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Dress Stylish with Scarf and See the Difference to your Fashion Statement

Dress Stylish with Scarf and See the Difference to your Fashion Statement

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Knotted Necklace

Knotted Necklace

I have a silk scarf and getting it into style is a challenging part. But the knotted necklace dress stylish with a scarf will do the trick.

  1. Place your scarf behind your neck to the front. 
  2. Then tie a knot on both sides of the scarf. 
  3. After that tie, the loose ends together and turn the scarf around.
  4. Then turn the scarf around. It will make the ends placed at the back, and the knots are in front.

French Knot

Whenever I am in a hurry, I prefer to have this french knot with my scarf. It is a simple French twist, and you will love it, especially when its winter. 

  1. Fold the scarf in two and wrap around the shoulders.
  2. Then pull over the one loose end and put it under the scarf loop.
  3. The second piece should go under and over the same loop.

False Knot

If you want to have the simple and laid back style with a scarf, you should try this one.

  1. Make sure you wrap your scarf behind your neck.
  2. Then the one end of the scarf should wrap around your hand.
  3. Pull it and make a loose knot.
  4. The other end of the scarf should place through the side knot, going under the knot loop and then over.

Neck Knot

Neck Knot scarf

Most flight attendants have this look when it comes to a scarf. It is a simple yet elegant look of dress stylish with a scarf. But you can only do this is you have a small scarf.

  1. Wrap it around your neck twice, but make sure the ends come together at the side of one shoulder.
  2. Tie both ends together once and toss one end over your back.
  3. The other end should stay towards the front.

Double Bandana

Of course, you should also have a bandana. It is another piece of scarf that you can include in your fashion.

  1. Fold your scarf in half lengthwise and make sure that the diagonal ends should be in a knot together.
  2. Put it over your neck.
  3. Twist it and loop again. 

Hidden Knot

If you have a bandana, you can have this scarf fashion. You need to relax and enjoy every dress stylish with a scarf. 

  1. Wrap around your long scarf around your neck once. Make sure that the other end is longer.
  2. Then make a half knot with the long ends near your neck.
  3. Pull the scarf wrapping around your neck and loop down over the half knot.

SlouchyTurtleneck scarf style

Slouchy Turtleneck

Going laid back fashion with your scarf? Well, this one is an excellent dress stylish with a scarf. Just follow these steps.

  1. Wrap your scarf around your neck in balance. Meaning both ends have the same length. 
  2. Then loop one end of the scarf around your neck and the other end as well. Make sure that the ends are hanging down on your chest.
  3. Tuck the loose ends up inside the scarf. 

The Tie Loop

If you want to go corporate with your scarf, the tie loop dress stylish with a scarf is the best style you can do. At first, it will look like a tie. 

  1. Put around the scarf around your neck, but the ends are in front.
  2. Then cross the left side over the right and put it behind and through the hole around your neck.
  3. Get the right end and pull it toward the left. 
  4. Make sure that you push it upward through the loop.
  5. Adjust the knot until it sits like a loose men’s tie.

Two-Sided Twist

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