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Beard Styles – The Appealing Look That Every Man Desires!

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Beard is not Mustache

beard and mustache

Don’t get confused with the beard and mustache. These two are different in place, and the looks needed are not the same, of course. Mustache is the hair on your upper lip. And a beard, obviously, is what you will find in your chin and jaw. So how will you treat your mustache then? Well, mustache styles depend on men’s preference. Some choose a little overhang, but most men pick the clean-cut look.

When you Style, Mind your Neckline

A little trick when you want to have a remarkable beard style. Mind your neckline. It is the beginning of your perfect beard style. You should avoid too close to your jawline. This will create a double chin effect for you. To correct this common mistake, make sure to your mind a little above or below your Adam’s apple. Then extend that up in a soft curve towards your ears to create a shallow U shape. If you are too worried about the beard style, make sure to know the shape of your face before deciding to makeover your beard.

Your Beard Choices

Creating the styles in your mind is somethings getting out of boundaries. Meaning, you imagine some techniques even it will not look good in your shape. There are different beard styles that you want to try. So, let us get to the point, shall we?

Stubble Style

For stubble beard style, you can choose from three ranges – short, medium, and long. The short stubble comes in the simplest form around your face. If you want to main this style, you have to schedule trimming and avoid growing hair below Adam’s apple. You can use trimmer or razor to maintain a short stubble beard style.

If you are not into a clean-cut beard style, you can have a medium stable. This style is a little bit longer to a short stubble. The looks require a couple of days or more than the short stubble. It may look a little bit of unkempt and sloppy. The length of this style is the best when at the bottom third of a man’s face and right above Adam’s apple. If you ever heard of five o’clock shadow, it merely refers to medium stubble wherein it darkens the lower third of a man’s face.

Though the long stubble beard style refers to being a long beard, it still needs to trim and remains a consistent look. So, you have to watch out for the hair that will grow above a third of the face and below the top of Adam’s apple. You can have it trim or remove by scissors.

French fork beardClassic Beard Style

Most men, this is the style they chose because of the versatile look. While given to be the classic look, it was given the name of French fork beard. It is because of the look of French forks, splitting in the middle of two segments.

Full Beard Look

Full Beard Look

On the contrary, you can make a complete beard look. It started from the cheek line going downwards, which grows naturally. To slay this look entirely, you will need to draw an imaginary line of the angle at the sideburn in front of the ear up to the outer edge of a mustache. While completing this look, it may look strange for other people during the growing phase. But after almost four weeks, the full beard style will be your favorite.

The Neat Beard Style

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