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Unicorn Makeup, Your Dazzling and Artsy Fashion


Unicorn makeup satisfies those unicorn-loving hearts with dazzling and shimmering colors and all things fun. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can do a unicorn makeup. This eye-catching style can be learned by anyone as long as you know the composition and steps on how to slay this unicorn makeup.

Unicorn makeup can look like rainbow makeup. Using rainbow highlighters, brushes, eyeshadows, lip and shimmery makeup, you can have this style. Many have attempted this look and have resulted in glittery gorgeous.

Wearing unicorn makeup is not for all occasion, though. Sad but true, it is not a versatile makeup style that we can fashion anytime. But the event where it is most enjoyable to wear is when it has to be fun and creative such as music festivals, Halloween, unicorn-themed party.

So what is unicorn makeup idea? You can have many unicorn makeup ideas, and we can give you some of it as you read along. Also, there are sets of makeup that you can use to have that glittery look. The unicorn makeup seems to be complicated at first look, but on the contrary, it is just some techniques of color combination and blending.

The makeup you will need for this look is more on pastel shades with shimmery in the form of powder, cream, and gloss. You can add glittery blush and highlighter that you can use creatively. Sometimes, overdoing the unicorn makeup can have a result in comparison to the mythical creature.

The Unicorn Makeup You Need

Rainbow color palettes encourage you to experiment. There are no rules, but you have to be creative and playful with the colors. So here are the sets of makeup you need to pull off the rainbow-makeup.

Unicorn Essence

As a starter, you will need this serum. It acts as a primer for the makeup to keep it long-lasting. Made from fruit berries extracts, it has anti-aging properties. It will protect your skin.

For Glittery Eye Makeup:

Glitter Eye Shadow Palette

Choose this eyeshadow palette, which contains shades that can be blended and layered. You can finish it from matte to shimmer. Also, you can find some eyeshadow makeup which comes in satin, matte, and shimmer to create a various eye makeup look. Eyeshadow can be used as highlighter or brush, depending on your need.

Eye Topper

Still, for your eyes, you can have the eye topper makeup. It includes a small wand for a more controlled application. Also, it can create the visual illusion of new dimensions in your eye.

Eye Gloss

For unicorn makeup, you will need this to have a dewy sheen look. This is an eye-tricky eye makeup because of the looks like a dripping of appearing greasy. You can use the eye gloss if you want to add some hint of shimmer on your eyelids. It could stand out from your eye unicorn makeup.

Sparkly Lips Makeup

Look for lip color that looks like crushed diamonds with a lip color that complements your eye unicorn makeup.

Lip Topper

Unicorn makeup demands each look to be sparkly or shimmery like a diamond. So try the lip topper that makes your lips look shimmer without getting gritty.

Unicorn Lipstick

Your lips need to have a lipstick that can go smoothly and gives a natural look. With the high-impact of a matte finish, it still got the balance for your makeup.

Lip Cream

The cream lipstick, at first application, has a soft and creamy texture. Then when it dries, it will have an effect of velvety matte. It is advisable to use for chapped and dry lips in colder months. Also, even with matte shades, it still has a touch of a natural shiny look.

Shimmery + Glittery for Highlights:

Rainbow Liquid Mineral Highlighter

You can use a highlighter for more sparkles. You can have more than a single shade if you want to add some electrifying highlights to your unicorn makeup.

Rainbow Highlighter

Try different shades for more versatility and buildable unicorn makeup look. You can have different hues for creating a diverse spectrum. Using five or more different highlighter shades, you can mix and match to create different unicorn looks.

Multi-purpose Shimmer Stick

Aside from using a highlighter, you can have a shimmer stick. At first, it is like a cream and dries into a smooth powder. You can apply the shimmers in some parts of your face to catch some light.

Glitter Gel

For an additional dazzling effect, you can have the glitter gel. You can use it to your hair and body, aside from face makeup.

Quick Tips for Rainbow Makeup

There you have it, your unicorn makeup. But it cannot be helpful if we don’t have enough knowledge on how to do the unicorn makeup. So, before we go to the nitty-gritty of putting on the unicorn makeup, get these quick tips.

Tip # 1:

Make sure you apply a neutral base or primer before you start putting on the makeup. Focus on the areas near your eyes because it will be the highlight of the unicorn makeup. So, other than eye makeup, the contour, blush and bronzer should stay subtle to balance the colorful composition of unicorn look.

Tip # 2:

Highlighting the crease is essential in every makeup. You need to make sure that your crease has a distinct color from your eyeshadow. You will need to work on your eye makeup color for a gradient look. The technique is to blend the colors from the inner corner to the outer edge of your eyelids for the perfect crease in your eyes.

Tip # 3:

Put some glitters. Choose a waterproof formula when you want to apply some glitter makeup. Silver glitter can make a dazzling impact on your eyes. Then use some of it in the center of your eyelids and a few at the bottom of your eyelash line. Don’t overdo it and keep the balance of glitter and shimmers for elegant and alluring unicorn makeup.

Tip # 4:

Don’t forget to brighten the inner corner of your eyes. After putting on your crease, pay attention to your inner corner of the eyes. Get a little shimmer and place it to your inner corner of the eye. By doing so, this part will not be overshadowed by other makeup.

Tip # 5:

For a more dazzling unicorn makeup, you will need to enhance your eye makeup using mascara, false eyelashes and eyeshadow makeup. The most preferred eye makeup look that you need to do is the winged liner or the smokey eye effect. Use different pastel shades of eyeshadow and give more blending on it. Putting on false eyeshadow is optional. But if you want to try this, look for false lashes with more curls and length but less volume.

Tip # 6:

The perfect and glittering eye makeup will need just enough lip makeup. Choose the lighter shades of your eye makeup to enhance its color. Then have a matte crème to finish the balance in your eyelids.

What will be your look?

Blending the color from bright and colorful eyeshadow going to perfect glittery makeup, this is what excites us the most when you have to do the unicorn makeup. If you think that it is complicated, well, here is the amusing yet straightforward makeup. You need to prepare your glittery, shimmery, and different eyeshadow palette. Also, don’t forget your lipstick to slay the unicorn makeup.

Step 1:

Primer, primer, primer. Like to other makeup, you will need a primer before makeup. This is essential to minimize the pores of our skin and makes the makeup lasts longer. Since you are doing a rainbow color makeup, you will need your face to be a pale canvass. So you have to this trick—prepare a mixture of pale shade eyeshadow with your primer or moisturizer. See to it that your combination has a pale shadow, enough to serve as the base of your makeup.

Step 2:

Next is eyeshadow application to your eye. Choose the color of your choice. You can have more than three shades but make sure that those are not opposing in the color wheel. These three shades should blend well with each other. The inner core of your eyelids should have the light shade, and then the middle will be the medium one. The outer corner of your eyes should have darker shades. But don’t blend too much so you could maintain the look of mystical.

Step 3:

Don’t forget your brow bone after finishing your eyeshadow. You have to build the layers of color around your eyebrows, which complement the shade of your eyeshadow. One way to guide you in choosing the right color is the rainbow makeup. So, you will not get lost in choosing the color combination, mix and match.

Step 4:

Your lip will have to do something with your unicorn makeup. You can choose from too-bright and the subtle one. Look for the shades of your eye makeup so you can decide which completes your unicorn makeup. You can also layer your lipstick color if you want to keep off from applying now and then.

Step 5:

To finish your unicorn makeup look, you will need to use mascara, shimmer, and glitter. Choose high contrast for your highlighter to have some bold look in your makeup. Glitters can be useful in your inner corner of the eyes and even above your eyebrows. Be creative in the application of shimmers and glitters to have the perfect unicorn makeup.

Your Style, Your Image

Doing the unicorn makeup is like unleashing your childish heart with creativity and being playful. This fashion makeup is more exciting and alluring if you know how to twist the makeup ideas. There is no right or wrong in doing the unicorn makeup. What makes this perfect is how you childishly project your personality through composition. If you are tired of doing some conventional fashion makeup, you can try the unicorn makeup for a change. It gives you a feeling of freedom. The colorful makeup, like a rainbow, encourages you and everyone to feel joyful. Indeed the unicorn makeup is one of the unique makeup looks.

Punk Style, Rock And Roll Your Way to the Fashion World!


Punk style? By the name of it, we come into the definition of rock and roll. But it is not the true essence of punk fashion. Despite the loud and robust personality, punk style is about comfort and elegance. This fashion has a significant influence on peers. So understanding how to dress like a punk will rock your mind!

Punk style, at first look, is giving the vibe of individualism, aggressiveness, and freedom. But, this fashion has many elements, and unlike classic and nerd style that blends with the crowd. It is the one that comes out of the closet with loud characteristics on everything. The forms, colors, designs, and pattern have brave characters.

Why do others choose to portray their personality in a punk way? Well, this fashion is all about attitude! And attitude is what makes this fashion style alive. Usually, punk style comes with fishnet stockings, spiked jewelry, piercings and silver bracelets while black is the color icon. Most apparels of punk fashion have chains, leather-made, and ripped out tees.

For some, wearing punk fashion is all about angst and negativity. But it will be unfair for those who simply love to wear punky because of that suit heir personality. Some wear punk style to dress to kill. But you can keep it simple to have a fashionable punk style.

Punk style with simple attitude is wearing clothing with minimum patterns. Try to follow and maintain the rule of 3-color fashion. Simple punk fashion is jeans, boots, everyday tees, and a jacket. The biker jacket is always an on-the-go jacket on any occasions and fashion statement. Do not be afraid of expressing the punk side of your personality.

What do you think of your wardrobe for punk style?

Intrigued by what apparels can be inside your wardrobe to dress in punk style? Well, you should have the following in your closet.

Leather jacket and corsets should be in your wardrobe. Leather jackets are classic outerwear for punk style. The asymmetrical zippers, buckles, and stud details are what should be your leather jacket looks like. Leather jacket atop your leather corset is the look that you can enjoy if you are having a night out. This pair will not go wrong. If you have no jacket and corsets, you can play with a punk sweater. Sweater with hoodies can be your punk style outfit. Choose punk designs and patterns of hoodies.

Pair of combat boots made from leather will sure rock your way. You can have sneakers with bold designs. It goes the same with your tops and bottoms. Go for plaid patterns. You can also include rock dress in your wardrobe. Loud colors and fun patterns with look and feel of edgy—these are the things that make a rock dress.

Accessories for punks clothes will have a very different look and feel. Spiked details with metal accent and solid colors are what your punk accessories look like. Your purses and clutch should have skeleton patterns. Belts with skeleton buckles are one of the punk accessories items. The top pick jewelry for a punk style girl is skull rings. You can have them with earrings that come in spiked designs.

Outfit Ideas to Challenge you

If you have completed your wardrobe with items that can go well with your punk aesthetic, try to wear some of these outfit ideas. Some of the outfit ideas may upgrade your existing punk fashion.

For instance, if you are already wearing a leather jacket, make sure that it includes pins, studs, and patches to look edgier. A leather jacket is the top choice of women for their outerwear fashion statement. Then giving it some twist for your punk style will make it more stylish for sure.

Are you sporting a vintage punk look? Try it with flannel. Oversized flannel paired with skinnies is the perfect vintage punk look. Add a tee with punk designs and patterns underneath your flannel. This will look great for your vintage-inspired punk fashion statement. You can also try plaid trousers for your bottoms. It is a classic punk item that you can sport.

But of course, ripped jeans is what everyone’s top choice for a punk outfit. Paired it with your boots and sneakers and your top can be leather corsets or any tops that look ragged and elegant at the same time. You can also make an option for leather pants. Wearing it with your boots and tops with your choice tee can give your day a more rocking punk style girl.

If you choose either skirt or jeans to your bottoms, you will need to consider your footwear first. If you want to wear boots, then your jeans should be skinny. Your skirt should match the color and styles of your boots, such as strong-looking derby styled boots. This is the most common casual punk item that you can wear. You can partner it with your denim jacket.

Fishnet is the most common outfit idea for women. Tights made of fishnet can be paired underneath the skirt or ripped skinnies. Choose with loose-knit or smaller stitched fishnet. But basically, fishnet can go well with other items.

Comfort is essential with any fashion statement that we are getting into. For punk style, if you opt for vest than a jacket, choose the item that fit your shoulders and have the designs with your preference. Select the patches at the back of your vest that can portray your punk personality.

Best Hair Styles to rock your Punk Look

When done with your outfit, get your focus in your hairstyle. Your hairstyle is the soul of your punk fashion statement. When sporting punk style, you can do different styles on your hair. We have here our top choices for your hair.

Hairstyle # 1: Add color to your hair. For subtle color, you can try the shades of orange. It will just look fair and enough if you are still going to work, but you want to spice up your personality.

Hairstyle # 2: Make your hair look like a spider. How can you do this? Transform it to be frizzy and add some accessory for a more aggressive look.

Hairstyle # 3: If you are not satisfied with your hair colored, you can braid and transform it into Mohawk style. This hairstyle needs a professional touch to look awesome.

Hairstyle # 4: Mohawk and undercut can be your best friend when it comes to hairstyling. Just add smoky eye makeup and leather jacket, then you look good and ready.

Hairstyle # 5: If you want to add some chic in your personality, then you can go with Mohawk style with a braid along your hairline. Neutral like medium brown color with blonde highlights can give a light mood to your punk hairstyle.

Hairstyle # 6: Short hair is sexy, and we are right! For punk style, short hair in blonde and messy style can play a different role. Used molding paste or hairstyle polishing cream to keep your short hair one-sided. A subtle but gorgeous hairstyle.

Hairstyle # 7: Hair color is a potent weapon to unlock your punk personality. But transforming the natural color of your hair, avoid using bleach contents hair color. Look for a natural way of hair coloring. Hairstyle in your fashion statement should look effortless. Consult professional hairstylist in your salon for the advice of damage-free hairstyle.

What we see in Fashion

Your fashion reflects your personality, and that is important before getting a makeover. Make time to know what fits you perfectly.

Punk style fashion is about freedom and individuality. When you rock this fashion, be sure to know your body shape first and know-how every apparel will fit your body type. Blacks and silvers are also a staple of punk fashion, know where to wear them effectively. Be bold with screaming colors but know how to mix and match them with black. Otherwise, you’ll eventually look like a clown.

And just like what we said, imitation of someone else’s style is a big no-no! You cannot copy the same fashion style knowing that you have a different body shape and figure.

Remember that doing your style is like expressing your character and emotion to other people. It is another way of saying that this is about me. No one can make me feel intimidated. If you dress smart and confident, then you have no worries about other people’s opinions.

How to apply lipstick for that Luscious Lips


How to apply lipstick is essential to be learned by beauties who want to enhance their natural good looks. Lipstick is one of the main features in your face that needs transformation for more confidence and self-esteemed.

How to apply lipstick is something that you need to learn. It adds some color to your lips. Wearing the right color gives you a more vibrant and fresh look. In some occasion, applying lipstick can only give you a look you need for the day. However, if you have chosen the wrong color, you will not achieve the perfect lip for your looks.

Your lipstick color for your skin tone

To choose the right lipstick just for you, it is a must to know your exact skin tone. Like other cosmetics, skin tone plays a big part in choosing the right shade and color. As you will read along, you will learn about your skin tone and how to put on lipstick color that complements.

For fair or light skin tone, you may choose from light pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colors. These colors can work well with this type of complexion.

You may have the rose, berry, cherry red and mauve color for your lipstick if you have a medium skin tone. For tan skin tone, you can wear lipstick in coral, deep pink, and bright red. But skip the colors brown and purple if you have a tan skin tone. You can choose these colors if you have a deeper skin tone.

Set the perfect shape of your lips

Other than your skin tone, you will need to consider the shape of your lips. There are different shapes of your lips. Each form needs proper shading.

For instance, top-heavy lips should carry the bright shade lipstick to your bottom lip. Then your upper lip can have a little darker shade of the same color in your bottom lip.

Bottom heavy lips can have any color with a light nude color in the center upper lip. Then if you have asymmetrical lips, you will need a lip liner similar to your lipstick shade. Lip liner will give an outline to your lips.

Size of your lips

Our lips have different sizes, thin and plump lips. Therefore, your lipstick varies from these sizes. For thin lips, avoid dark color. Instead, use lip gloss and lipstick with light colors. On the hand, plump lips can have little dark shades of lipstick.

Lip and Blush makeup is the perfect deal

Your blusher and lipstick should be in perfect harmony. If you are wearing those two, you should complement the color of each other. Not necessarily the same color of blush and lipstick, but you can have different shades in the same color.

Here is the list of blushes and lipstick colour that can work well together. Your candy pink blush can be paired with fresh pink lipstick. But your cheeks and lips can both have pink colors.

Rose blush and red lipstick can have a romantic look. You can play to have stained blush and matte lip, as long as it will work balance in your face makeup.

You can have sangria blush and deep wine lipstick. But this look is not well appreciated by many. So, you can try this at home and on some occasion which can welcome this kind of look.

If you want to maintain a natural but classy look, you can count on peach blush and neutral lipstick.

Classic Style, your Timeless Fashion and Ageless Classy Ideas


Classic style shows that fashion is timeless for women. Women desire to dress what they feel to be effortless and ageless. A fashion style never dies out but evolves. This is a classic style, and you are going to love it!

Classic style is for women who love to dress with what they feel flaunting. What you wear mirrors what is your real personality and character. For classic style, you give importance to the longevity of your garments rather than trending fashion. Of course, sometimes you consider stylishly way of doing fashion. But when you love a timeless style, you will go out the street in a traditional manner.

So, what is classic style? How will you get yourself prepared in a typical fashion statement? What will you need?

To have a dress to kill in classic fashion, you will need the ultimate guide. Check out your wardrobe and find the clothes that will fit your perfect style. The clothes you need to achieve the timeless fashion are those you usually buy in stores. And you will never notice it!

As you read along, you can have these classic outfit ideas. These ideas are your guide, and it should not limit your fashion style.

Classic style collections for ageless fashion

As a timeless fashion, classic clothes style can be achieved if you know the trick of mixing and matching. But before that, know what should be part of your timeless collections.

Is it white or black? Well, you can try both.

White dress shirt will make you look fresh in any occasion. Choose quality garments for this item. You can opt-in buying white dress shirt made in cotton materials. It can absorb sweat that will keep you feel comfortable the whole time. When purchasing the item, select one size larger than your size. It will keep out the gaps in your chest when worn.

The black mini dress will keep you look elegant and classic. A simple knee-length dress with minimal design and have the vintage style will complete your wardrobe. Avoid low neckline and above the knee-length to keep the perfect fashion vibe.


What can we say if you still opt to wear simple v-neck tee for your classic fashion statement? Just make sure it will fit you just right. The loose or fitted tee will make you feel uncomfortable. This item is always used underneath your jacket or cardigans.


Looking for outerwear for all occasions? You can choose from cardigans, coat, and blazer.

Cardigans will look great on any occasions. You can choose different styles of cardigans. With high-quality materials like cotton and wool, you can match it to your favorite top. You should invest in cardigans that will match your classic style.

But when you are not into cardigans, you can opt for a black blazer. A black blazer is one of the timeless fashions. Make sure that the sleeve length will reach your wrists, while the shoulders are slightly loose for undergarments.

For a more classic style with sophistication and elegance, why not try on wearing coats—trench and pea. Your wardrobe will need a trench coat for your perfect style. Keep the primary form of a trench coat with knee-length and cut loose through the sleeves and shoulders; Choose the classic trench coat but with quality material. On the other hand, the pea coat is usually common in the countries with winter season or cold weather. You can wear anything underneath it but make sure your pea coat is made of high-quality material that will last for many years.


What you wear like tops and your outerwear paired with quality bottoms will give you the best classic style. Jeans, trousers, and pants will be your favorite bottoms for the classic clothing style.

Your jeans can be boot-cut and skinny styles. Boot-cut jeans with dark-wash will sure break the glass of classic fashion. Make sure it has no off-design shades, and the length is perfectly meeting the bottom of your heel. If your body shape does not look good in boot-cut jeans, you can try skinny jeans. Skinny jeans with quality fabrics will allow proper blood circulation to your legs and thighs. It should give you a comforting feeling, not a tight feeling.

If you opt for another look of classic style, you can try wearing trousers made of khaki. Women who want to dress in a versatile way choose khaki trousers. Khaki trousers can be worn on any occasion if paired with tops and your favorite outerwear.

But black is classic, and you got to have black dress pants in your wardrobe. Black dress pants are the right choice if you are sporting the classic style with a little loose fitting in your thigh. Then, it can be a slight flare out around the calves. Black dress pants are perfectly paired with your black blazers.


Finish your classic fashion with footwear of your comfort level. Boots, flats and pumps are the missing pieces to complete your style. With elegance and sophistication, wearing either of this should match your outfit. Otherwise, your fashion style will be an eyesore.

Knee-high boots can be in brown, tan or camel color. Choose with less than 2” heels for your boots. Make sure you opt for the simple and minimal designed boots to complement and blend with your outfit. Other boots with different styles and designs are used for various fashion styles.

You will need to keep flats, ballet flats to be particular. Choose quality ballet flats that can last over a year or two. Buying quality flats will save you from spending too much dime on a fancy pair. Fancy ballet flats can only last less than a year. Also, you can distinguish the comfort you will experience in wearing quality flats than a low-priced one.

And of course, you must keep a pair of black pumps in your shoe rack. Look and choose for black pumps with basic styles. Select for soft soles and comfortable for your toes. The heels should also not exceed 3 inches and not less than 2 inches. Make sure that your black pumps are wearable for any occasions.


Accessories like jewelry and scarf are your final touch to your classic outfit. Simple jewelry will show the class and sophistication in you. Just the right touch of earrings, bracelet, necklace, and rings can add elegance to your look. Your scarf can be short and long. Play with sheer and opaque that can go with your classic style.

Outfit Ideas on How to Look Classy and Elegant

Classic style clothing is timeless fashion as we have mentioned earlier. So, you can give a shot to try one of the top picks we made for a fashionable classic outfit.

  1. Black mini dress paired with pumps and topped with cardigans or blazer can rock your classic style for business occasion. You can add pieces of pearl jewelry. Change into stilettos, and a top knot will get you ready for an evening occasion.
  2. Cardigans over your skinny jeans with a simple v-neck tee and ballet flats can rock your everyday look.
  3. Your white dress shirt paired with a pencil skirt topped with a blazer can be your favorite classical business attire. Changed your skirt to trousers or black dress pants with pumps or ballet flats—and it’s a yay look for you!
  4. Lose some button-down of your white shirt and pair it with your favorite denim shorts with sneakers for an outdoor outfit.
  5. Ballet flats with skinny jeans and leggings paired with a white shirt and top with cardigans are your ready-to-go fashion.
  6. Wear your favorite tops and bottoms paired with pumps. Then add your favorite trench coat, and you can have that gorgeous and demure look. Don’t forget your bun or ponytail hairstyle.
  7. The trench coat will look fabulous with skinny jeans paired to a white dress shirt and knee-high boots.
  8. Boot-cut jeans with a cute tee, topped with a black blazer will look more catchy with a scarf around your neck.
  9. A black blazer can be paired with a playfully designed tee and colored jeans with sneakers. It is called the classic chic style.
  10. Try to tuck in your white dress shirt then add a colorful scarf for fun twists. It will give you an exciting look!
  11. A pea coat is your lifesaver if you want to cover your dress during winter evening occasion. It will not loosen your artistic fashion statement.
  12. You can try a different color of the pea coat. Don’t worry. Your coat won’t mind the color matching.

Classic Tips for Timeless Fashion

Now that you’ve got the taste of some best pick classic style, you don’t want to ruin it with a single or two mistakes. Make the best of your perfect outfit with these tips for timeless fashion.

Tip # 1: Choose garments made of cotton, wool, linen, and silk. Don’t worry about cashmere sweaters. Cashmere is made of wool. These quality fabrics need investment. These fabrics need to be cleaned carefully and pressed for a classy vibe. To take care of these fabrics, make time to read the labels. Wool, linen, and silk need to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed.

Tip # 2: Colors are important. For classic style, always select neutral colors over vibrant ones. You can have patterns and prints but make sure it comes in bold designs. Neutral colors are not only white, black, gray or brown. You can have beige, cream, and navy blue. Just think of colors that can go smoothly with other colors. If your outfit is in a neutral color, make some accent like belts, jewelry, or scarf.

Tip # 3: Wearing loose and tight is a big no-no for classic style fashion. Make sure you always wear a form-fitting outfit. Otherwise, you will give a slouch vibe with your gear. If you have a body shape figure that doesn’t match those sizes in stores, you can always make some alterations. Don’t be ashamed that your dress is altered. There is nothing wrong if you need to fit it correctly.

Tip # 4: Timeless fashion does not go with the trend. Therefore, your wardrobe needs clothes that will never go out of style. Make sure you don’t look trying hard to come up with the classic fashion. Consider that you always need to go somewhere. So secure your wardrobe for traditional clothes that can make you always on the go. You need to define classy.

What we see in Fashion

These are only a few style tips to level up your classic style. Your fashion reflects your personality, and that is important before getting yourself a makeover. Make time to know what fits you perfectly.

Classic style is ageless fashion, and you need to have them as part of your timeless fashion wardrobe. And classic fashion requires quality garments that will last a year or two. Always make sure you have a ready-to-go outfit with elegance and sophistication. Also, keep some accessories that will give accent to your outfit.

Redhead? These beauty tips all you need without getting messier!


Redhead fashions are hard to deal because there are lots of things to consider. When you have redhead, you will also check what colors of dress and makeup you need to avoid and prepared.

Redhead or red-hair women, like me, have many struggles to find out what colors should I wear and what make up should I try on. But being redhead does not stop me from trying stylish shades and designs to pop my red hair.

For instance, while checking what to fashion on every occasion, I choose colors and designs that will go along with my redhead perfectly. So if you have the same color of hair as me, then you try to go along with these shades that I assure you will look gorgeous.

Green is go!

While green shades make you feel fresh, with your hair colored in red, you will notice that it will brighten your red-hair. Shades of green like turquoise, deep jade or bright lime can bring life to your redhead. So don’t stop sporting green color if you are a redhead.

Feel fabulous with blue!

Sometimes contrast in fashion can make red-hair stand out in the middle of the party. When going to a party and you want to be the center of attention, try royal blue. Make it your wedges or bottom attire; you can feel the attentions are all yours!

Red is for red!

If you are not into too much attention, then you should probably keep a low profile. But wearing shades in red when you are a redhead – is this ridiculous? Well, maybe not. For some women with the redhead, sporting red fashions looked good on them. How is this possible? The key is to look for red shades with undertones in blue color. So if you get it now, you can start wearing those clothes in crimson or ruby with your redhead.

Versatility of white

White is the most versatile color of clothes, which will look good if you are a redhead or sporting other hair colors. White with redhead does not make it seem to be boring or dull. It is the common mistakes of many who overlook white in redhead women. Fashion in a neutral tone will make you stand out in the crowd. Just make sure you will pair with accessories and some bright shades makeup.

What are the right shades of makeup for redhead?

Speaking of makeup, redhead women will surely struggle in choosing the right shades of makeup. Then, here are the tips on how to be a head-turner redhead woman.

Neutral shades with your mascara

When you are redhead, don’t try bright shades of mascara like other women do. Being a redhead, you don’t need to have bright shades in your makeup. For instance, you can choose neutral tones like brown color to your mascara. But if you want to stay with black color, then you can add some brown color to the bottom of it. You will see that it will make your eyelashes longer.

Sports a cat eye makeup

If you are not into cat-eye style, then begin practicing. Adding some eye makeup like cat eye, it will definitely give you the look of being sexy and beautiful. Remember, though that wearing cat eye with your red hair will provide you with a dashing look. You can have a small wing for daytime and more visible wing at night out. The shades you can choose are blue, green and brown. Or you can try other shades that will suit your character.

More shadow and lip shades

When things get more exciting with redhead makeup, you will need to know more shadows with your eyes. And for a killer look, you will need to know lip colors for red hair. Just a quick makeup technique, you should apply lip balm before your favorite lipstick. This trick will make your lip color stays longer.

For eyeshadow with red hair, you will need to sport the shades of peach, copper and plum. As you can see, these shades can bring the soft tones of red hair. Also, it will make your eyes and undertones more illuminating.

The darker foundation is a myth!

It has always been a habit with darker foundation when you are a redhead. But sorry to crack this habit because the darker foundation will not look good in many ways when you have red hair. Just look for natural shades or powder for an additional smooth texture. You’ll be surprised the natural yet sophisticated look of your make up though you have red hair color.

And again, natural shades for eyebrows!

When redhead women start making their eyebrows, don’t let slip to your mind that eyebrows color should match with your hair color. This is a no-no fashion technique! Always make the natural shades as your first pick in your makeup. Then you will have more room for adjustments if you want to add brighter color to match with your skin type and color as well.

What will be your skincare routine if you are a redhead?

And after dealing from fashion to makeup, you will always need for skincare tips whether you are a redhead or sporting other hair colors.

Redhead skin types are usually fairer than many. But when we said we have more balanced skin, it needs more delicate. And this is which we need to address on this part.

Before applying anything to your skin, choose the right cleanser. To know that you want the right cleanser, it should give you a relax feeling, not tight or uncomfortable. Your skin should not look irritated. Otherwise, you are using a cleanser that will take away your natural oil. For redhead, you can choose a cleanser with milk as one of the ingredients.

After cleansing, you know the next step is applying moisturizer. A right amount of moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and less damage. Redhead women need an adequate amount of moisturizer to address rough and flaky skin and provide more water content in the skin.

But you need to exfoliate your skin once in a while. So when doing exfoliation, you will need to choose mild chemicals so your skin will not get dry. The reason we exfoliate is to reveal younger-looking and smoother skin.

Of course, since you have more delicate skin, you will need protection, especially during summer. Burns coming from the sun or wind can cause our skin to dry quickly. So we have to keep our skin protected.

What can we say?

Mentioning the summer season, I cannot get out in my mind that one of the reasons why our skin has been many damages is because of the heat during this season.

Combatting summer season when you are redhead has been more challenging than others. But we can apply the same practice like taking a diet which focuses more on eating the plant. It is to ensure the proper functioning and repair of the skin. Also, it will give you antioxidants which our body needs as well.

For make up during summer season, blush and bronzer are a necessity. It will make you look stunning as I have tried this year during this kind of season.

Wrinkle Free Skin Care is Every Woman’s Desire for Youthful Skin


Wrinkle free skin care is always on top of every woman’s lists. There are many methods to maintain elasticity in our skin, especially to our face. The best way to do is ensure to use natural home remedies.

Wrinkle free skin care can be made of natural ingredients, and this is my favorite. I ditched out the use of beauty products with chemicals. It started when I tried some DIY skincare creams.

But I also considered the use of acupuncture to have wrinkle-free skincare. Acupuncture is famous among ancient Chinese. But looking at the needles to be inserted in different points to reinstate a healthy flow of energies; it makes me nervous.

So I just consider it but never applied to my face. Choosing the best home remedies include a healthy lifestyle. It involved eating well, sleeping well and following a regular exercises regimen.

Wondering what my best wrinkle free skin care tips are? Let me share you the natural ingredients and how to prepare and use.

How to Prepare Natural Wrinkle Free Skin Care Formula

Use of Different Natural and Essential Oils 

Coconut Oil

To have wrinkle free skincare, I use coconut oil. Make sure it is organic. Coconut oil will give your skin a natural glow and radiance. Using it often will help to fade wrinkles and lines as coconut oil is moisturizing and hydrating for the skin. It restores the skin’s elasticity to a great extent.

Before sleeping, what you have to do is Massage coconut oil under the eyes and other affected areas for a few minutes. Use gentle circular motions. Leave it overnight. There is no reason to skip a night using it.

Argan Oil

My other option is argan oil. Few drops of argan oil to areas where aging skin occurs can improve elasticity over time. It contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E that replenish the skin. Its regular usage will reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

What you have to do is massage the affected area with argan oil. Leave it on.

Repeat this once or twice a day.

Rosehip Oil

Other than coconut and argan oil, I tried a few drops of rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is an essential oil. Essential oil is excellent as wrinkle free skincare. Vitamin A, vitamin E, and fatty acids present in it penetrate the deeper layers of skin and lighten scars and banish wrinkles.

All you need to prepare is 3 – 4 drops of rosehip oil. Apply the oil on your face and massage until it is absorbed. Leave it on overnight. It is safe to use every night.

Jojoba Oil

Sometimes a few months ago, I ran out of coconut oil and what is only available is the jojoba oil. Of course, before I tried it as wrinkle free skincare, I test it to my skin and read about its facts.

Jojoba oil is quite similar to the natural oil produced by the skin. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and lubricates it. With regular use, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Confidently, I apply a few drops of jojoba oil on my face. I massage gently and leave it on for a few hours.

Black Seed Oil + Olive Oil

So I explored and tried some combination of oils. I found out that virgin olive oil and black seed oil can be mixed well. Why these two? I read that mixtures of these two are useful as wrinkle free skincare.  It is widely used in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for its healing properties. The black seed oil contains a wide variety of phytochemicals that are beneficial for the body and skin. Its unsaturated fatty acids, like linoleic acid and oleic acid, moisturize the skin. The antioxidants present in it reverse the damage caused by oxidative stress which causes a wrinkle.

My mixture is composed of a tablespoon of olive oil and half teaspoon of black seed oil. Then I make a blend of both the oils and apply it to the wrinkled area. Leave for a few hours and do not rinse it off for at least a few hours. The most effective time to do this is before bedtime.

Face Mask from Natural Ingredients for Wrinkle Free Skin Care

The face mask has been a trend nowadays. And buying them can cost you more than using home remedies for wrinkle free skincare. Here are some of my best homemade mask using natural ingredients.

Turmeric + Sugarcane

My first trial is natural powdered turmeric and organic sugarcane juice. Making a blend of these compounds is challenging. But why these two? Turmeric and sugarcane can slow down the loosening of skin. Sugarcane juice contains glycolic acid that removes dead skin cells and turmeric possesses healing properties that rejuvenate the skin.

How to prepare and use: You will need a tablespoon turmeric powder and 1 – 2 tablespoons sugarcane juice. Make a paste with the turmeric powder and sugarcane juice. Mix well so that there are no lumps. Then, apply this and leave it on for 10-12 minutes. Using lukewarm water, you can rinse it.

Cinnamon + Honey

It is my favorite combination of the mask. The cinnamon paste and honey have an excellent combination for anti-aging. Cinnamon’s free radical scavenging activity is further enhanced by honey. They both possess anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

How to prepare and use: I got half teaspoon cinnamon powder and one tablespoon honey. Then, I mixed it evenly and applied this mixture as a mask. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Then I rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. I use this mask twice a week.

Papaya + Banana

Mask can be tasty and yummy. Because I tried to use papaya and banana, I indeed prove that it is effective. Papaya is loaded with enzymes such as papain, while banana is rich in vitamins that help in revitalizing your skin. This pulp is an excellent antidote for premature aging signs.

How to prepare and use: My ratio is a small piece of papaya and half slice banana. I make purée the two fruits together and apply the paste on those wrinkled areas. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. I use this mask once or twice a week.

Tomato + Sea Salt

How about tomato as wrinkle free skincare? Yes, it can work well. Tomato is rich in beta-carotene and lycopene that reverse the damage caused by the harmful sun rays. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and freckles can all be reduced and lightened with tomato mask.

How to prepare and use: I pick a small and ripe tomato and two tablespoon sea salt. I cut the tomato in half and dip the inner half in sea salt. After mixing, I use it as a scrub to my face for a minute. Leave the tomato pulp out onto your skin on for 5 minutes. Rinse with water. You can also include tomato paste in your diet for better results. Repeat this twice every week.

Egg White

It is the simple mask that you can have as wrinkle free skin care. The egg whites tighten your skin naturally, easing fine lines and laugh lines. This remedy is especially useful for people with oily skin as egg white also unclogs pores and absorbs the excess sebum from the skin.

How to prepare and use: Separate yolk from the egg white. Then gently whisk the egg white and apply it on your skin. Allow it to dry completely. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Use this face mask once or twice a week.

Our Advice

Wrinkle free skincare using home remedies have a long term effect on our skin. So I always use these home remedies to achieve youthful skin that every woman wants to achieve.

Look Taller and More Fashionable with These Styles


Look taller with the way you dress promises you the real deal. With the right fashion styles, it will create illusions to lengthen your muscles. Do you want to know how to look taller and at the same time, fashionable?

Look taller fashion statements are what petite girls are looking nowadays. Sporting the right clothes to look taller are better options than others. But doing yoga as a belief to lengthen the muscles – I don’t see something wrong about it.

In fact, doing yoga is good for our health. And when we feel good, the tendency is to have a great outlook in our day to day activities.

Doing fashion techniques to look taller is a challenging role for a stylist. But you don’t need to spend too much to complete your wardrobe. Body’s shape and size are actually crucial in every fashion styles we are doing.

So here is what we’ve got for you. Some fashion tips to look taller might give you a shot.

Your Fashion to Look Taller

Get Tailored.

One easy way to be sure that your fashion will make you taller is to get your clothes tailored. Especially when you are petite, your clothes are more often not that too long. So it really is worth getting to know a good tailor. Your clothes may cost a little more, but the quality is there.

Solid Single Color.

Definitely, you heard about this. Forget mix and match when you want to look taller, dressed in one color. Your top and bottoms should be the same color, and you will give an illusion to everyone to look taller.

High-waist means higher height.

Forget about it when we say that wearing jeans or pencil skirts, you can always put it on high-waist style. To look taller, this is one of the effective ways to create the illusion that your middle part of your body is much longer than it really is.

High Heels in Nude Hue

Obviously, high heel shoes are one way to look taller. With nude color, people will less recognize that you wear high heels. Nude color high heels can make your legs look longer and really remarkably chic.

Crop Top for more Upper Body Length

High waisted trousers and skirts paired with a crop top, it will accentuate the illusion of being tall. Also, showing skin can make you look slender as well.

Wearing Fitted in some Parts

To look taller, avoid wearing oversized clothes. But wearing a fitted dress or any clothes, make sure that it gives your waist the highlight of the curves. So, it will create an illusion of you to look taller.

Knee-high boots vs ankle boots

Shorter ankle length boots can give you the leg-lengthening effect. Compare to knee-high boots; it emphasizes the short-length leg. To look taller, you know what to pick for your boots with this styling techniques.

Fashion to Seem Taller

Create the column feel, which means if you wear straight lines, the tendency is you will get to look taller. Other than it will make an illusion to your height, you will also make your body slimmer. Now, who would refuse this fashion?

Things You Don’t Need To Do

To look taller, forget wearing capris. Don’t wear anything that cuts off your leg at your calf. If you wear capris, you accentuate your appearance of shorter than your actual height. Other than that, a jumpsuit in Capri-length will do no good in you. I understand jumpsuit looks adorable unless you don’t want to look taller.

Tight-fitting jeans, dresses, skirts and leggings are a big no-no when you want to look taller. It’s like opposing our ideal column dressing.

And when I say column dress, I mean verticals. So stop patronizing horizontal stripes. Thick horizontal lines will make your height smaller than actual. And the reason you should stop doing this is that it will make you look bigger.

Like I mentioned earlier, mix and match is a sensible fashion thing to do. When you mix the wrong pair, it will be disastrous. When it comes to prints, don’t overdo it. Wear a single piece of clothing with prints, and it’s going to be your top or bottom. Don’t do it up and down or you will appear slightly shorter.

Other things you have to avoid are bold and fun accessories. Though it makes your look livelier, you still need to consider daintier jewelry. Also, you have to watch out for your footwear. With bright and loud footwear, it gives a smaller look to your legs. Then your sunglasses can be sparkly as long as you want.

And other clothes we will get out to your wardrobe are mini skirts and dresses. Though it makes your legs look longer, showing a lot of skin is not helping you to look taller. Instead, it only chopped your body and made you look smaller.

What can we say?

For some who think of other fashion styles, I think you should only keep these things in your mind to achieve the look of being tall.

Better have stripes than prints and patterns designs. Vertical lines are your best friend when you want to look taller. Also known as column dressing which gives the illusion to your height.

But you can still have prints in your fashion statement. But make sure to choose the smallest prints, so it will make you slimmer.

Other than designs, you can choose high-waist bottoms. This style has multiple reasons why you should have it in your wardrobe. Aside it gives the illusion to your waist to get smaller; it also gives the illusion that you are long-legged.


Dark Skin is Beautiful and More to It than You See with the Color


Dark skin is not invincible in from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. No skin type or color can escape the detrimental effects of the sun. Even dark skin has limitations when exposed for too long under the sun.

Dark skin has many advantages and one of which is keeping the skin protected against the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. This is also the reason why most people with dark skin have younger looks.

But remember, dark skin can also experience breakouts and other skin problems. And like other skin type and color, it needs tender loving care. There are tips that you can do for your dark skin to maintain the natural glow, to look healthy and have enough protection against the sun.

The Basics for your Dark Skin

Like other skin type and color, dark skin needs sunscreen. As I said, though it can produce more melanin than others with different skin color, melanin in the skin is not enough to fight off UV rays of the sun. You will still need to use SPF. It gives our skin long-lasting sun protection.

When you have dark skin, you are not exempted in having skin problems. So another basis for it, you will need some skincare product to protect you from hyperpigmentation. And when you have dark skin, you will need some glycolic acid to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Using this kind of acid can reveal the healthy layer of skin beneath the uppermost layer of the epidermis. Other than hyperpigmentation, glycolic acid can also help clear scarring and breakouts.

In solving skin problems, you can also do exfoliations. When using exfoliators, you should look for exfoliations that will not over dry but de-flake only dry skin. Successfully doing this can make you look fresh and has that glow effect. Exfoliations that contain jojoba and shea butter are your best choice to wash away dry skin in your dark skin.

And you will need a moisturizer if you want to feel soft and look younger. Especially when you exfoliate, you will need to allow some time to apply moisturizer. The secret of getting the full effect of moisturizer is to use it right after you step out the shower or as soon as you finish washing your face.

Advance Skin Care Routine

Even when you have it, don’t take ingrown for granted. Common areas where ingrown can be found are bikini areas, armpits, and legs. These areas are prone to ingrown because of curved hair follicles.

To avoid growing ingrown, you will need to use some chemical exfoliator. Use glycolic and salicylic acid with green tea extract. By doing this, it will give your skin ingrown and bump-free texture. This will also keep you from getting clogged pores and keep you away in experiencing redness and inflammation.

Speaking of inflammation, every skin can experience irritation when too much exposure under the sun. Over time, these irritations can lead to inflammation which we need to keep at bay.

Keeping inflammation at bay will start from protecting our skin to heat of the sun. You can use hydrating spray, which can soothe your skin and give your skin a more relaxing feeling — having it does not mean that you should be careless with your skin.

Advantage of Having Dark Skin

Unlike other skin colors, dark skin has unique benefits that we are not fully aware. If you are wondering what could be possibly the strangest yet most beautiful things about having this type of skin.

It is less prone to sunburn.

If you compared it with white skin individuals after exposure to sunlight, you would see the difference at first glance. White skin tends getting inflamed and quickly turned into reddish color like carrot or tomato. But when you see it, you will not see any blisters, especially after going to the beach. Therefore, most white skin individuals love to have dark skin, especially when summer hits the calendar.

When you are less prone to sunburn, you are less likely to have skin cancers.

Melanin, or what we call the natural umbrella can block off the UV light into lower layers of the skin. It happens when the surface has too much exposure under the sun. When UV tries to penetrate your skin and reach lower layers of the skin, it should not worry about this because it has a natural sunlight block that will protect your skin.

Photoaging does not apply with dark skin. Aging is a natural process. But with consistently doing the proper skincare routine, your dark skin will manage those signs of aging. Compared to white skin individuals, it can easily hide wrinkles, freckles, age spots and scaly spots. And when we say photoaging, dark skin has natural sun protection which more likely helps to cover lines and make looks smoother.

It has thicker layers.

When you have darker skin, then you are one lucky individual. It has thicker layers which have many benefits compared with white skins. Sometimes when our skin is lack of moisture and hydration, there is a tendency of skin cracking. Other than lack of moisture and hydration, skin cracking is also happening because of skin aging. When our skin aged, the top layer is becoming thin. Since it has a thick coat, it means that it is more resilient to sun rays, resulting in less prone to moisture loss.

Dark skin is beautiful.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And for people having it, black beauty always has many unfair advantages. For instance, wearing makeup for dark skin can be versatile. Any colors can keep your lips if you have dark skin.

What can we say?

Dark skin can have a beauty that no pictures can tell with words. And for me, having this type of skin should still have the necessary and advanced skincare routine. Though we can see that it has many advantages, it is always important to know how to care and make efforts in keeping the beauty of it.

If you have it, you should avoid taking it for granted. For instance, individuals with this type of skin can recover quickly from injuries. Like for example, abrasions to deep cuts, pimple scarce and breakouts, all of these are no big deal with dark skin beauty. But if you are seeing white skin ladies, you will notice these skin problems. This is why most dark skin individuals have fewer worries with their skin compared with those white skin individuals.

Fashion Hacks for Men – What Need to Have this Summer Season!


Fashion hacks for men are unique fashion trends to follow, so men will see what is appropriate. These hacks are timeless so you can set it according to current trends. And who says that fashion hacks for men are inappropriate?

Fashion hacks for men and women have given a significant impact on how to create a remarkable image effortlessly. And this is what we will show you to adapt fashion hacks for men.

By following our simple rules to cast out difficulties in doing fashion, you will get to have the chance of sporting different cool outfits. These fashion hacks are useful on many occasions and even the weather or climate changes.

I will give you the fashion hacks for any occasions. And if you think you can do it, give it a try and see for yourself the difference afterwards.

You are dealing on how to cover your head and face from UV exposure?

After you put on your skincare products to protect you from UV, you need additional coverage for your skin. Then we are giving you two options. You can use a hat or bandanas.

Hat designs and bandanas for men are standard necessities, but the question is what kind of material you need to have.

Fashion hacks for hats and bandanas depend are just dull. When you think that SPF and sunblock are not working in your skin, the best option you can have is to wear a hat or create something out of your bandanas.

For hats, you might need to check the materials being used to make it. For instance, when the summer season, you need to wear hats that are lightweight and breathable. A close hat is prone to trap heat in your head.

And for bandanas, you can try to have the feeling of casual. When you are doing outdoor activities like camping, games, walking by the beach, and day parties, these bandanas can make your day less sweat.

How to choose comfortable fabrics?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, the fabrics used in our clothing during summer should give us comfort feeling and relaxing. Fabrics made of lightweight, breathable and absorb sweat in our skin are the ideal materials for men during the summer season.

Actually, these fashion hacks are not unique. But for men who are looking for ways to combat the heat during the summer season, these fashion hacks are what they are looking for.

When we say lightweight and breathable, the fabrics are thin, and you can move quickly. These fabrics allow the air to pass, creating ventilation. Example of these fabrics is cotton and linen.

But when you sweat too much, you need to wear clothing with synthetic fabric that designed to keep your skin moisture at a reasonable level. In other words, choose to wear activewear.

As I explained a while ago, fashion hacks for men are simple yet essential to every man. Imagine men without these fabrics? They are all sweating during the summer season or the hottest temperature of the year.

Fashion hacks when shorts are wrong.

Our first impression of wearing shorts are free of rules, making this clothing as our comfort level. But we don’t know about wearing shorts as one of our fashion hacks is, every short has preferred weather. And since we are talking about the summer season, there are some tips you need to know before wearing shorts. These tips or fashion hacks for shorts will give you the comfort level you are looking for.

First, you need to avoid is heavy fabric or what we call aesthetic material. In any clothing, the heavier it is, the more heat it will create. Aside from fabric, let us consider the designs of the shorts. Shorts with many pockets are not ideal during the summer season. It is not because of just the designs. We analyze that when there are lots of packets, the tendency is we will carry more things. Once we decided the materials and design of our shorts, we can now jump into conclusion that we can wear more comfortable shorts.

For those that shorts is not included in their wardrobe, you can now have one with our fashion hacks for men.

How to get your feet comfortable?

A unique fashion hacks that we have is sporting shoes without socks. But not literally without socks.

No show socks are a perfect match for casual wear, especially when wearing chinos or denim. When you are in chinos or denim, then your socks come out, it will look awkward. You need to think twice if you are going out looking like this.

For some, when they don’t see any socks in the shoes, it made them think that you are not wearing one. But in fact, you are doing a no show sock fashion hacks for men. Wearing no socks can increase your chance of getting some foot and fungus over time. So wearing socks and doing no show socks can make you feel confident with your fashion statement and bring comfort to your feet.

What other simple fashion hacks that you need to do?

And yes, the summer season is really exhausting and irritable. So better grab the additional fashion hacks that might improve your fashion statement.

Keep in mind that there each individual is doing a different regimen. And if it works to you, then you are a lucky person.

Other than clothes and footwear, we have listed some of the infamous yet simple fashion hacks that most men should know. The coolness during the summer season is achievable with the fashion hacks below:

  1. Undershirt during the summer season is not necessary. When you want to start feeling fresh and lessen your sweat factors, you might need this one.
  2. Choosing the right shirts should give you a relaxing feeling. It is vital that you can move around and you feel the air passing through your shirt. It is giving you the feeling of freshness even when the temperature is at its highest temperature. This should be the type of your shirt you should wear.
  3. And they say that to battle the hot temperature outside; you need to take a cold shower. This is effective to lower the body temperature. However, if you really want to feel the cooling effect, try to use herbal cooling soaps with lemongrass or spearmint as main ingredients. The menthol effect of the soaps coming from these herbs can add freshness to your body.
  4. Fashion hacks that I think everyone will love this. Try to put your favorite lotion in your refrigerator, not in the freezer though! With the coldness of lotion as you apply to your skin, you will feel relax because of the temperature of lotion.
  5. The most common fashion hacks are wearing light colors. Light colors retain less heat. So, if you are fond of black colors, you might want to divert in light colors.

What can we say?

At first, fashion hacks for men are challenging to do, but it is like other fashion techniques that you can do.

Summer Beauty Tips – Things You Need this Summer Season!


Summer beauty tips should be taken seriously. Imagine that you are having your summer vacay, but you have no confidence left in you. And this is because of your dull skin, dry hair and dehydrated lips.

Summer beauty tips are what you need to enjoy your summer vacation. Forget those old traditional ways to maintain your radiant skin, shiny hair and pouty lips. We offer you in this article are the most affordable and easy way to achieve summer beauty. With the tips at hand, you will not regret going out there and enjoying the bliss of the sun.

First, we will discover what you lack with. Your skin and hair are the most obscure signs that summer heat hits you. But don’t worry, we got your back, and we are going to touch up from your head to tips of your nail.

Summer Tips for your Skin

Let us deal with your skin. Each of us has different types of skin. And how do we care for it needs different ways? For instance, when we need to hydrate our self, we need to choose the right moisturizer.

Our summer beauty tips for moisturizer should be water or gel-based. Also, choose a moisturizer with vitamin E. So why do we need a moisturizer? There are lots of claims that moisturizer is what dry skin needs. For that, we can never go wrong.

However, our summer beauty tips provide intense moisture by adding vitamin E to your favorite skincare.

Another tip we have for you is doing the exfoliation in the right way. Exfoliation is one way to keep your skin radiant and glowing. But you don’t need to exfoliate daily. Schedule for exfoliation is essential since you are unclogging the pores in your skin. In this way, you can get rid of your dead skin cells.

So how many times our skin needs to exfoliate? Make sure you only do exfoliation to your skin thrice a week. And when you exfoliate, do it in a circular motion and gently. Avoid too much scrubbing of your skin. If you do this, it can lead to redness, rashes and even breakouts. Especially when summer hits, your skin is extra sensitive because of the temperature.

Your Skin Care Product Tips

Aside from doing skincare, for our summer beauty tips, we encourage you to try our skincare products tips.

Hydrate Skin with Water and Aloe Vera

On top of our list is to hydrate yourself from within. Drinking enough water will replenish your body from sweating. During the summer, we cannot avoid sweating too much. So we have to deal with it by replacing what we have lost.

So drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water will suffice our body. Aside from hydrating our body, enough amount of water intake will give us energy. Apart from water, we can try other beverages with a high content of water. Refrain from drinking juices with caffeine content. It will make you lose more water content in the body.

Another summer beauty tips we have for you are using aloe vera. This plant contributes to soothing and cooling off our skin. Especially when summer, everyone turns sides to aloe vera because of its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. Aside from these, when using aloe vera, you provide nourishment to your skin. Some antioxidants can also protect our skin.

There are several skincare products made of aloe vera which you can choose from. You can also try applying fresh aloe vera to your skin and feel the relaxing effect.

Protect with Sunscreen

Since we are dealing with the summer season, we strongly advise using sunscreen, especially when you are going outdoors. Sunscreen is our skins’ shield to keep out from damaging heat of the sun. Too much exposure under the sun can cause many skin problems. For now, it will not be visible to your skin, but it will appear little by little if you are not using sunscreen.

Another vital summer beauty tips that we have for you is choosing the right skincare products that will have no issues in clogging your skin pores. We are aware of many skin problems because of clogging our skin pores. Most likely, we can develop skin irritations, infections and breakouts.

So we advise that you should choose skincare products that will not cause clogging of your skin. Especially this summer season, if you sweat and your pores are blocked, the tendency is transforming your skin into an oil depot.

Who would want that to happen to their skin? One of our summer beauty tips is to ditch out those cosmetic products that can cause pore blocking.

Extra Care for Sensitive Skin

As our skin needs different skincare routine, you have to rely on skincare products that we are endorsing as our summer beauty tips. Some areas in our body are more sensitive than others which we have to give extra care. Like our bikini line. When summer is approaching, waxing our bikini line is a necessity. So after waxing prevents scrubbing and using exfoliation to your body. As bikini line areas are sensitive, so skin’s layer at this area needs some extra care to avoid rushes and darkening.

But not all our summer beauty tips include skincare products. Like I have mentioned earlier in this article, drinking of a glass of water is essential to keep your skin hydrated. You also have to pay attention to your diet. Eating healthy foods will keep your skin looks healthy. Some of the healthy foods that I suggest you start eating are vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals. Avoid from eating fried food and opt for steamed or raw foods like salads, smoothies and juices. Monitoring our intake of healthy foods can give our skin a healthy and radiant look.

Never Tolerate Frizzy Hair

Our summer beauty tips come with how you manage your hair during this kind of season. Luckily, we have different types of shampoo that resolve to other kinds of hair problems. So what we have here for frizzy hair is the clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo is our summer beauty tips for you to wash away sweat build-up on your scalp, which leads to irritation. The scalp is part of our skin, and when it sweats, it also attracts pollutants and dust. This tip of ours goes the same when there is chlorine build-up.

With your shampoo, you will need a conditioner. Hair conditioner can be bought in the market, but you can also try to make some homemade conditioner. The tremendous natural hair conditioner is coconut oil.

Your hair can be curly any time of the day during the summer season. The heat of the sun is not healthy for your hair; believe me. My way out in having curly hair is doing natural hair treatment.

How will you do natural hair treatment? Get a cup of coconut oil and heat it. Make sure the temperature is not hot; just warm enough before applying to your hair and scalp. Gently massage the oil to your scalp. Then wrap your head a warm towel. Rest it for 1 hour before washing off the oil.

When I did this to my hair, the effect can be feel and seen right away. So no doubt I’m going to do this every summer season.

What can we say?

I learned these summer beauty tips during the time I need to feel confident and look fresh even under the heat of the sun. Definitely, I have beauty tips for makeup.

After we maintain our natural skin healthy and hydrated, the next thing we need to do the right thing for makeup. Looking natural is the best way of wearing makeup for summer. When summer season is approaching, prepare your makeup and make sure it’s a waterproof, little or totally waterproof.

Then for your lips, you can also use SPF lip products. Choose lip balm to protect your lips from the sun. Don’t take your lips for granted during the summer season. With just the perfect lips, you can conquer the summer season.