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Diet Depending on Your Age? Here is the Extra Ordinary Guide for you!

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Diet depending on your age, is essential as any diet. As you can see, the food we are going to intake should match what our body needs. The nutrients we consume should be sufficient with what our bodies should have for the daily tasks.

Diet depending on your age, can start right away after you were born. An infant should already have the complete nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy.  Priority nutrients that our body should consume are those excellent for our brains.

Forget the satisfying food instead look for healthy foods that can supply your body. For instance, you should focus on fiber, protein, and nutrient-rich foods. So let us start the diet when people are at their youngest age.


What to Know on Diet Depending on your Age

Diet Plan for Infants

After six months since birth, an infant will need nutrients. Mother’s milk is not only the healthy food you can give. You can try several alternative kinds of milk for your baby. But still, mothers’ milk is the best for the immunity and protection of the baby. You cannot argue with that.

Since the food requirement of a baby is only in the form of liquid. Make sure that everything you will get besides an infant is clean and safe. Formulated milk is one of the options you can give to your baby. It should always be fresh.

For first time mothers, breastfeeding is not always convenient, especially when you are working full time. There are things to consider, such as the place and time for breastfeeding. Make sure that it is also a safe place to nurse. Do not be alarmed if the baby sometimes cries because, like mothers, they are also adjusting to nursing. Also, make sure that the mother is not taking any medications after pregnancy that will affect breastfeeding.

If this happened, you could resort to baby formula. It can be bought from convenience stores. Along with baby formula are bottles, nipples, collars, and sterilizers. Yes, the sterilizer is essential as you will be using baby formula. Sterilization of bottles can prevent foodborne illnesses.

But this is not advisable as long as breastfeeding can be done for the first six months of the baby.

Age 6 months to 2 years

Diet-Depending-on-Your-Age-02At this point, diet depending on your age is essential, and for babies between 6 months and two years, you can start feeding them some solid foods. The recommendations should be rice cereal mixed with milk or formula. It is the start of introducing solid food to babies.

Aside from rice cereal, you can use pureed fruits and vegetables. This time you can do this if you can see the baby has already adjusted with solid food.

When a baby becomes a toddler, the change of pace is fast-changing, so they need food rich in calories, proteins, healthy fats, and iron. Feeding them is not equivalent to the amount of food that grown-ups are eating. The stomachs of a baby and toddler are tiny, so a small amount when feeding them is necessary.

At this time, diet depending on your age is essential. Salts, sugar, and artificial sweeteners should be avoided in food preparation. Solid foods should be soft foods though you can see that they have teeth; they can only chew soft foods. Do not forget full-dairy products which help in the brain’s development. Specific amounts of healthy fat and cholesterol for optimal growth as well.


If diet depending on your age is the basis for children, the foods you should serve them are rich in calories and protein. Protein is vital for children. It helps them build more muscle mass. So the diet should have fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These are the healthy foods that should have a high amount on the menu.

Make sure you avoid foods that are high in sodium, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and saturated fat. It will disrupt the nutrients that your body needs. Sodas and other foods with artificial sweeteners should be replaced with healthy drinks. Processed foods have higher sodium, and you should stop eating it.


Diet-Depending-on-Your-Age-03For teenagers, diet depending on your age is more complicated. Teenagers will start to have their own food requirements. So how would you monitor the intake for teenagers?

Some of the characteristics of teenagers are active and sedentary. For active teenagers, they participate in sports, physical activities, and household chores, and the yard. On the other hand, inactive teens focus more on their studies, reading, playing instruments, and nowadays, teens spend more time on gadgets like cell phones and tablets.

The tricks to making teenagers eat healthy food can be done in many ways—store foods in the refrigerator where they can see it right away. Yogurt, low-fat dairy products, peanuts, almonds, and whole-grain crackers and bread can do a lot to a teen’s health. Prevent stocking foods that are high in artificial sweeteners like sodas, cookies, and cakes. Too much of this will end up damaging their health.

Encourage them to do some physical activities, so there will be limitations in gadgets. Free time will be spent on hiking, mountain biking, racing, and other outdoor fun activities. Who would not love to enjoy sunlight and fresh air outdoors?

Diet for Boy and Girl Teenagers

There are different diets for each teenager. For instance, a boy teenager will need lots of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. These nutrients will help them to have more muscle mass and healthy bones.

For girl teenagers, especially when having menstruation periods can be hard to handle. At this point, girls will need foods high in iron like red meats, fortified cereals, beans, and green leafy vegetables. A well-balanced diet is what most women need to maintain proper body weight mass index.

Well, everyone needs it; getting overweight is not healthy and can cause some illnesses. Regular exercises can help build strong bones, so better get moving. When you pass the limit of your weight, you should try a restricted diet.


Being an adult can be more challenging than being a teenager. At this point of age, eating healthy foods is a must, especially those high in calcium, protein, and iron. Changing eating habits for good is a necessary and healthy way to prevent further damage, such as being overweight, which can cause diseases or ailment over time.

But when you get older, certain foods need to be more nutritious, such as fruits and vegetables. They can give your body more fiber and antioxidants that can reduce your chances of developing cancer or other ailments. The diet depending on your age, affects when your body is needing different nutrients. Our body as well needs water for the digestive system and skin to be moisturized. Foods rich in calcium are also essential to keep your bones healthier. Such as low-fat dairy products, leafy greens, and canned fish can be a great source of calcium. Protein and vitamin B12 are nutrients that our body needs. Protein prevents the loss of muscle mass while vitamin B12 reduces red blood cells and increases brain and nervous system health.

Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant Diet01Women, when reached childbearing age, are important and will be needing proper dietary preparations. First, you should watch for your weight. Excess weight can cause some health concerns both to mother and child. Some nutrients that you should watch out are iron, calcium, and folic acid. These are essentials before and during pregnancy. Iron is crucial to maintain hemoglobin and calcium for healthy bones so that a woman can bear the child for the time needed. But the most important is to have folic acid in the body. It prevents neural tube defects.

Our Insights

Diet depending on your age is an essential requirement when you plan your menu. It is better to know that when you reach a certain age, your body requires different and specific nutrients.

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