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Androgynous Fashion: Your New Trend Setter to Express your Style

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Fashion 4. Cardigans should be button until the middle. 

Cardigans are typical fashion clothing of many. It can create a different look, but mostly, it has something to say professionally. But do not mistake that cardigans are for professional look only. You can play it with your inner clothes. Make sure that button it up to your middle. 

More Androgynous Fashion Tips

More Androgynous Fashion Tips

There are more fashion tips when you want to try the androgynous fashion. It is a quick way on how to make a glamorous fashion statement than can look more feminine and masculine at the same time. Looking chic style using the essential girlish attire is one of the basic hacks for androgynous fashion.

Tip # 1:

If you want to try the androgynous fashion, you need to consider to have simple shapes and clean lines. If you are a regular frill, laces, and brooches wear, you can set it aside and go for more neutral shades and solid colors. But make sure you are always wearing something that can draw a line between the feminine and masculine fashion. 

Tip # 2:

For footwear, having an androgynous fashion, you can choose either boots or sneakers. But you can also have basic pumps. Creating a balance in this fashion style is essential, so you have to know your boundaries when you want to wear feminine and masculine fashion at the same time. 

Tip # 3:

Bracelet is another fashion accessories that need to be balanced with your overall outfit. You can try to have some minimal jewelry for your attire, but you can also wear loud so it can give an accent to your androgynous fashion. 

Tip # 4:

Be careful and avoid bright colors. When we mentioned that you could wear loud colors and accessories, make sure that bright colors are different from deep shades. Especially when you want to go for patterns and designs for your clothes, make sure that you are going to wear stripes and polka dots and avoid too many patterns. It will make your fashion a little awkward, and the essence of androgynous will be nowhere to find. 

Tip # 5:

Skip skinny jeans if you choose to wear denim. Androgynous fashion is not about showing your curves; it is getting in between the style of the girl or guy next door. Instead of wearing skinny jeans, you also can wear loose denim pants and pair them with your tees.

What can we say for androgynous fashion?What can we say for androgynous fashion?

Every fashion needs to have a total makeover unless you are dressing for work, or it is just an ordinary day for you. But for androgynous fashion, you will need to dress it and express it to your face. Heavy smokey eye makeup can give you a total look. Look for a neutral and light powder that can provide your eyes shimmer and funky eye shades. Winged eyeliner can be a game-changer for your androgynous fashion. 

This kind of fashion is not about making your own style. Like other fashion we have for you, androgynous fashion is dressing to make you feel comfortable. The trend is power, but it has to give you confidence without compromising your comfort level.

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