotten in some parts of the world because they focus on proper handwashing or using sanitizer. Obviously, when you wash your hands, you will need to make sure that your nails are clean.

Is it hard to clean our nails? The answer is no. But we need our nails to be clean. For many, cleanliness and color of your nails make an impression with people. No nail polish or nail art can be equaled on keeping your nails clean.

Nails need to be clean form grime and germs. If you want to go all-natural for your nails, prim and proper paws are what you need. Of course, the natural polish can add some twist to your clean nails.

Now, how to clean nails in ways that you can do without getting an appointment from nails spa and salon? There are straightforward yet effective ways on how to clean nails, and I am getting excited to tell you all of it!

Effective Ways on How to Clean Nails

Scrubbing the Nails

How-to-Clean-Nails-1247The first thing I tried the moment I want to clean my nails is scrubbing the dirt underneath my nails. A good quality nail brush can reach areas where grime and germs can build up. When cleaning your nails, you will need a well-lited room and a solution.

You can make your own solution, such as warm water and soap. If this is ready, then you can start scrubbing your nails underneath. Hold down the brush and start rubbing back and forth gently. Then you can move the brush to the front of your nails in a circular motion. Make sure you gently brush your nails. Otherwise, you will make your nails swollen. I did it once, and I make sure not to do it again.

Removing Leftover Polish

Nail polish comes in many forms. Like for instance, a regular polish, gel polish, or nail art polish. Some of these polishes cannot be removed by merely applying polish remover. But the real question is if you remove polish with polish remover, do you think there are no leftover on your nails, especially around it?

Of course, polish on your nails is not totally removed, even if you use polish remover. You will need to give your nails a break if you are applying regular polish. Give it at least a week rest after you remove the polish. Look for some nail treatment if you think your nails need to be strengthened.

Well, I got an idea since I stayed at home for a couple of months now. Undoubtedly my fingernails need some treatment. Not only from the polish but it needs for antibacterial therapy.

Soaking my nails in a bath of water and soap is not enough if I want to get out the stubborn nail under my fingernails. So I tried different solutions like a bowl of warm water with a tablespoon of bicarb soda. The baking soda will help the dirt under my nails without using any harmful chemicals. Make sure only your nails are soaked in the water of baking soda.

Rinsing and Drying

Soaking should only be maximized for 20 minutes. After that, wash your nails with hand soap and use a soft towel to dry it. If you have rest your nails for a week, then you can apply the polish you really want. Then a protective coat will do the trick to strengthen your nail polish.

Practical Tips to Clean and Whiten your Nails

I love my nails when I see it clean and whiten at the same time. There are many ways to achieve white nails and how to clean nails. However, who can do nails spa at this time of pandemic crisis? All spas are closed, so the only way to do is DIY or homemade nail-care routines that will surely give you the results you wanted. Just do not expect an outcome like a professional manicurist.


Mascara wand

Sorting my makeup and some stuff in my hairdresser, I came up with my old and expired makeup. And I found a mascara brush and think of many ways how to use it aside after a while.

Thinking of how small the mascara wand and where I can use it, I look at my nails, and suddenly I realize I can use it to clean my nails. Mascara wand become bristles after years of using it. And this is perfect for a manicure to stay flawless.

Using Gloves

Okay, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? So how about wearing gloves if you are going to clean some areas in your house. But before using the gloves, turn it inside out and dust them off so you can avoid the dirt underneath your nails.

The next question is how to clean nails and whiten at the same time?

Whitening your nails is possible, like you want your teeth to get white and remove the stain you get from the food you consume. This procedure to your nails is different from cleaning underneath your fingernails.

To whiten your nails as I did in mine, it will require a little bit of effort. Say, trials, and errors are part of DIY and homemade beauty routines. Then when it comes to nails, there are several routines to whiten nails naturally.

Lemon juice

How-to-Clean-Nails-124225Pure lemon juice can whiten your nails, especially areas underneath your fingernails. Soaking will do fine if you want your nails to whiten.

In a bowl, squeeze two lemons. Soak your fingertips for 10 minutes. Do not exceed 10 minutes because it can make your nails brittle. Afterward, rinse your fingertips with warm water. Dry it with a towel and apply nail cream.

Baking Soda

Yes, baking soda is popular with homemade beauty routines as powerful ingredients. Countless beauty remedies help you achieve the results you dream about. So why not try it underneath your nails?

What I did with baking soda has remarkable results. In a mixing bowl, dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda with warm water. But make sure you will have a paste-like mixture so you can apply it under your fingernails. Leave it for at least 5 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. Make sure no residue of baking soda underneath.


There is something in toothpaste that can whiten your nails. But careful, though. It can dry your hands and cuticles.

Leave a small amount of toothpaste under your nails and set it for 3 minutes. Then rinse water and apply moisturizer after drying it. Moisturizer or nail cream can help soften your hands and cuticles from the whitening substances you will be using.

Sharing My Thoughts

These are simple tips coming from me on how to clean nails. Well, of course, sharing is caring for ladies like me who wanted to have presentable nails to the public. Ladies, especially when it comes to professionals working at the office, need to have prim and proper nails, although no nail polish used. Sometimes natural is a better trend rather than using nail polish, which does not suit in their working environment.

Indeed, the practical ways that I have shared can make a big difference in how you treat your nails. I have done it several times, and I am getting used to it, especially now that pandemic is not yet over.

Sanitizer vs. Hand Washing? Which is better against corona virus?


Sanitizer vs. hand washing – what will be your choice if you want your family to be safe from viruses and bacteria? At this time, there have been different studies proving which is better to practice using hand sanitizer vs. hand washing?

Sanitizer vs. hand washing, nevertheless, can keep you away from deadly viruses and bacteria. There are different ways, so you should not be worried if you think you should avoid either hand sanitizer vs. hand washing?

Okay, so let us make it simple to avoid confusion.

Perhaps, you are aware of what hand sanitizer is and how to wash your hands properly. To put it into context, hand sanitizer is one of the most accessible to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria.

How to make sure you are using hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol?

Of course, you should look at the label. Find the alcohol content of a sanitizer which can kill and protect you from germs, virus, and bacteria. And I am sure that your family’s health is protected all the time.

Sanitizer-vs-Hand-Washing-002At home, it is not an excuse to avoid using hand sanitizer. My youngest child, Emily, loves to play and explore in our garden. She always touches the plants and dirt. Well, most children love to do this.

I cannot stop her, and every time I try, she will start to cry. My dilemma when she is playing in the yard or with her toys inside the house is the germs, bacteria, or virus she can get.

So keeping her away from her toys is not an option! So I looked for some other options, and I found out about using hand sanitizer. Well, for me, hand washing is the best option each mother can have.

Using hand sanitizer vs. hand washing is a big deal for me, and I think it is the real deal for everyone. Looking into it, hand sanitizer can help protect my Emily whenever she is done playing. Just a rub of sanitizer into her hands can keep away germs, viruses, and bacteria transferred to her skin.

But safety in my family is the priority at home, especially now that coronavirus has been the new invisible enemy of everyone. So hand sanitizer vs. hand washing is a debate not only at home but rather in every establishment to observe cleanliness.

How does a hand sanitizer vs. handwashing work?

When Emily and I go outside, hand washing may seem to be challenging to do. So hand sanitizer became our salvation to eliminate viruses and germs. Hand sanitizer with alcohol works immediately and effectively when soap and water are not available for cleaning the hands. Alcohol in hand sanitizers will not make your skin dry. The hand sanitizers that I have been using contain moisturizers. And I assure you that I only use an ample amount of hand sanitizers to keep away the germs and viruses.

So to make sure that Emily’s hands are clean using hand sanitizers, I rub hand sanitizers over her hands, including nail beds. Then I gave it 15 seconds to evaporate.

Other than convenience, hand sanitizers are easy to use and consume less time when applying. In several studies, the spread of gastrointestinal and respiratory infection decreases.

But there are times when hand sanitizer is not enough to get rid of germs and viruses. Some bacteria cannot get free of using hand sanitizers. For instance, after using the toilet and changing diapers, hand washing is more important than using hand sanitizer.

There are many diseases and conditions that are spread because of not hand washing and only rely on hand sanitizers.

Benefits of Hand Washing

Without realizing, everyone, including your family, touches your face frequently. So hand sanitizer vs. hand washing, you might prefer to do hand washing.

Unwashed hands can be a suitable medium for germs to transfer from your dirty hands to your foods. No one likes to be sick under certain conditions like diarrhea, respiratory infections, skin, and eye infections. Usually, handrails, doorknobs, and even children’s toys are carriers of germs.

How to do handwashing properly?

Sanitizer-vs-Hand-Washing-003Before the coronavirus pandemic, hand washing is not a big deal. But here we are, hand washing is better than any hand sanitizer. At this challenging time, hand sanitizer is only our second option to get rid of viruses. Why?

Well, the virus cannot get rid of hand sanitizer completely. So now, it is essential to know how to wash your hands properly.

According to my daughter’s pediatrician, teaching Emily how to wash her hands reduces various diseases in incredible percentages.

When it comes to diarrhea, washing hands can reduce the risk of getting it about 40%. Otherwise, you can increase diarrhea by up to 50%.

When you have colds or other respiratory illnesses, well, at least you should check if you are hand washing properly by 21%.

For children, you can expect about a 60% decrease in gastrointestinal illness. Believe it or not, children are the most vulnerable when it comes to improper hand washing.

Step-by-step Hand Washing


Now, as you can see that you need proper hand washing, you may need to do the following. I taught this to everyone in my family, and since personal hygiene is essential, you should know this as well.

Step 1: Wet your both hands together with clean and running water. You can use warm or cold water but never use too hot for your children’s hands.

Step 2: Make sure you use soap and lather up not less than 30 seconds. Antibacterial soap is more advisable than other fragrant soap. Back of your hands and under your nails are places where germs and viruses used to hang out.

Step 3: If you got steps 1 & 2, you could already rinse and dry it with a clean towel. You can also air-dry your hands if you are using a public toilet.

Sharing My Thoughts

Hand sanitizer vs. hand washing can be different in many ways. I have experienced using hand sanitizer, but it is somehow unsafe if you depend on it too often. So to be safer, you should also consider washing your hands, especially before eating and cooking. Unwashed hands can spread germs and viruses with the foods you are cooking and consuming. Another important thing you should consider washing your hands rather than using hand sanitizer is after using the bathroom and cleaning the house. It will be safer for your health and family member’s welfare if you are practicing proper handwashing. If you have pets at home, it is not 100% secure to touch them then not washing your hands.

Practically speaking, you can still use hand sanitizers just in case you want a temporary remedy and an easy way to clean dirty hands. But most importantly, hand washing is way better than hand sanitizer.

Staying at Home – The Beauty and Health Benefits of Staying Indoors


Staying at home offers many opportunities for people who seek beauty benefits, and they can be addictive. Imagine you are not going to be exposed so you can do all your DIY or explore homemade products. Just make sure you are not getting yourself injured or do anything that may lead to an irreversible outcome.

Staying at home has many side effects – emotional and mental distress. But what you must do during this time of social distancing is enjoy life and have a little time for yourself. In other words, let yourself experience self-love and care.

Staying-at-Home- thumdg 01

Before social distancing, most of us tend to address our beauty problems and maintain our beauty routines in a salon and day spa with professional beauty artists. I was not exceptional; I, too, am guilty of relying on beauty experts and let them handle skincare routines and hairstyling for me.

Since we are staying at home for our safety and as well as others due to COVID 19, thankfully, I sought advice to my friend, who is a fan of homemade beauty products and DIY. I told her about my main problem, which is dryness. Irritations come next after the drought. I started feeling a little dry in my hands and nails. Then I observed dryness in my face. Staying at home is not as easy as it may seem, especially when you cannot go to your favorite salon and spa treatment.

So, my friend told me that my beauty problem is not a matter of life and death. Meaning, there are home remedies that I can do to prevent irritations due to dryness.

At first, I was hesitant to try DIY beauty remedies. But I cannot let these problems be a hindrance to my beauty routine. So I tried and experimented with a few homemade beauty remedies while staying at home is the most important.

Staying at Home DIY Benefits

Staying at home can be difficult when you are not used to doing it. So one way to enjoy staying at home and have benefited out of it, I tried the following DIY beauty remedies:

Hand Moisturizers

The most obvious problem I have while staying at home is dry hands, which cause my hands to be irritating.

When you want your hands to be clean and moisturized at the same time, you can use a mixture of olive and avocado oil. This homemade cream should cover your hands at night and put some gloves or wrap your hands with towels so you can get the best results.

Avocado Face Masks


I am surprised that a face mask can be done at home. Just using avocado and honey, you can make a face mask. This type of face mask can nourish and moisturize your hair. Mixing avocado and a teaspoon of honey can give you radiant facial skin. Then in my next application after a week, I added a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Why? Because I want to have an extra glow to my skin.

Loving My Nails

Of course, who would deny making your nails look polished all the time? Do not be selfish with self-care while staying at home. At first, you will not see the difference between your nails without a manicure. So this is a fair warning to you ladies. You should really give time to your nails if you do not want to have nails like a crap.

So here is what I did to my nails while staying at home.

  1. The first thing I do is make sure that I wash my hands properly, and no hand cream applied. Why? Because it will be hard for you to continue doing manicures. Then I see to it that I remove old polish. I am used to polishing my nails.
  2. I am then checking my nails if it is too long. If it is too long, I make sure to clip or cut it according to the shape that I wanted. For instance, if I want it to be oblong or square, I just need a filing tool to perfect the form.
  3. If my nails are well cut and shaped, I started to apply a thin layer of clear base coat. It will keep the first layer of nail polish to be absorbed.
  4. When I applied nail polish, I saw that there were no unpainted gaps between the sides of my nails and skin.
  5. But I am not done yet! After the first coat, I am ready to apply the second coat. I just follow the shape of the previous first coat. Make sure you move fast, and you do everything right.
  6. Now, for the final touch, I will apply a clear coat to maintain the beauty and style of nail polish—no worries about the polish to my skin. Just make sure you have a remover soaked into nail polish remover to remove excess polish besides the base of your nail.

Use SPF cream.

Staying at home does not mean that you are protected from UVA and UVB. Sunlight does not only have harmful and damaging effects on your skin. Take note of the light coming from your mobile phones and computers. Did you know that lights coming from your gadgets may harm your skin? Well, I admit before knowing this, I have no intention of using SPF cream to my face. But when I found out about this, I became cautious of putting in some SPF cream. I highly recommend such cream with sunscreen that can protect your skin. It is also better to use an SPF cream that can go along over your makeup.

Tame those eyebrows.


An obvious problem of each lady is maintaining those eyebrows. Well, for me, it is not a big deal because my eyebrows are well maintained. Since I started to go to the salon, I decided to retain the shape and thickness of my brows. You do not want to experience getting out of hand those eyebrows of yours.

So how will you do it on your own since staying at home can give you fuzzy eyebrows? First, you need to brush it up using a brow brush. If you see some strays from below your brow line and between brows, those hairs need to be plucked. Be patient when doing this and do not attempt to experiment for shape. Just focus on how you will clean the messy hairs below your brows. Well, you have all the time since staying at home is the new normal thing now.

Aside from eyebrows, you will start to notice unwanted facial hair. In my case, when I began seeing unwanted hair, I used a particular type of razor to remove fine hairs instead. Well, I do not expect it like a professional service of hair removal. But at least I tried beauty tips to bring beauty in me.

Frizzy hair no more


Do not expect that you will have gorgeous hair when you stay at home. At first, I ignored my hair. I did not bother myself to check the colors and texture of my hair. So when I noticed it and I was shocked by the results. My hair is not the same as before.

I started to think of some remedies to treat damages and to maintain the color of my hair. Aside from not shampooing most of the time, I began to use a dry shampoo. A good brand of dry shampoo can help you extend your time between washes.

But still, my hair is kind of kinky, and it looks unhealthy since staying at home prevents me from going to the hair salon and spa. So to make sure that no more frizzy hair, I used some hair serum to restore and add moisture overnight.

I understand that staying at home will make you feel bored. When I get bored, I look into some hairstyles online and how to do it. But I did not cut my hair, though. I just look into some hair accessories. I tried wearing headbands, hair clips, and checking on hair color, imagining what hair color will suit my skin tone and type of hair.

Sharing My Thoughts on Staying at Home

Staying at home does not excuse you for physical fitness, exercise, and workout. Aside from beauty tips, you should make time on how to train your body muscles.

In my case, I engage myself with exercises. Remember that body movement are essential to maintain proper blood flow in your body. Getting adequate sleep before midnight is one of the beauty secrets that you should not ditch out.

Saffron Benefits for Skin that Works Excellent and Beyond Expectations


Saffron benefits for skin are one unique benefit of using this most famous spice around the world. Though it is expensive, saffron has been the choice of many when it comes to cooking and preparing simple dishes. So, why, saffron?

Saffron benefits for skin have been a buzz because of its nutrients and innumerable benefits to our health. It is considered suitable for the skin because it can cure skin problems like acne, discoloration, blemishes, and scars. How can you achieve flawlessly and even skin?

Way back in ancient times, saffron has been the common ingredient to enhance beauty. There are different effects on how saffron benefits for the skin.


Highlighting Saffron Benefits for Skin

Relief from Skin Burns and Rashes

Saffron has anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from sunburn, rashes, redness, or irritation. It also has features that can lighten and whiten skin tone. Aside from mixing a few strands of saffron with your drinks, you can also add in a glass of milk and apply it on your face and neck. You can do this daily to get better complexion.

Saffron Mask with Anti-fungal, Exfoliation and Enhanced Skin Texture

Saffron-Benefits-for-Skin-002By doing this, it can also reduce acne and blemishes because of the anti-fungal properties. How can you do this? You can make a paste with basil leaves and a few strands of saffron. Crush the basil and saffron together and apply to your face, leaving it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with fresh water. You can see the difference and improvement right away.

Because saffron benefits for skin include exfoliation, it clears skin by removing dark circles and improving blood circulation giving your skin a glowing look. Who would refuse a naturally glowing skin? If you want this result, you can soak a few strands of saffron overnight in a teaspoon of water. Then add a pinch of salt and a few drops of olive or coconut oil. Apply it to your skin the next day and allow the mask to dry for 15 minutes before washing it off. You will see the difference in your skin using a saffron mask.

Aside from those, saffron benefits skin improves skin texture and makes it softer and smoother. The surface of the skin can be enhanced by using different skin masks. To make a mixture using a saffron face pack, you can add a few strands of saffron into a half cup of boiling water and four teaspoons of powdered milk. Mix these ingredients until the mixture reaches a thick paste and apply it on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Then you can wash it off.

The additional saffron benefits for skin are hydration, so it is vital to consider saffron as one of your beauty product ingredients. Believe it or not, moisturizing creams have saffron in it. Mixing with lemon juice, a few strands of saffron can cleanse and hydrate your skin so you will look fresh and glowing.

Some Known Health Benefits of Saffron

Aside from skin benefits, there are some medicinal benefits of using saffron. Of course, it is widely known as one of the expensive spices, but using it will give you promising results. Some research suggests that using saffron can cause sweating, prevent bloating, and helps menstruation flow.

Keeping Cancer at Bay

While saffron can be used with your skin, it contains different antioxidants that can inhibit human malignant cells. It means that saffron can address cancer cells, causing leukemia, ovarian cancer, and soft tissue sarcoma. The characteristics of saffron contain a dark orange or golden color and crocin, a water-soluble carotene. Crocin is the property in saffron that can stimulate the formation of lymphocytes, which helps destroy cancer cells.

Improves Brain Function

In a recent study about saffron benefits for skin, it also discovered that saffron promotes learning and memory retention. The study demonstrated that saffron extract, the crocin, has a significant participation in treating age-related mental impairment. In Asian countries, saffron is famous for treating Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, and inflammation of the brain nerves. Well, this is one of the best reasons why sticking to using saffron is essential.

Stimulate Hormones for Delayed Puberty

Women, who are commonly suffering delayed puberty and hormonal imbalance can be addressed by drinking milk with saffron. It is a simple method to bring the desired effect and also help underdeveloped girls during puberty.

Saffron works the same when you have low libido. It aids sexual stimulants and can be consumed in a dose of a pinch in a glass of milk during bedtime—one way to bring back the lost desire between couples.

Hair Growth

Saffron-Benefits-for-Skin-001Part of aging is losing some hair, so mixing saffron with milk or licorice can help increase hair growth. Apply the liquid to the bald area, and over time you will see the result.

Increase Immune System

While it has many benefits, saffron also gives your body additional health benefits in treating cold and fever. The mixture of saffron and milk, then apply over the head, can help you recover from colds.

Saffron as Food Replacements

When doubting with some herbs and spices, saffron can do a lot about it. What is the advantage of using saffron is its hypoallergenic properties? Now we have different ways on how to enjoy saffron. Eating it can have saffron benefits for the skin.

When it comes to marinating fish, you can use a few strands of saffron with garlic and thyme plus vinegar.

For baking of cakes, pastries, and cookies, you can add saffron to add golden hue and rich aroma.

For your favorite drinks, you can add saffron in a glass of champagne or sparkling wine and be amazed by turning it into a golden elixir. Also, you can add a few strands with coffee and milk. It will give a soothing and heart-healthy drink.

Our Insights

Indeed, saffron benefits for skin are amazing, and you can see the difference after a few days of using it. But there are always precautions in every food that we eat and the products that we use. For saffron, it is not recommended during pregnancy and nursing.

Blow Dry Hair Techniques for All Hair Types and Length


Blow dry hair is an essential part of an after-bath routine. But you should know the percentage of wetness before you start and stop blow-drying your hair. There are ways to do it, and you will be surprised that you can do it even at home!

Blow dry hair at home is more convenient rather than going into a salon. It is not difficult, though, that you can blow dry hair right after taking a shower. Now the question is how you can do it without the hassle and finish it as a professional hairstylist.

Are you ready to get your hair down with your blow dry hair at home? Here are simple steps on how to do it.


Simple Steps on How to Blow Dry Hair


Like when you do makeup, preparation is essential. Before blow-drying your hair, make sure that it is about 85% dry. Never start blow dry hair right after you shower. Then apply some oil, coconut, or argan to your scalp area.

It should be a small amount, so your hair will not get greasy. Now, get your hairbrush, preferably a wide-toothed comb that works the same way. It also acts gently on your scalp and to your hair when brushing. It will avoid breakage and split ends.

Using the Hairdryer

Blow-Dry-Hair-Techniques-03Make sure that you have the right tools. Blow Dryer is not the only tool you should be concerned about. Make sure that you have the right nozzle to get the direction of your hair when drying. Also, set for the correct temperature of your hairdryer before touching your hair. Bigger brushes can be useful as well when you blow-dry the hair. It will give you a perfect finish and movement of your hair.

Now that your hair is prepared for blow-drying, you should start parting in a simple section. Your hair got to be parted in sections, especially when you have thick hair. First, you should start by creating horizontal parting along the back portion of your hair. Then begin drying the bottom layers. Make sure you start at this part of your hair to ensure that your hair is drying thoroughly.

Make sure that you start a small section and layer on the top end of the brush to continually follow the brush with the nozzle of the dryer facing in the direction of the brush. Then pull down to the end of the hair. When you have curly hair, do not try to use a brush. Instead, dry it by scrunching and holding your hair under the heat. Then you can apply a styling serum to cool, setting a super smooth look.

Create the Volume

Perfect blow dry hair should create the volume. After blow-drying, you can use rollers. For thicker hair, the trick is to separate individual sections and place the roller at the roots underneath your hair. Then pull the roller along with the hair and roll it back under itself when it reached the ends. After you secure the rollers, you will need to have a final spray and warm gently using a low setting with your hairdryer. It will make the perfect volume and set the curls you wanted.

The Finish Touch

After setting the volume and curls, the final step is the finishing touch and makes it look fabulous. Use some hair spray to set the curls and volume around your shoulders, forming a shape to frame your face. Then you are good to go.

Tips on Getting the Perfect Hair Drying

After the simple steps of blow dry hair at home, you can have these tips that can make the perfect hair drying.

Hair Mask

Blow-Dry-Hair-Techniques-02To get better results, treat your hair with a nourishing mask. Blow dry hair can damage your hair. You can see that there will be more tangles and will result in split ends. So applying a hair mask can reduce and make your hair look shiny and healthy. A macadamia hair mask is the most effective hair product if you want to have the best result. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse, and you will see the improvement with your hair.


Heat Protectant for Hair

Before you blow dry hair, make sure you apply a heat protector for your hair. There are several styling sprays with heat resistance. It is a must since you will be using a high heat blow dryer for your hair.

Thickening Spray

Thin hair? No problem, but use a thickening spray. However, you can also add some hair extensions for a gorgeous look. The thickening spray can apply after you blow-dry the hair. You can have big bouncy hair afterward.

Lifting your Hair Roots

Flatten hair roots are not a good look for women when you style your hair, especially when you get thin hair. Lifting your hair roots can be achieved when you blow dry hair. How? Make sure your hairbrush will be closed to the roots as possible, following the hairdryer. Then pull the hair upwards. It is a trick, so make sure you use small sections and dry every part from the roots to the ends.

It is a great technique to lift your hair roots for additional volume, so you will not have a hard time lifting the roots. You can do it basically from the start – volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Nourishing shampoo can weigh your hair down, but a volumizing one can keep your hair feel light and create no barriers to other products you will use when you blow dry hair at home.

Lotion for Blow Dry Hair

Daily blow-drying your hair is not healthy for your hair. And we can give you an option with that. You can use lotion to make your blow dry hair last for a few days. Even after you wet your hair, you can still have the blow-dry effect.

Cut the Frizzy Hair

pillowcase silk01If you want to get rid of your frizzy hair, you can change your pillowcase into a silk one. Cotton fabric is the right choice, but a silk fabric can lessen the curly effect to your hair.

Say No to Strong Hold Hairspray

The hairspray you can use after you blow-dry hair should be mild hold only. You can be satisfied with just mild hold hairspray by using shampoo and conditioner that can make your hair instantly soft and brush straight out.

Our Insights

When you blow dry hair at home, you can use different tools and techniques. Choose the shampoo and conditioner that fits the type of your hair. Blow drying of your hair daily is not advisable, yet you can do it given that you use lotion and heat protectants to your hair. Taking of your hair before any styles started at home where you can freely do whatever to your hair so better pay attention to it.

Sleeping with Wet Hair is Not an Old Wives’ Tales: Real Facts!


Sleeping with wet hair is one of the old wives’ tales that most of us are still believing. But we should not fall into that trap? Instead, let us look for the facts!

Sleeping with wet hair has little evidence that it causes illnesses. But the real facts are it can damage your hair. There are different reasons why you should stop sleeping with wet hair. If this is one of your old habits, this is the time to stop it.

Real Facts of Sleeping with Wet Hair

Face the truth that you cannot sleep with your wet hair. Why? There are many valid reasons which can give you the gorgeous hair you are dreaming about.

Severe hair breakage, not a headache, though.

Sleeping-with-Wet-Hair-01When you sleep with wet hair, do not be surprised if you will see some breakage to your hair.

Science proves that: Your hair is at its weakest when wet, so you will need to be extra careful. So sleeping with wet hair increases the chance of breakage by making friction while you toss and turn. The conflict will cause your hair to snap more quickly than if your hair was dry.

It can make you feel colder, not the AC.

Maybe you are wondering why you feel colder when you are in an air-conditioned room while sleeping with wet hair? Do not be afraid; you are not getting sick.

Science proves that: The wet hair makes your body temperature lower, making your body shivers. So, after getting a bath before going to sleep, do not forget to use a hairdryer to make you feel a little bit warm.

Spend more time at the salon for treatment

Sleeping-with-Wet-Hair-02Do not expect that your stylist can get your hair fixed after sleeping with it while wet. They can use alternative ways to stop the breakage and give you the bouncy and shiny look.

Science explains that: As your hair dries while sleeping with it, you can make your hair twisted in all sorts of directions. Then when you wake up, you will be shocked by your hairstyle.

Increase bacteria growth in your pillows and bedsheets.

Wondering why your pillow and bedsheets have some smell like it was laundry and did not fully dry afterward? It is because you tend to sleep with your wet hair.

Science explains that: When you lie down with your wet hair, you will be growing plenty of bacteria on your pillow. The warmth from your head will make it the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. There is no solution with this, but to make sure your hair is dry before you sleep.

Sleeping with wet hair causes scalp problems.

Sleeping-with-Wet-Hair-03Aside from hair tangle and breakage, sleeping with wet hair can cause other hair problems. The warmth of your head and the prolonged dampness can cause your scalp to develop bacteria while sleeping with damp hair.

Science says that: When you sleep while your hair is wet, your pillow can easily absorb the excess moisture from your hair. Hence, the combination of bacteria and loss of natural oils will make your scalp more likely to develop dandruff.

Also, this can cause hair loss because of scalp ringworm. Scalp ringworm is a type of fungal infection that is caused by warm and damp conditions of your scalp. So you should not hesitate to check your anything that has come into contact with your scalp.

Not enough drying of hair can cause dehydration of your hair.

If sleeping with wet hair is one of your habits, then you should stop doing it. One of the reasons is related to the hydration state of your hair. Remember that dehydration is about hair breakage.

Science says that: When water from your hair is absorbed into your pillow’s fabric, then natural oils are taken too. It is the cause of why your hair looks duller and dehydrated.

Our Insights

When sleeping with wet hair, different problems may occur. Aside from scalp problems and getting ill, you can get acne. Bacteria can cause acne in your pillow, which can get to your skin.

Now you know the things that are caused by sleeping with wet hair, you should take some remedies if you cannot avoid it. One rule you should follow is to keep your damp hair from dampening to your pillow. For instance, you can wash your hair a few hours before you go to bed and make sure you dry it thoroughly. You can also opt to use a silk pillowcase to reduce friction and prevent breakage. Also, you can skip using a regular towel if you want to lessen the damage to your hair. Instead, you can use your t-shirt. Then you can apply conditioner to your hair, but make sure you can leave it so it can protect your hair for tangles and breakage.

If you are a fan of using hair extension, make sure you remove it before sleeping with it. It will cause breakage to your hair and get matted. But if you cannot avoid sleeping with wet hair, you can consider putting a waterproof pillow cover so you can prevent your pillowcase from getting wet.

Skincare Mistakes that You are Guilty of Doing Must Stop Now


Skincare mistakes are common for those who took for granted the damage it can cause to the skin. How can we tell if you are making common mistakes to your skins? Here are some of the errors that you are doing unintentionally.

Skincare mistakes can be avoided, so you need not worry if you are guilty of doing one of these. Of course, we do not want any harm to our skin, and all we want is the best. So how can you achieve it?

Taking care of our complexions is one of the essential beauty routines that we need to maintain. But what happens if the damage to our skin already has been done?

As everyone says, prevention is better than cure. So better to understand how we can stop skincare mistakes and focus on beauty routines that can nourish and make our skin glow.

Naturally, skin can be radial and flawless if you have enough vitamins, and exposure to sunlight is essential. The best time to have your skin exposed to the sun is every morning. According to a study, morning sunlight can give your skin the natural glow and brightness.

During winter, there are skincare routines that you can do, but it is still best to know the skincare mistakes. Cold weather can affect your skin. Likewise, when the summer season appeared, some skincare mistakes cannot be avoided. So it is essential to know some of these mistakes.

How can you prevent skin care mistakes?

Never leave your skincare after cleansing.

Skincare-Mistakes-apply-moisturizer-or-lotionA minute is the longest time you can leave your skin bare after cleansing, which includes taking a bath. Why? After cleansing or taking a shower, your skin tends to become dehydrated as the air sucks the moisture out of the skin.

What to do? You will need to apply moisturizer or lotion right after cleansing or taking a bath. It will keep the air in your skin. Also, you can use toner to your skin for additional protection and leave your skin tight and dry.

You are using products that are incompatible with your skin type.

Are you wondering why some skincare products have no results? Do not blame the products. Instead, look in the labels and make sure that it is suitable for your skin type.

What to do? Find out what skin type you are. If you see that product labels as “all skin types,” then you are safe. Now, if you have dry skin, do not use skin products that can make your skin drier. Instead, look for a product with a moisturizer. But if you have oily skin, disregard the products with high moisture content. Look for products that can offer remedies for oily skin. A combination of skin type also has specific products that can make your skin look more radial and flawless. Make sure to read labels so you can prevent skincare mistakes.

Blemishes treatment

Skincare-Mistakes-BlemishesYes, we have blemishes, and you can treat it the right way. Otherwise, you are making it worse. Flaws appeared for different reasons, so one way to stop it is knowing the right way to treat it.

What to do? When you have pimples, you should stop picking it and thoroughly look where you can put some treatment. The treatment should be the right one to treat the breakouts. Otherwise, it can infect or worsen your pimples. The proper treatment can also prevent the recurrence of whiteheads, which can occur on your nose, chin, and jaw areas. It is crucial because, over time, you will have flawless skin.

Too much exfoliation

When skincare products are burning or stinging – you should stop using it right away! It is a myth that many depend on their choice of product. Just to look younger and get smoother, no one is skipping the use of exfoliating products. But how can you ensure that it can give your desire smoothness and younger-looking skin?

What to do? Make sure you know when and how many times you should exfoliate depending on the products you will be using. For instance, when doing exfoliation, you should feel the texture of the beads or grains. If you want to perform exfoliation thrice a week, you should consider the ground grained facial scrubs. But if you’re going to use some products which include chemical exfoliants, you should use it three nights straight and rest, then repeat. Some of these exfoliants are acid serums.

The skincare mistakes when using exfoliation products are creating damage to your skin for moisture, flaking, dehydration, and inflammation. It can also create the destruction of healthy cells and stimulation of melanin activity. The later one is dangerous over time because it can increase hyperpigmentation.

No Sunscreen

Skincare-Mistakes-sunscreenProtecting the skin is essential, and you have to remember this daily. Especially when the summer season is onset, you will need all the protection for your skin. Aside from keeping your body hydrated and eating healthy food, you will need protection for your skin.

Without sunscreen, there are skin problems that may occur, and one of these is aging or an early stage of wrinkling. Because of the daylight and UV rays, your skin can experience dryness and sunburn. Wherever you are, make sure that when you are outdoors, you will need to apply sunscreen to your skin.

What to do? There are skincare mistakes when it comes to protecting your skin. If you want to keep your skin glow and radiant, you need to apply skincare with high SPF. Do not underestimate the sun’s heat even if the weather is gloomy. It is not the sun you should be worried about alone, but you should consider the wind, which can cause windburn. It is why you should be prepared, especially during the summer season.

Our Insights

There is no harm in making your body clean all the time. It is part of the hygiene, and you should be proud of it. But consider using a shower gel or body wash instead of using bar soap. Unlike body wash, bar soap contains harmful chemical ingredients that can strip the moisture in your body. You should also consider using moisturizers to alleviate dry skin but stop overusing it. Moisturizer with thinner coats is better because it will not cause clogging of pores. There are plenty of skincare mistakes, and what we have mentioned are only a few among them. Just make sure that if you feel something is wrong with skincare products that you are using, you should stop right away. Consult your dermatologist for more professional advice.

Travel Hair Care Tips for Camera-Ready Look without Delays!


Travel hair care tips are what you need, especially before traveling when you have a long way to go. Can you imagine how you will maintain your gorgeous hair during travel? So, you should consider the travel hair care tips for long-lasting beautiful hair.

Travel hair care tips can be the keys if you want to have the perfect travel. If you’re going to have the perfect portrait of your trip, you will need to start looking out to your hair. Given that smog, pollution, the heat of the sun and seawater can damage your hair, and you will need some travel hair care tips.

Some of the travel hair care tips which you should practice doing are the following. These are essential tips and simple ways on how to achieve beautiful hair while on the go. You will have no worries about getting a salon before you travel.

Expert techniques on how to keep your hair gorgeous while traveling? You can adapt most of the travel hair care tips with our very own hair care techniques.


Expert Travel Hair Care Tips

Oil your hair for best nourishment and beyond perfection.

Getting your hair smooth and silky while on travel is a must for ladies. So if you want to maintain the smoothness of your hair, our hair travel care tips for you are using argan or coconut oil.

Why these natural oils? These are essential oils like coconut, which have fatty acids and vitamins that can remove oiliness in your scalp produced by hair follicles. Make sure you will look for cold-pressed oils or less process to make more nourished.

While argan oils are useful as a hair treatment, it has vitamins that can treat damage to hair because of chemicals. If you want to get the right shine for your hair, you will need an overnight application or a minimum of 4-5 hours so your hair and scalp can absorb the oil.

Wash and Air-Dry

When you are out for your tour, you should decide to wash your hair. It is a necessity to travel hair care tips. After you wash your hair, you will have to air-dry rather than blow dry. Need the best washing hair care tips before your trip? Make sure you wash hair a day before traveling so you will prevent dust to stick to your wet hair and city pollution. These factors can make your hair dry. Leaving it hair dry naturally up to 80% and using a cool dryer will make the perfect hair care.

Use hair serum as hair protection.

Ladies, remember that oil is different from serums. Why are they different? For starters, you can confuse serums with oil. So to make it clear, serums are used before applying chemicals to your hair like straightening, curling, and coloring. Now, when you are going to take a trip, you will need to have a good look. So do not forget to bring a serum. It will protect your hair from whatever chemicals you will apply to your hair.

Look for the best hair accessories.

trvh2Hair accessories can be useful as your travel hair care tips. Make sure you will pick up the right accessories like a headband, hat or scarf. You can easily find beautiful scarves in the market. Maybe this is the missing piece you are looking for the entire time of your travel?

Dry shampoo is your on-the-go shampoo.

If you are thinking of changing the way you shampoo during your trip, you can have dry shampoo. It is an option that you can have if you want to make it less hassle and more convenient with your itinerary. The best way to use it is by spraying over your scalp and damp and making sure to let it air dry. But if you have no dry shampoo, you can use baby powder. So this is one of the travel hair care tips that you will need to have.

Wooden combs are best for your hair.

Are you choosing between plastic vs wooden combs? Better choose wooden combs rather than plastic, so you will stop creating static to your hair. Make sure to comb your hair, especially when you have curly or wavy hair. Why wooden combs?  Aside from less electricity, it cannot produce, the wooden combs can help your scalp to get soft, and oil distribution can get to your entire length of hair.

Natural oil is best for your hair while at the beach.

If you want to get the best travel hair care tips while at the beach, you can use a natural oil like jojoba oil and olive oil after coming from the beach, also, make sure that you put some protection serum before going into the water. If this does not give you the nourishment you need, maybe you will need to nourish your hair. When the temperature is too high for you, then make sure to have a thermal protectant. It will help your hair care to be sun protective from the sun.

Other Random Tips

Other than mentioned above for your travel hair care tips, make sure that you will only use products that can help your hair to get less damage. Stop trying new products because of promises. Make sure that you know the type of your hair or the texture of your hair so you can apply the right products. Natural shampoo and conditioners can reduce unnecessary wastage.

When you are traveling, avoid washing your hair. In doing so, it will remove the essential oils from your scalp. It will not maintain the pH level of your hair. But when you dump your hair into chlorinated water, you can use some conditioning products to your hair. One of the travel hair care tips is using a hair mask to keep your hair nourished and moisturized.

Nourishment for your Hair

How to nourish your hair naturally? To add some nourishment, you will need to have hair vitamins. The best vitamin you can get is vitamin E.

Vitamin E is one of the hair nutrients that you need when you travel a lot. It has antioxidants that can help repair your damaged hair, especially follicles. It can also prevent tissue corrosion and build new tissues that support hair growth. You can eat some fruits while on travel for a natural source of vitamin E.

When you travel, bring the best products for your hair. It is crucial to invest in at least one product that will keep your hair looking gorgeous. To finally know what the best shampoo for your hair is, make sure you understand the length and texture of your hair. Keep your hair hydrated so it will prevent it from knotting by using products with protein base with light moisture.

When you have longer hair, this length is prone to tangling. So make sure you have the mask for hair treatment. Do this once a week to add moisture back into your hair. You can visit the salon after your travel so that complete treatment will be done to your hair.

Our Insights

Tangled hair is one of the problems that can cause breakage. Your hair cuticles can create weak points, but it is essential to comb from the scalp to the ends to ensure all the little knots are gone. So if you are looking for the perfect way to prevent breakage, you will have to use a wide-toothed comb. You can do this either when you condition or hair mask your hair. Now you will enjoy your travel with gorgeous hair.

Beauty Problems? Find what you need, Effective and Affordable!


Beauty problems are a regular thing among us. Men and women suffer from beauty problems, and we have a standard solution to bring back the natural beauty. What is the key to resolve these problems?

Beauty problems occur inside and out among us, and there are remedies that you can do. One of the common ways is using castor oil. Maybe you hear about this, so let us give you some tips on how to deal with beauty problems.

Did you know that you can use a particular ingredient so your beauty problems will not bother you? The popular element that you can use is castor oil. But do not be too excited because this oil has many pros and cons if you are going to use it.

Nevertheless, let us look into castor oil. From vegetable castor, you can get this oil for medicinal and beauty remedies. It has been a practice for over 4,000 years. Until now, many chose castor oil to solve beauty problems because of its content. It has unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, also known as ricinoleic acid. Since then, it has been recorded that castor oil can be used as medicinal and beauty products.

For the medicinal use of castor oil, you can have the following benefits.

Remember that beauty comes from the inside, so relying on beauty products is not enough. Now, you will be mistaken if you are taking a toll from castor oil because using it, you can get anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It can also improve the immune system, promote healthy digestion and decrease the risk of getting arthritis.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Beauty Problems


Aside from health benefits, castor oil can be used for your beauty remedies. You can start with simple regimens utilizing this oil to solve beauty problems. Do you want to know what those are?

Beauty problems like inflamed skin, aging, acne, dry skin and stretch marks, dry lips and sunburn can be addressed by castor oil. What helps this oil can give?

Castor oil can heal inflamed skin, fights to age soothe acne, moisture skin prevents stretch mark and maintains moisture to your skin and lips.

If you will ask how much it costs? Well, castor oil is cheaper than any beauty oil products. Compared to coconut oil, this oil has a thicker consistency, and this is the reason why it can give better results.

Another good thing using castor oil is the improvement of blood circulation to the scalp. It can reduce flakes that can stimulate healthy hair growth. Its characteristics revealed that it has a regenerating effect. Make sure that you will dilute the castor oil with something like argan or jojoba oil.

Since we are talking about hair, we can use some of it with our eyebrows. It can make thicker brows.

Beauty problems also come with puffiness of your eyes. The soothing feature can decrease the puffiness around your eyes. Just massage some oil under your eye area, starting from the outer space working your way inward. In less than 20 minutes, your eyes can absorb this.

More Choices of Castor Oil

Looking in too many health and beauty benefits of castor oil, you can choose from different kinds of it. Imagine that using this oil regularly can solve your beauty issue, so what more if you will be using different types of castor oil.

Black Castor Oil

The black castor oil comes from the seeds undergone roasting. It will give your oils the dark and roast smell, but still, it has excellent purifying components because of the pH level. But in the black castor oil, the castor oil has an increased level of pH because, by roasting, it keeps the more clarifying properties that our skin needs. This kind of castor oil is essential by reducing acne and cleansing your scalp. Also, it helps open your hair cuticles.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

If you have a hard time finding a roast castor oil, you can look for the cold-pressed castor oil. This process involved the pressing organic castor seed with no heat required. It means that the natural healing properties of castor seeds will be stored and lower the risk of degrading its natural properties.

Compared to others, this is the purest form of castor oil. And what is shocking is that it is cheaper than the roasted castor oil.

Finding the Right One for You

When it comes to beauty products, you will need to find the real score about castor oil. It is not necessarily that you will need to use pure castor oil. You can also find this ingredient in shampoo, moisturizer, and lipstick if you are looking for hydration.

But for acne, you can check for beauty products that contain benzoyl peroxide with castor oil. Make sure to consider buying organic beauty products for less chemical compounds. Also, it will be helpful if you are always choosing the highest quality version of castor oil to get the perfect solutions for beauty problems.

Side Effects of Castor Oil to Solve Beauty Problems

When eager to get the remedies for your beauty problems, you should know what can be the side effects of using specific products. For castor oil, you should be worried about skin irritation. Naturally, you can get irritated with castor oil. To avoid it, you can test it to a small part of your skin and observe for 24 hours. If there are no reactions, you can continue using it.

Another down of using castor oil for beauty problems is the natural absorption of our skin to our makeup. Make sure that you will check the products if there are ingredients that can cause you allergy.

Our Insights

Once you find the right portion of castor oil to solve your beauty problems, you can easily find different ways on how to use it. Castor oil contains a considerable amount of moisturizers, and you should not use it as the only ingredient. You can mix it with other oil and moisturizing cream. It will generate more effects that your skin, hair, and surrounding of your eyes might need.

Glamorous Makeup Tips and Tricks – Top 10 Easiest Ways for your Look!


Glamorous makeup tips and tricks are not only for teenagers. These tips and tricks are for all women who struggle to look more fabulous with their makeup. You can find countless ways of getting prep and beautiful with your makeup, but what we have here are simple tips and tricks.

Glamorous makeup tips and tricks must be tried by women and learning how to do it is the key. How can this be done? Well, read on to discover simple ways on how to achieve an exciting look that you are dreaming about.

Glamorous Makeup Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Glamorous Makeup Tips and Tricks

When you practice these simple glamorous makeup tips and tricks and make as your habit, it will surely give you the look of a celebrity.

Trick no. 1: Soften your Pencil Liner

A pencil liner can easily be used when you melt it before gliding. Remember that creamy makeup product is more natural to use and apply. How can this be done? Hold the tip of the liner under the flame. Make sure that only the tip should touch the flame. Let it cool a bit then apply it softly. Look for the consistency around your eyes with your soften pencil liner to follow the glamorous makeup tips and tricks.

Trick no. 2: White liner emphasizes eye shadow.


Are you looking to emphasize your eyeshadow? It merely uses white eyeliner or bright shade of liner. It will make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant, especially on your eyelid. How can you achieve this? Blend the white liner over your entire eyelid then put eyeshadow right on top. It will make an opaque coverage that will intensify your eyeshadow and make it pop.

Trick no. 3: Do the cat-eye before anything else!

cateyeliner0021It is one of the crucial glamorous makeup tips and tricks – making the cat-eye first. If you are making eye makeup, you need to set the look first. For instance, when you want the winged eyeliner, make the cat-eye before doing so. Then decide the thickness you want for the wing and trace the top line from the end-point of your flick to your upper lash line. If you are done with the shape, mapped out on both sides to look symmetrical. Make sure you fill the open space.

Trick no. 4: Use the magic spoon!

But if you want the perfect winged liner, you can use the spoon as the stencil. Hold the stem of the spoon against the outer corner of your eye then use a liquid liner to draw a straight line. Then flip the spoon, making it like hugging your eyelid. Make sure that the round outer edge will create a perfect curved winged liner.

Trick no. 5: Use a hashtag for the perfect smoky eye.

Are you looking for the perfect smoky eye makeup? To make it one of the glamorous makeup, the tip you need to do is use a creamy eyeliner to draw a slanted hashtag symbol on the outer third of your eyelid. Then blend it using a smudge brush or sponge. In this way, you will make your eyes symmetrical, but at the same time, you will prevent your makeup from getting a little crazy with the eyeliner.

Trick no 6: How to get the perfect mascara makeup?

Mascara makeup is one of the necessities in eye makeup and takes note that this is the last of the eye makeup you will apply. So if you are going to do this, you will need to use a spoon in a position of hugging your eyelid. It will keep off your mascara to touch your eyeshadow. Is it wonderful?

But if you want to make your mascara last longer than its expiration, you can use a saline solution. This solution can make the flaky to be more consistent. Make sure to add only a couple drops to your mascara solution.

Trick no. 7: Getting the voluminous eyelashes.


Are you looking for the easiest way to curl your eyelashes? Well, you can use a hairdryer. How will you do it? Hold your curler and heat it with your hairdryer, next cool it slightly then clamp down on your eyelashes to curl them. It will give you the voluminous eyelashes.

To add up for the glamorous makeup tips and tricks, you can plump some translucent powder. It will make your mascara to have some grip in between coats.

Trick no. 8: Make your lip color last longer.

Glamorous-Makeup-Tips-and-Tricks-004If you want to get a lasting lip color, you can use the tissue and powder. Lay a cloth or fabric over your mouth and put a translucent powder over the top to set the tone from bulging and bleeding. This trick can consume some of your time, but this is worth it. It can make the color of your lips last longer.

For other glamorous makeup tips and tricks, you can mix your lip color with petroleum jelly to have another shade of color. Of course, it will not change by just using petroleum jelly. But it will give your lip color glossy.

Then you can define your cupid bow by creating an X that lines up with your natural lip line. Then you can fill the bottom three sections of the X to complete the perfect lip.

Trick no. 9: Perfect concealment under your eyes

Glamorous-Makeup-Tips-and-Tricks-003In every makeup, you will need a concealer. It will cover the dark circles under your eye. To achieve it correctly, make a triangular shape under your lash line and tip toward the apple of your cheek. Aside from covering, you can create an illusion to brighten under your eyes.

Trick no. 10:  Use your brush handle for a contour guide.

Glamorous-Makeup-Tips-and-Tricks-002How about contouring? Remember that contouring depends on your face shape. To find the perfect contour, you can use the handle of your brush to apply the contour powder. Finding the right angle is one of the challenges, so know the correct placement. Then you can finish with your bronzer.

Our Makeup Techniques

The glamorous makeup tips and tricks can make a big difference with your look. Learning and applying it with your daily makeup can spare you some time to do more tasks in your schedule. What we have here are the basics, but this is fundamental for you to save time while doing makeup, which is a necessity, especially for women.