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Benefits of Green Tea for Good Life

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Benefits of green tea can be achieved if we consider it as part of our diet meal plan. Nowadays, a variety of teas are available to us that come from various herbs, fermented, dried leaves and even fruits. And our tea times have never been more flavorful.

Benefits of green tea come in purest form from the fresh green leaves of the tea plant or the tea shrub. It still considers Camelia Sinensis or green tea as the tea of all teas. It has better tastes than the fermented ones, and even better than the other tea substitutes or herbal teas.

So, what is amazing about the health benefits of green tea that many are rejoicing about?

Green tea has been known as the secret of longevity for most East Asians for several centuries ago. But, researchers and scientists are still debating about the real health benefits of green tea. They all agree that green tea is better than the fermented ones. It has a higher number of polyphenols or micronutrients that we get from plants.

Best Tea for Weight Loss

So, you want a weight loss tea?  The first in the long list of green tea health benefits is its ability to aid in weight loss.

Many fitness experts claim that drinking green tea can increase one’s metabolism. When it combined with exercise, it can help burn more fat compared doing regular exercise alone.

Some studies reveal that green tea may help suppress cravings while speeding up fat and calorie burning in our bodies.  So what is in green tea that may trigger weight loss? Green teas have the right amount of caffeine to activate and suppress our appetite. Some researchers are also pointing to its high level of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). EGCG has a nutritional compound found mostly in green tea. It increases the level of fat oxidation in our body to the point that it can turn food into calories.

Unlike the other fermented teas—black, white or red—green tea which comes from the fresh young sprouts has more concentration of EGCG and other antioxidants.

Many pharmaceutical companies have already been investigating the many benefits of EGCG in green tea. These include its suitability fitness and slimming drink because of its high metabolic rate. Also, it has efficiency in reducing bad cholesterol.

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