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Dark Skin is Beautiful and More to It than You See with the Color

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Dark skin is not invincible in from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. No skin type or color can escape the detrimental effects of the sun. Even dark skin has limitations when exposed for too long under the sun.

Dark skin is not invincible in from the harmful ultraviolet raysDark skin has many advantages and one of which is keeping the skin protected against the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. This is also the reason why most people with dark skin have younger looks.

But remember, dark skin can also experience breakouts and other skin problems. And like other skin type and color, it needs tender loving care. There are tips that you can do for your dark skin to maintain the natural glow, to look healthy and have enough protection against the sun.

The Basics for your Dark Skin

Like other skin type and color, dark skin needs sunscreen. As I said, though it can produce more melanin than others with different skin color, melanin in the skin is not enough to fight off UV rays of the sun. You will still need to use SPF. It gives our skin long-lasting sun protection.

When you have dark skin, you are not exempted in having skin problems. So another basis for it, you will need some skincare product to protect you from hyperpigmentation. And when you have dark skin, you will need some glycolic acid to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Using this kind of acid can reveal the healthy layer of skin beneath the uppermost layer of the epidermis. Other than hyperpigmentation, glycolic acid can also help clear scarring and breakouts.

In solving skin problems, you can also do exfoliations. When using exfoliators, you should look for exfoliations that will not over dry but de-flake only dry skin. Successfully doing this can make you look fresh and has that glow effect. Exfoliations that contain jojoba and shea butter are your best choice to wash away dry skin in your dark skin.

And you will need a moisturizer if you want to feel soft and look younger. Especially when you exfoliate, you will need to allow some time to apply moisturizer. The secret of getting the full effect of moisturizer is to use it right after you step out the shower or as soon as you finish washing your face.

Advance Skin Care Routine

Advance Skin Care Routine for dark skinEven when you have it, don’t take ingrown for granted. Common areas where ingrown can be found are bikini areas, armpits, and legs. These areas are prone to ingrown because of curved hair follicles.

To avoid growing ingrown, you will need to use some chemical exfoliator. Use glycolic and salicylic acid with green tea extract. By doing this, it will give your skin ingrown and bump-free texture. This will also keep you from getting clogged pores and keep you away in experiencing redness and inflammation.

Speaking of inflammation, every skin can experience irritation when too much exposure under the sun. Over time, these irritations can lead to inflammation which we need to keep at bay.

Keeping inflammation at bay will start from protecting our skin to heat of the sun. You can use hydrating spray, which can soothe your skin and give your skin a more relaxing feeling — having it does not mean that you should be careless with your skin.

Advantage of Having Dark Skin

Unlike other skin colors, dark skin has unique benefits that we are not fully aware. If you are wondering what could be possibly the strangest yet most beautiful things about having this type of skin.

It is less prone to sunburn.

If you compared it with white skin individuals after exposure to sunlight, you would see the difference at first glance. White skin tends getting inflamed and quickly turned into reddish color like carrot or tomato. But when you see it, you will not see any blisters, especially after going to the beach. Therefore, most white skin individuals love to have dark skin, especially when summer hits the calendar.

When you are less prone to sunburn, you are less likely to have skin cancers.

Melanin, or what we call the natural umbrella can block off the UV light into lower layers of the skin. It happens when the surface has too much exposure under the sun. When UV tries to penetrate your skin and reach lower layers of the skin, it should not worry about this because it has a natural sunlight block that will protect your skin.

Photoaging does not apply with dark skin. Aging is a natural process. But with consistently doing the proper skincare routine, your dark skin will manage those signs of aging. Compared to white skin individuals, it can easily hide wrinkles, freckles, age spots and scaly spots. And when we say photoaging, dark skin has natural sun protection which more likely helps to cover lines and make looks smoother.

It has thicker layers.

When you have darker skin, then you are one lucky individual. It has thicker layers which have many benefits compared with white skins. Sometimes when our skin is lack of moisture and hydration, there is a tendency of skin cracking. Other than lack of moisture and hydration, skin cracking is also happening because of skin aging. When our skin aged, the top layer is becoming thin. Since it has a thick coat, it means that it is more resilient to sun rays, resulting in less prone to moisture loss.

Dark skin is beautiful.Dark skin is beautiful.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And for people having it, black beauty always has many unfair advantages. For instance, wearing makeup for dark skin can be versatile. Any colors can keep your lips if you have dark skin.

What can we say?

Dark skin can have a beauty that no pictures can tell with words. And for me, having this type of skin should still have the necessary and advanced skincare routine. Though we can see that it has many advantages, it is always important to know how to care and make efforts in keeping the beauty of it.

If you have it, you should avoid taking it for granted. For instance, individuals with this type of skin can recover quickly from injuries. Like for example, abrasions to deep cuts, pimple scarce and breakouts, all of these are no big deal with dark skin beauty. But if you are seeing white skin ladies, you will notice these skin problems. This is why most dark skin individuals have fewer worries with their skin compared with those white skin individuals.

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