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Contact Lens: Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in Fashion

Contact Lens: Limitless Ways to Get your Eyes in Fashion

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True Colors for your Eyes

True contact lenses Colors for your Eyes

There are colors you can choose. But how will you know if the colors are best for your eyes? A subtle and natural look or a dramatic and daring. The only thing that can help you categorize what contact lens you are going to wear is to find the colors of your eyes. 

What if you have light color eyes? 

If you have a light color of eyes, you will need it to be more visible and define the edges of your iris. It should also highlight the natural color of your eyes.

Then you should go for a gray or green color if you have blue eyes. But if you want something else, a little more dramatic but with a natural look, choose light brown contact lenses. You will need to look into your eyes and learn the undertones. Yes, like our skin, eyes have undertones. If you have a fresh complexion with blue and red undertones, choose a warm-toned contact lens. 

If you have dark eyes, what can be your contact lens? You can choose from natural looks like wearing a light honey brown or hazel color. Some colors you want to try are blue, green or violet. But consider the color of your skin, if you have a dark complexion, you should know that bright colored contact lenses are right for you. There is no stopping in your new look!

Customized Lens

Some contact lenses are customized depending on how you will use it. Usually, this contact lens can be used as prescribed or without a prescription. With the personalized glass, you can create a natural appearance or semi-translucent pieces. 

One important use of customized lenses is among athletes. But why is it essential for athletes to have a so-called sport tint contact lens? Well, for one good reason, the customized lens is significant to reduce glare and increase the sensitivity when it comes to contrast and enhances depth perception. Aside from sport tint, you will need a photochromic tin. This tint can adjust in any light conditions

Before getting excited over it, you will need to consider what are the things you need to do when you wear contact lensImportant Reminders

Before getting excited over it, you will need to consider what are the things you need to do when you wear. 

Rule 1. Do not sleep wearing your contact lens. It is a simple reminder when wearing contact lenses, and maybe you are wondering why? Because contact lenses are needed to be moisturized. Of course, you will need the solution to clean it — not ordinary water or soap. Otherwise, you will ruin it. Leaving your contact lens in your eyes can lead to hypoxia or oxygen deprivation.

Rule no. 2. Make a schedule to change or adjust your contact lens. A year of using a contact lens is possible, but can you imagine how many bacteria it can give to your eyes? So try to shorten it for three or six months’ change of contact lens.

Rule no. 3. Do not wear contact lenses when taking a shower, sauna or swimming in a pool or beach. Water will get in our eyes during this time. So, it’s better to avoid water getting to your eyes as wearing a contact lens can trap some bacteria, which might cause infection later on.

Rule no. 4. Make sure that your hands are clean when holding it. Imagine putting your contact lens to your eyes with dirty hands? Well, you should know that a dirty contact lens can irritate your eyes.

Rule no. 5. Rub and rinse the cleaning method. This method will make sure that your contact lens will be clean and safe to use every now after and before wearing it. 

Our Insights

Indeed, contact lenses can be a necessity for those who want to avoid wearing eyeglasses. Also, some just wore it for fashion and style. Always remember to keep your contact lenses clean and safe to use. The rub and rinse cleaning method is the most effective way to ensure that you are wearing a clean and safe contact lense.

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